BTOG 168 – Kokuyo’s Training Ground.

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After the three of us finished our breakfast, we went to the village gathering place to sell the wild vegetables and proceeded to chop some wood.

I logged out at noon, ate dinner with (still unhealthy) Rin-chan, and tucked her back in.

In the afternoon, I logged back and decided to go to Kokuyo’s place at A-chan’s request.

By the way, Suryuu had plans in the afternoon, so it was just A-chan, me, and Himiko.

The training grounds in the oni village were much better than I had imagined, there are two spacious dojos and an outdoor field.

The dojo seemed to be divided into two sections, one for those who used weapons and the other for those who fought with their bare hands; each one comes with a different set of equipment.

There were probably about thirty people practicing right now. Except for a few of them who were eagerly practicing, they were being made to run on the ground outside.

And there stand Kokuyo watching over her students without giving any particular instructions.

I’m not sure if she noticed our presence, but she walked towards us with a happy expression on her face.

“Thank you for coming, Sukuna, Arthur.”

“Huh? Kokuyo-dono, how about her?”

“Of Course, I’ll be delighted to have Himiko join us, but…”

“Pyu~pyu~pyu**whisle** “


The three of us laughed at Himiko’s bad attempt to avoid this by using her poor whistling.

This person cannot disappoint me anymore.

“By the way, why are they being made to run? Running won’t give them more SP.”

When A-chan asked curiously, Kokuyo nodded and explained the reason.

“One cannot increase their status by training, but instead, they can learn to manage their SP consumption. And that’s just a warm-up. I think it’s about time to finish.”

“Hmm, I see.”

“Managing SP is a pain in the ass.”

In WLO, SP will always be consumed after a certain movement level, so you can’t keep on attacking during a battle.

It is important to be on the offensive and on the defensive at the right time in a long-term battle.

Running out of SP or MP will put a big burden on you, and according to what I’ve heard recently, the higher the maximum value, the worse it feels when you run out.

My maximum MP is low, so even if I run out of MP, I won’t feel it that much, but I will be in deep trouble if I run out of SP.

“Well… this training hall mainly conducts art training and spar-style training. Do the two of you want to try something specific?”

“Not really.”

“As long as I get to fight Kokuyo-dono, that’s all I ask.”

“I think I’ll go over there and observe.”

A-chan and Kokuyo invited me, so I don’t have anything in particular that I want to do.

On the other hand, A-chan came here to fight Kokuyo, so I guess she was hoping she could accomplish that.

Himiko, on the other hand, sensing the impending battle, quickly ran to the shade of the trees at the edge of the training ground.

“I understand. Then please wait for a while Arthur, because I have a request for Sukuna.”


“Would you be willing to have a match with my students?”

“It’s okay, but … is it okay for me to do it? “

“Yes, I told them that you are Kohaku-sama’s disciple. Those words alone already made them curious since Kohaku-sama is the object of administration for them.”

“I see, well… considering Kohaku’s position. I guess that’s natural?”

The oni tribe is a race that values strength and achievement above all else.

Certainly, as the strongest warrior of the Oni, Kohaku is probably the object of envy for all of them.

“I’m going to go gather my students then, so please change into this equipment, Sukuna.”

“What’s this?”

“This is a dougi(Training uniform). If you need a weapon, there is also a training weapon stored in the item box over there.”

After saying that, Kokuyo went to call the students who were still continuing their running.

I checked the item’s status that Kokuyo had given me, and I noticed that they had the same performance as the beginner equipment.

I guess it’s beginner equipment with a different appearance.

After putting on the dougi, my clothes changed into a black robe which was quite comfortable for exercising. I think it’s kind of like a karate suit.

I then went to the item box that Kokuyo pointed to check the weapons inside.

It looked like a simple wooden box. But there was no opening anywhere, and I had no idea how to get the weapons out.

“How do you use an item box?”

<You stick your hand in there.>

<Is it different from an inventory?>

<You’d have to pry it open by force.>

<Since we are talking about oni, it’s a plausible method.>

When I was playing with the item box that wouldn’t open even with my viewer suggestion, I heard a giggling voice behind me.

“Hold your menu card in front of the item box.”

“Hmm, hold my menu card at …….”

Just as I was about to take out my menu card and hold it up according to the instructions I heard from behind me, suddenly I realized that the voice was very familiar.

