BTOG 150 – After the fight to the death.

The first time, I screamed, I thought I was turned into a beehive.

First thing first, I should steal the enemy’s weapons.

Knife versus Firearms, there’s no way I could win, so I have to steal a gun from one of the soldiers.

The second, I didn’t even have a survival knife in my possession. I died while being speechless.

Isn’t the difficulty level of this combat simulation a bit strange?

The third time, I was not even wearing a camouflage suit, and I was in my jersey.

From the fourth time, the stage switched from the jungle to the city.

The fifth time, I took the gun for the first time and killed about a hundred people and died.

From the sixth time onwards, I could steal the weapon consistently, but the number is just too much.

After seven hours of trying, I was finally able to hunt down the last soldier on my twenty-second attempt.


I kept on killing soldiers, dying, and restarting again. The level of difficulty was too much for me to handle, so I lashed out and threw my out-of-bullet assault rifle at the last soldier I had cornered.


PssHH! The muzzle of the rifle pierced the soldier’s face with sizzling sound.

I pushed it further using a dropkick, and the assault rifle pierced the soldier’s head.

That was the thousandth.

At the same time, the message [Game Clear!] appeared. I slumped to the ground, unable to stand.

“…aah–I’m so tired.”

I can’t even move my arms and legs anymore.

This is the 22nd time I’ve tried to kill all 1,000 people.

I wanted to take a break from all the hard work I’d been doing all day.

“uh…. I’m back?”

As I crawled on the ground groaning, the scenery suddenly changed from the city center back to the VR dojo. I guess this is the main stage.

I lay on my back, thinking that this was better compared to the concrete in the city. I suddenly felt a presence in the dojo. I wondered if someone had logged in.

“Good work.”


“It’s been a while since the last time I played this. Seems like it’s been updated a lot.”

“Have you played this before, Rin-chan?”

“As a tester. I was the one who set the difficulty, so it was pretty tough, right?”

While saying that, I reached for her extended hand and got up.

Judging by Rin-chan’s bitter smile, she probably had some painful experience with this simulation too.

Even I feel like dying while trying to conquer it.

“With this, I believe that Nana would definitely be a force to be reckoned with.”

“For the upcoming tournament?”

“Yes. This simulation can also be used to practice VR shooting. Although I’ve never seen a game with one versus thousand opponent modes.”

“That was hellish…”

A team of a thousand players, isn’t that more like a war than a game?

“Where’s Toki?”

“My mother went to work a while ago. It’s a weekday. Even so, she had forced herself to make time for us.”

“I see…”

We did make an impromptu visit, but she still chose to spend a lot of time with us from the morning.

Her teaching method was somehow rough, but now I feel less averse to hurting people, and I suppose that was something to be grateful for.

“So, did it work?”

“Well, I guess I got used to killing now?”

“Fufu, that’s good enough.”

Maximum results with minimum effort.

I have a good understanding of how to kill effectively.

Rin-chan accepted it with a laugh. It seems she didn’t view that as something disturbing.

“It’s time to go out. Touka and Ron are waiting for dinner.”

“Oh, is it that time already? You’re right… it’s almost time for dinner.”

After visiting the grave in the morning and talking with Ron, I had been fighting against the army for seven hours straight. And before I know it, it’s dinner time.

As for me, I was really hungry because I had to skip lunch since I had been fighting all day.

I wanted to eat as soon as possible. So I did what Rin-chan urged me and logged out.

As I ate a meal that was about three times as large as breakfast, we talked about what had happened today.

I was the only one who had a lot of rice, while the other four had less.

“What, Nana-sama… have you already cleared one vs. one-thousand mode?”

“Yeah, I cleared just now.”

“No way… it took me two weeks to clear that difficulty level.”

Touka-chan was pretending to cry, but I was rather amazed that she was able to clear that difficulty level.

It was a simulation that took me over seven hours to complete while I was in great shape, using my full abilities and my best knowledge. That was clearly not a difficulty level that a normal person could clear. That was my thought while trying to clear that mode.

It was then that I realized that Touka-chan is also an incredibly talented child.

She’s smart and good at sports. She had always excelled in her practical subjects.

Unlike Rin-chan, who was completely useless in sports, and me, who was hopeless in academics, Touka-chan had a very high overall ability average.

And today, I also found out that she has a further positive factor: she has a high aptitude for full dives.

She is an exemplary honor student. That’s why she tends to look somewhat unimpressive among the Takajou’s people who specialize in one art…

“It took me a month, so you should be rather proud of yourself. I’m not very good at those kinds of things where you have to force yourself with a lot of physical stuff.”

Rin-chan frowned a bit as she said this. Well, Rin-chan’s motor skill is abysmal, and even though it got a little better in virtual space, her movement is still not that good.

In fact, I struggled with it myself until I got the hang of movement inside the city.

It was a lot easier once I could do acrobatic tricks, and maybe that’s where Rin-chan got stuck.

“I am confident that I will not be able to clear it at all.”

“I think it’s not something you should say with a smug look on your face, Ron.”

“My identity is in my weakness.”

Ron laughed as she opened her mouth wide and chewed on some meat.

“So, did the simulation pay off?”

“Killing is no longer a problem.”

Hearing Toki-san’s question, I remembered what I had done during our first session and told her that I now had gotten used to killing people in the virtual space.

“Oh, and…..”

One more thing.

I was at a loss for words when I tried to say something I had noticed during the simulation.

It probably wasn’t a bad thing, but I wasn’t sure if I should tell her or not.

“Hmm? What’s going on?”

“Um… no, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“Really? Well, I’m not going to ask then.”

Rin-chan easily let me off. That one sentence made me feel the trust she placed in me, which made me a little happy.

But it was a different case with Touka-chan.

I’m not sure if it’s because she’s at that annoying age, but she was a little more interested in my story.

“Nana-sama, when you say so, it only makes me more curious!”

“No, it’s really not a big deal.”

“well, well, Touka, you’ve grown up, so be a bit sensible. The mature thing to do here is to not ask any…”

“You’re always acting like an elder, Ron-sama! Even though you’re the smallest!”

“OH? Now you asking for a war!”

Ron is shorter than me, and Touka-chan is over six feet tall, so I’m pretty sure Ron going to lose this war.

That was my thought, but I didn’t dare voice it because I knew that Ron has stared at me.

Rin-chan and Touka-chan also looked at me quietly and then devoted themselves to their meals, refusing to say anything.

In the end, Ron was defeated by her height and laid down on the desk while Touka-chan was smiling smugly, proud of her victory. Amen.



We will return to the demon village next time.


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