BTOG 148 – Toki’s Teachings.

After visiting the grave, I came to a free virtual space called “VR Dojo” per Toki’s isntruction.

Rin-chan is not here, and she’s busy preparing her VR streaming equipment at this moment.

Touka-chan is in training, and Ron is either taking tests or resting.

By the way, since we are in a virtual dojo, Toki and I are wearing white dougi.

And even though we were inside the dojo, we were sitting in the middle of it while relaxing and sipping the tea.

Toki said she would [untie my hands], but she didn’t say she would spar.

She’s not a martial artist in the first place, so I guess she’s will be giving me her guidance on how I should fight.

“Nanaka, do you remember what I taught you a long time ago?”

“About the vital points of animals and how to destroy them … right?”

“You remembered it well.”

From Toki’s reaction, it seems that my answer was correct.

I was a little girl with a lot of power in my hands, and I think it happened after I had protected Rin from the dogs.

Toki taught me the most efficient way to incapacitate living things for the sake of protecting Rin-chan.

“Nanaka, did you aware that you’re not very good at attacking in close combat, Nanaka?”

“Ugh… yes.”

I couldn’t help but look away when she pointed out my weakness.

As Kohaku once said, I’m not very good at attacking in a close-quarter fight.

On the other hand, I excel in counter, and Kohaku told me that I should improve that.

“You don’t need to be discouraged because if you are aware of it, it means that my teachings are well ingrained in you.”

“Oh, really?”

I was a little relieved, but I returned my gaze to Toki, she doesn’t seem worried about my weakness at all.

“In the first place, I was the one who taught you how to use your powers, I teach you to always watch your opponent’s attacks before you counterattack. Do you remember why?”

“Because it would be a crime to do so without first establishing self-defense fact.”

“That’s right.”

She nodded his head in satisfaction as if my answer had been a perfect one.

In the first place, what Toki taught me was how to protect Rin-chan and not violence to destroy every living thing in my sight.

And in this country, which is governed by the rule of law, the one who hits first is basically at fault.

That’s why Toki had carefully imprinted on me the awareness that I had to take at least one hit before neutralizing my opponent.

Of course, when I say [take], I actually mean [avoid it], so I’ve never been injured by any of those thugs.

In addition, I was told that this was only against humans and that I could take the initiative and destroy any dangerous animal I came across.

“The reason I taught you the art of self-defense back then was that you were the kind of kid who could eradicate any and all opponent you saw. Also, because you were once a savage who would destroy anyone, young or old, the moment you sensed even the slightest ill will directed toward Rinne.”

“I-I’m not sure if I’m that violent…?”

“Indeed, you are not keen on violence, but it doesn’t change the fact that you were dangerous. You were like a bomb. And when I tried to put the group of people as a threat to Rinne, they all ended up in the hospital.”

She said it so casually, but I feel like she said something pretty terrible.

What Toki is talking about must have been the event where we were about five years old. Come to think of it, I did remember an awful lot of bad guys targeting Rin-chan back then..?

“I’m sure you’ll be able to understand that the reason I taught you to destroy people by crushing them limb by limb is that you were unable to control your power at the time. What if you touch Rinne with all your might? And should your touch landed in vital point, the chance you become a murderer was ten out of ten.”

“…I guess you’re right. But I see now, my fighting style has its roots in the past.”

I’ve forgotten about it because I’ve become so accustomed to the idea of aiming for the vital points, or at least aiming for partial destruction.

However, from what I’ve just heard, it seems that Toki was teaching me how to use my power to [not let me break it] as much as possible.

“However, you have changed a lot. but your current self have developed communication skills through your own efforts, and now you have friends who did not connect to Rinne… you right now don’t have to worry about misusing your power, right?

“Yes. But, as for my control, I already refined it even before the accident.”

“Oh? So, that’s what it was. I didn’t know that.”

In the beginning, as Toki said, there were only two settings in my touch: [the one for touching Rin-chan] or [full force].

I fine-tuned my strength from there, and by the time I was about ten years old, I think I had reached the perfect control of my strength.

By that time, though, there were hardly any undesirable people who would attack Rin-chan.

“Now, what I’ve told you so far is only about the real world. From now on, Nanaka’s battle will be in VR, the virtual space. So, you have to know how to fight in virtual space.”

Indeed, I have never changed my fighting style just because I was in a virtual space.

In fact, the WLO has created a very sophisticated world, and there is almost no difference between it and the real world. The only difference between the real world and the WLO is that the creatures do not bleed.

“Normally, Rinne should be the one to teach you, but that child trusts Nanaka too much, and more than anything, she wants to give you as much freedom as possible. I’m not saying that’s a mistake, but…”

Toki choked on her words as if he wanted to say something, but she said, “Well, it’s okay,” and returned to the previous topic.

“From now on, Nanaka will be making a living from games. Regardless of which genre you choose to compete in, if you don’t understand the virtual space, you will fall behind the other players.”

“Understanding the Virtual Space…”

“So, first of all, let’s learn about physical abilities in virtual space.”

Like that, Toki’s lesson of the virtual space began.


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