I turned around and saw a blue-horned oni wearing a black kimono standing behind me. She had lustrous white hair and red eyes.

There was no way I could mistake her because I had just exchanged fists with her only a few days ago.


“It’s been a while. I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.”


As I was happy to see her again; she unexpectedly hugged me tightly.

It’s not so tight that it will kill you, but it’s impossible to escape when you’re hugged with Kohaku’s strength.

It was warm and comfortable, so I just gave up and let myself be held, and after about 10 seconds, I was released.

“Why is Kohaku here?”

–No, it’s natural for Kohaku to come back to this village, this is her home.

I was a little curious because from what I’d heard from Kokuyo and the others, it seemed that she rarely came back.

“I got a call from Sekka. Sukuna, you’re going to challenge the Moon Wolf on the next full moon, aren’t you? If so, I thought I might be able to help you, even if only as a mentor.”

“From Sekka…”

“I also have some business to attend to. I’m planning to stay in this village for a while.”

“I see…”

I knew that Sekka and Kohaku must have known each other, but apparently, they also kept in touch with each other.

“Yes, still, it’s nice to see you. And thank you for killing me back then.”

“Haha, that’s the first time anyone’s ever thanked me for that. Sukuna… I’m sorry I didn’t realize the darkness you were facing.”

Probably because of our height difference, she unconsciously pat my head.

“No, I lost control of myself then. If Kohaku and the others didn’t stop me, I might have done something I couldn’t take back.”

“But still, Melty was aware of it. I wonder how far her insight is…”

A Melancholy could be seen in her eyes. Kohaku then lightly shook her head and returned to her normal self.

Come to think of it, Melty and Kohaku were cooperating during that battle. They didn’t seem that close when they first met, but I wonder if they actually were.


Kokuyo, who had gone to call her students, now have noticed Kohaku’s presence and came running towards us while shouting Kohaku’s name.

The students followed behind Kokuyo, and now that they had noticed Kohaku’s presence, they started pointing at her while covering their mouths with their hands.

“Hi, Kokuyo. I’m home.”

“Welcome back. If you had informed me, I would have come for you.

Kohaku smiled bitterly in response to Kokuyo’s words.

“You know I’m not good at such festive things, don’t you?”

On the other hand, Kokuyo spontaneously paid her respects to Kohaku, as if she was welcoming her master home.

Kokuyo is not only Kohaku’s teacher but also a vassal who serves the princess of the oni tribe. At a glance, it seems like a complicated relationship, but looking at this, I don’t think Kokuyo would ever want to give up her position as a retainer.

“Fufu, you never change. But above all, I’m glad to see you doing well. ….anyway, is there any urgency?”

“Don’t worry about that. I have already finished it. Now I’ve got some free time on my hands, so I thought I’d come back and see what I can do for my fellow student.

Also…This time I’m going to stay for a few days.”

“If that is the case, then I’ll let everyone in the village know you’re back. Of course, I won’t let them bother you, but I’m sure everyone would be happy to know you’re back.”

“Oh, thanks for that.”

They are talking at an appropriate distance from each other, not too close to be a friend and not too far to be a stranger. Kohaku understood her position, and Kokuyo respected it as well.

The Kohaku I know is the older sister who admires the Douji, but the way she behaves like a princess of the oni tribe must be ingrained inside herself.

“What are you planning to do today?”

“My students wanted to fight Ms. Sukuna, so I thought I’d have them all fight.”

“What! all of them?”

I couldn’t help but shout out loud at the bombshell that had been dropped on me.

I didn’t hear anything about that!

“Oh, didn’t I say so?”

“No, you didn’t.”

“It’s okay. I don’t care. Just get everyone out of here, be done with it, and let me fight Kokuyo-dono.”

“You can say that because you think it’s someone else’s problem.”

When A-chan smiles teasingly at me, I pucker my lips.

In the midst of all this, Kohaku looked at A-chan and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sure you’re… the [Sword Saint]{Kensei}, aren’t you?”

“Fu… you know a lot. Even though we’d never met.”

“A rare occurrence like the birth of a [Sword Saint] were bound create an uproar. Just like how Sukuna defeated the Red Wolves.”

“Well, that makes sense. Then once again, My name is Arthur. Nice to meet you, Kohaku.”

