LDM 518 – Let’s go Sabotage! (3)

The destruction was proceeding smoothly.

As a result of me going rampage, the place was in tatters. There’s a hole in the ceiling and floor. It looks like ruin now.

If I were asked to fix a huge magic tool in this state, I would say, “It would be faster to build it from scratch.”

“Now, I’m going to go and destroy that black thing.”

I carried the soldier that I had left lying in the corridor in my arms. He’s sleeping soundly and hasn’t woken up yet. … He’s still alive, right?

I went into a room with a black dungeon core and attacked it with [Elemental Burst]. The surface of the core is cracked like a melon.

It’s pretty sturdy, one hit won’t be enough to break it, so I give it one more [Elemental Burst].

“Ooh?! Something’s coming out.?”

Black smoke was leaking. I quickly left the room reflexively and dropped the soldier I held. I want to pick him up, but if I did, I would likely get caught in smoke, so I gave up. I know I’m the one who brought him here, but I’m not obligated to go that far.

The black smoke stays in the room as if it has a will of its own and is absorbed into the soldier I dropped. What’s going on here? The soldier didn’t move a muscle.

After the soldiers sucked in all the smoke, the black core that had finished spewing out the smoke was crumpled into small pieces, creating a rough gravel pile.

“….At any rate, there’s no sign of the dungeon collapsing.”

I exhaled in relief. Anyway, I’m not sure if the dungeon’s passageway was somewhat sturdy or if there’s some reinforcement in place. It is also possible that the dungeon’s power will remain for a while.

At any rate, there was no sign of an immediate collapse.

I decided to leave the soldiers there. If the dungeon does not collapse, then you can stay there.

Above all, I refuse to get close to anyone who’s inhaled that black smoke. I don’t want to be bitten by a zombie or something when I’m carrying him…

“I’m not going to let you get away with it. I won’t let you go.”

On the same path, I had come in. An enemy was standing in my way on the way home.

A familiar figure. A green-haired woman in a priest’s uniform.

It was Alca, the Saint of the Light God religion. {tln1}

She stands alone in the corridor, without her followers. …oh, by the way, she’s an executive of God of Light Religion.

“I knew I’d seen her before. I wonder why the Saint came all the way here.”

“Master Rokuko. This Kuromaku is the religious home of the God of Light, so it seems that we have come to the Saint’s base.”

I can hear the conversation between Lokufa(Rokuko) and Trans(Narikin). So this city is a religious base?

“….Saint Alca. Are you alone?”

“You know me? Then please surrender quietly. …Even if you breakthrough here, the soldiers are blocking the way, and there is no place to escape.”

The Saint holds a dagger in both hands as she says this. I think the weapon she used is different before… Well, if you’re dealing with a human in the corridor, a dagger would be a better choice.

I tried to take out a golem blade from [storage], but she instantly attacked me before I could get ready.

Immediately I grab the blade and pull it out of the [storage] to receive her attack.

I guess this is the limit of Narikin’s body.

“Now that you have drawn your sword, there will be no more questions. I will cut off your hands and feet to restrain you.”

“I sincerely hope you won’t do that.”

As I retreated to the back, I wondered what I should do against the Saint.

“- [Sleep]!”

“It won’t work!”

I tried to put her to sleep for the time being, but I guess she has resistance skills, being a saint. Now, even if we can’t win, how can we escape? …If the soldiers are waiting for us even if we manage to avoid the Saint, it’s better to return by using death, right?

But I don’t want to die.

Oh, Right, I could do that.

I took a distance, then pulled the sleeping soldier out of the [storage] and put my sword to his neck.

“Don’t move. You don’t care what happens to him?”

“……! Taking a hostage is cowardly ……!”

“Fufufu, say what you want, but if he dies, unlike the saint, he won’t come back to life, will he?”

I’m a villain anyway. Well, to be exact, a terrorist? since I’m in the middle of a sabotage mission.

“But… since he’s a soldier… I’m sure he’s prepared to die!”

“Seriously? You’re abandoning him so easily, Saint.”

“I’m sure there were other people there in the first place. And I believe you have finished them all!  so, there’s no reason for me to listen to your words!”

“For the record, I didn’t kill anyone, okay? I just put them to sleep.”

Well, it’s doubtful that they will be safe after this.

“…Say that again.”

The Saint’s eyes glowed red. It’s probably magic to identify lies. I’ll gladly answer then.

“I have not killed anyone. For now, that is! If you let me go safely, I’ll let this soldier go without harm.”

“Damn you! but ……!”

“All right, all right. Then you can take the soldier that laying there as proof that I will properly release the hostage.”

I opened the way for her. I said, “Go ahead,” and urged her to go to the room, and she went while being wary of me.

And I hurriedly made a hole in the ceiling with the [Create Golem] when the Saint went to the back and used the [Stone Pile] to lift the foothold and escape to the ground. I had already confirmed that there were no buildings above me using the map function. As soon as I escaped, I plugged the hole with the [Create Golem] again.

“Hahaha! Stupid, if soldiers block the passage, I’ll just open another way!”

Oh, I’ll place the soldiers I took hostage for a gift on the ground and leave them there. I may have a reputation for deceiving people, but not for lying. And I only need the researcher to get information out of this place.

I was about to say, “Goodbye, saint.”

“Fireball, become a bullet and pierce the enemy!”


A fireball grazed my face and flew past me.

The Saint followed me out of the hole I had blocked. Damn, I guess I can’t just cover it up with dirt.

“How dare you destroy the workshop! How in the world did you do that?”

“Why should I answer?”

Perhaps because we were in a large area, the Saint’s weapon had also changed from a dagger to a spear.

She is not a pride of the Holy Kingdom for nothing. I don’t think she will let me go that easily. Let’s try a little harder.


A note:

(On a personal note, I got my second dose of vaccine, so give me some credit.

Also, I couldn’t buy the mochi dolls from Hololive: …I want the Okakoro: …I want mail order.

TL note:

Me too, got my vaccinne~~ yay

{tln1} I already forgot her name; this one is from the wiki. forgive me if that was different from Ziru’s version.


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