LDM 519 – Let’s Go Sabotage! (4)

“Wait, you saboteur terrorist!”
“Who’s stupid enough to wait? …… I never thought I’d say this line in real life.”

I ran through the streets of Kuromauk, dodging the arrows and magic that the saint had thrown at me.
Fortunately, the buildings in this town have fluttering decorations made of hardened cloth, and it is easy to climb on the roofs. And if you’re close to the buildings, the saints will be afraid to attack, further creating a big window of opportunity to escape.
It’s because, at first, her stray bullets destroyed the buildings and crushed the soldiers who rushed to support her. Now, she’s hesitating, and her arrow becomes too weak even to pierce the walls.

Kukuku, this saint, seems that she is used to running around the dungeon solo and is not good at cooperating with others.

“Dammit, I almost got him!”
“Ahaha, go get me if you can!”

Well, being intercepted like this was also something we planned.
Her rampage served as a diversion for Haku’s spies to dig out more info.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so relaxed destroying that place to the point that it got reported. And it didn’t matter whether we got caught before or after the destruction was done. The imperative is, if we made a scene, Haku’s spies could move in.
It was also to lure them because there was something we wanted to investigate. If possible, I want us to take as much time as possible to rampage and then pull ourselves to the outskirts.

I hadn’t expected the saint to be my opponent, but it was a good miscalculation because we could draw their trump card attention to this side. Plus, the ordinary soldiers are also chasing me, so there should be no problem.
I’ve changed my face, and I’m going to show it off.

By the way, I’ve already handed over the researcher and [God’s nightcap] to Haku’s men and by boldly tricking her eyes to boot. After I handed them over, Haku’s men ran toward the main street, looking like an ordinary person who had encountered terrorists and was running for his life.

I’m not sure how many of these people Haku has lurking around. Considering this, even if the surveillance of the Four Heavenly Kings disappears from our village, there will still be eyes watching us, mixed in with ordinary adventurers. Well, I guess that’s one more thing I should be suspicious of.
In the first place, adventurers are like pawns for the grandmaster of the adventurer’s guild, Haku. Anyone can become a spy if they are asked to investigate the mayor of Gollen Village in the name of a quest.
And as long as there’s a village with an inn operating in it, you cannot chase away those adventurers.

“Ice spear, pierce the enemy – [Ice Javelin]!”

A huge icicle the size of an umbrella stabbed into the ground. If I think too much, I’ll get attacked. Let’s focus on the current situation.
As the soldiers moved ahead of me to block the way, I ran up the black cloth wall again to escape. Now I’m on the roof, so I’m vulnerable to the saint’s attacks.

“EEI! I almost got him!”
“I heard it a while ago. You have a surprisingly limited vocabulary, saint.”
“And you never stop talking! You’re the one who’s making me work hard in the dungeon, making me tired!”

The saint follows me up to the roof and shouts while breathing heavily.
As a living armor, Narikin’s body doesn’t feel much fatigue. Also, the only thing that is humanized now is his head, and I don’t think he breathes.

However, because living armor is a magical creature, it loses magic power instead of physical strength. I took out the mana potion from the [storage] and drank it down.

“How many stamina potions do you have ……?”
“No, this one is a mana potion, though?”
“I see… [Body Strengthening] huh?”

The mana potion is made by Soto herself, and she replicates a box of mana potions for me, so I’ll never run out. I can exchange it using DP, but I’ll have to take it out of the [storage] in front of the enemy anyway, so I told Soto that I would give half of the DP I saved to pay her, and she was happy to help.
She even unpacks it from the box, so I had an easier time drinking it.

To think of it, recently, we’ve been doing a lot of parent-child activities, like getting my child to help me with a chore for free. The chore is sabotage, though.

And now that we’re no longer in the section of the city where the church headquarters is located, it’s time to do something else to harass them instead of just running away.
The saint will come back to life even if she dies, so there’s no need to go easy on her.

“[Judgment Ray]”
“It’s diverted?”

I release the [Elemental Burst] on the saint’s magic. The appearance is very similar, so it’s just right to disguise the original magic. The light was averted and disappeared into the sky.

“Yo-you diverted king class light magic! Who the hell are you!”
“Would you believe me if I told you I was a messenger from God?”

Well, I’m not saying I’m was sent by the God of light… Wait, I was originally sent here as heroes, so it’s not wrong.
The soldiers surround me. I smiled meaningfully at the saint, who was observing me.

I ask the saint.
“Did you think that God would allow something like that?”
“Something like that? What are you talking about?”
“Hm? I’m talking about the facility you found me in. It’s my bad, but it’s my job to destroy it thoroughly.”

It’s not as if the saint who was the first to arrive there didn’t know anything about it. The only reason she didn’t bring other soldiers with her was that she understood that the place was off-limits to unauthorized access.
In other words, it would be inconvenient for people to know about the facility.
Why is that? Of course, it’s obvious.

“It’s a dungeon, isn’t it? How can there be a dungeon in the town of Kuromaku? The Holy Kingdom? Oi, oi! Didn’t God of Light tell you to destroy the dungeon?”

Because this is a residential area, the people who heard me weren’t just the soldiers.
Still, It’s a residential area at night. It’s not really a popular place to be, but it’s a place where people are sleeping in their homes, and there are many people. I’m sorry to wake you up when you’re asleep. Since you’re here, I’ll let you be the audience.

“Answer me, Saint Alca! Why was there a dungeon under this town?”

In the midst of all this, I threw her a question that loudly questions her faith in the God of Light—well, well, how are you going to come out of this, Saintess?

TL note:
Holy shit Keima, I did not expect that. You are a genuine asshole. I almost forgot that.

Well, first thing first…
I might be slow in the past couple of days, for that I’m sorry…
the chapter is already translated, but I couldn’t find the time to proofread it, and when I did, my internet started to become unstable. I cannot do proofreading without Grammarly, and when the friggin internet is like that, it killed my whole mood to do it.
Still, the amount of chapters I translated remains stable. I should have no problem filling my Patreon promised chapter for this month.


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