“Yeah, nice to meet you too.”

[Sword Saint] {Kensei} is it a skill? It sounds more like a profession to me.


As I was wondering about the little mystery, Himiko, who had noticed Kokuyo’s presence, came hurriedly over to me, shouting strange words.

“Oh my God, ohmygod, it’s Kohaku! It’s a real Kohaku!”

Himiko looks like a geek who gets excited when she meets her favorite idol.

Maybe she is. She is probably a member of the Kohaku-sama fan club that Touka-chan mentioned before. I’m sure of it.

Although she looked a little surprised at Himiko’s suspicious behavior, Kohaku responded to her gently.

“Woah, such spirited girl. Why don’t you calm down and tell me your name?”

“Ye-yes, i-I’m Teppen Himiko! It’s nice to meet you!”

“Teppen Himiko… , I’m Kohaku. Can I call you Himiko?”


Himiko was so happy that she threw her hands up in the air and said, “Whoo-hoo-hoo!”, one of Himiko’s strengths is her ability to express her joy so straightforwardly.

Kohaku shifted her gaze from the joyful Himiko to Kokuyo’s students. She gave them a kind look, like a mother looking after her child.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you all. How have you been?”

“OSHH! We’ve been training every day to be like you, Kohaku!”

Perhaps waiting for Kohaku to call out to her, one of the girls from the arranged line shouted.

As far as I could see, the age range of Kokuyo’s students is rather varied, with some looking like old men and others looking like junior high school girls.

The one in front of me now was a green-haired oni with clear jade eyes, who looked about as young as a high school girl.

However, this is oni tribe, just like Kokuyo; her age can be well over several hundred years old despite looking like a young girl.

It would be premature to judge their youth by their appearance.

“The current representative is Hisui? Great, you seem to have grown up a lot” {Hisui = jade}

“No! I’m still a fledgling compared to seniors!”

She was polite and stern—the kind of girl you’d expect from a martial artist.

I see, her name is Hisui. It’s a name that matches the color of her eyes, so it’s easy to remember.

“All of us in the Kokuyo-gumi have been waiting for your return with all our hearts. But, pardon me to ask one question.”

“What is it?”

“Is there any truth to the rumor that Kohaku-sama has taken that foreign oni girl as a disciple?”

She asked Kohaku with an anxious expression, perhaps because she could not believe what she had heard from Kokuyo.

Anyway, are the students of Kokuyo are called Kokuyo-gumi…? {-gumi, like in yakuza group}

When I glanced at Kokuyo, I saw that she was proudly puffing out her chest for some reason. Maybe because her name was used to name their group?

Without minding us, Kohaku continued her serious conversation.

“Yes, it’s true. Sukuna inherited [Oni no Mai] from me.”

“So it’s true… It’s not that I doubted Kokuyo-sama’s word, but it’s still quite painful to hear it from her.”

The oni girl, Hisui, gritted her teeth and bowed to Kokuyo before walking over to me.

She took a deep breath and let out a long sigh, gave me a sharp look, and voiced her thoughts with a bit haughty attitude.

“My name is Hisui. Identify yourself, outsider oni.”

“My name is Sukuna. Nice to meet you.”

Pan! I casually held out my hand, and it was slapped.

Ouch… that surprised me. Hisui pulled out the training wooden sword she was carrying as she glared at me.

“Take a stance, Sukuna. And prove your strength. I’m sorry, but I have no intention of dealing with the weak.”


I’m sure minimum self-control is there, but all I could feel from Hisui is an unconcealed irritation.

The anger and jealousy reflected clearly in her eyes. Considering that the oni tribe is said to be more prone to emotional outbursts than other tribes, it could be said that she is already patient enough not immediately shout at my face.

A novice player is sitting in the dream position given by her Hero. Even if she didn’t think she could be in that position, Hisui, who admired Kohaku, probably couldn’t stand it.

“Well, I don’t care what you think of me…”

I don’t know how she feels.

But, well.

There’s no reason why I should keep quiet when a stranger I’ve never met before throws such one-sided irritation at me.

“…but bring it on, I’ll let you kiss the ground.”

Still, I was slightly irritated, so I lightly snapped my neck and provoked Hisui.


A note:

Even after considering all of Hisui’s complicated feelings, Sukuna still decides to crush her completely.


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