BTOG 169 – Humanity

“Bring it on. I’ll let you kiss the ground.”

The people’s reaction to Sukuna’s words directed to Hisui was quite diverse.

Himiko clutched at Arthur while uttering pathetic, “Hiee…,” while Arthur grinned as if she was enjoying herself.

Kokuyo watched with a smile on her face, while Kohaku looked a little surprised as she stared at Sukuna.

However, the one who was surprised more than anyone else by those words was the one who spoke them, Sukuna.

Usually, Sukuna does not let emotions get the better of her, and she does not get angry or sad unless it has something to do with Rinne.

This is because Sukuna is indifferent to people.

Rinne is all that matters, so much, that she means a world to Sukuna.

Because Rinne is the mental pillar that has supported Sukuna since the first time she held hands with her, but that also means that Sukuna is equally uninterested in anything other than Rinne.

Therefore, no matter whether others like her or hate her, deep down, she feels nothing, no matter how she looks on the surface.

No matter how cursed or terrible she’s treated, she won’t care as long as Rinne is not involved.

But after her rampage, Sukuna changed.

After remembering all the joys, sorrows, anger, and sorrows that were buried deep within her, Sukuna was able to express her emotions honestly. Now, when she laughed, it was a genuine laugh that she let out from the bottom of her heart.

Sukuna’s mind, which had been mechanical like a robot, finally regained its humanity.

And that’s probably why.

The current Sukuna won’t overlook Hisui’s unreasonable irritation that was directed to her.

A situation where she would usually ignore by using a cold stare, unintentionally come out as provocation.

(…but strangely, I don’t feel bad about it.)

She was surprised by her action, but she did not regret it. They will have to fight anyway, and it was Hisui that started it.

For Sukuna, this was a fresh and exciting experience, as it was the first time she had intentionally returned someone’s favor. Something she wouldn’t have done before.

Besides, if we put it objectively, the acts on the impulse of Sukuna and Hisui are not much different. They both act based on their frustrated feeling.

It wasn’t a one-sided affair, and thanks to Sukuna having provoked her back, they could now go all out for each other without showing any mercy.

“Kiss the ground? such big talk of an outsider oni like you….!”

Contrary to Sukuna’s irritation that had completely subsided, Hisui is tightly gripping her training sword, and her eyes are burning with rage.

It was a volatile situation. However, Kokuyo intervened when she realized that Hisui had almost reached her limit despite her effort to restrain herself.

“Fufufu, you both have thick oni blood running in your veins. I understand; let’s begin the match with Sukuna and Hisui.”

She has no intention to stop them at all. Rather, she’s delighted and now in a good mood as she is smiling happily.

Because the oni tribe is natural born battle-freak, watching others fight is also a form of enjoyment to them.

“Sukuna is a traveler, so killing her won’t result in her demise. So, let set the rule; Hisui wins if she kills Sukuna, and Sukuna will win if he destroys the [Substitute Doll] that Hisui is wearing.”

“Substitute doll?”

“It is an item that can only be used after both parties agree before the fight begin, it will be destroyed to replace the damage the user received. You can only use it in sparring, and it can’t be used in normal fights, but it’s useful for preventing accidents in drills like this.”


After listening to Kokuyo’s explanation, Sukuna felt that it was a useful item. At the same time, she had some questions.

“Can’t I use that, too?”

Hisui was an NPC, so she would disappear completely if she lost all her HP.

In contrast, since the Sukuna is a player, she just respawns when she loses all of her HP, so she’s pretty sure it doesn’t particularly matter if she dies.

But if she can use the doll, won’t she be able to ignore the Death Penalty?

Hearing Sukuna’s question, Kokuyo smiled and answered.

“Substitute dolls are expensive.”

“Oh… I see.”

It’s no use then, Sukuna said, giving up honestly. It’s a shame to use a high-quality item to prevent a player from dying.

And it’s unnecessary anyway since Sukuna never planned to close in the first place.

“…By the way, Sukuna. Hisui is level 105, and she is one of the best warriors this village has. Even if it is you, she is not an opponent that can be underestimated.”

As Sukuna and Hisui moved to take their positions, Kokuyo whisper such information to Sukuna.

“Is it okay to tell me that?”

“Given the handicap caused by your curse, I think this much should be necessary.”

“I don’t know if that could be useful tho.”

The curse Sukuna bears won’t let her use skills. It also cut her HP by half.

Moreover, since the opponent has a higher level than her, this handicap will widen their gap even more.

Sukuna thought, [is this home ground advantages?]

“Sukuna, Hisui. There is no need for etiquette or manners in battle. You are born as oni, so you must use pure violence to bring your opponent to its knees!”


“Too loud.”

Kokuyo makes a very dangerous remark, but except for Sukuna, Arthur, and Himiko, the oni tribe accepts her remarks as something natural.

Because that is just what they are.

Sukuna pondered about this and looked straight at Hisui.

The tense expression can be seen on Hisui’s face, almost like a balloon about to burst. Sukuna’s provocation seemed to wound her pride to such a surprising degree that one can be sure she would immediately attack as soon as Kokuyo gave her signal.

Sukuna’s opponent is an oni with level over 100, and her weapon is a wooden sword for training.

Sukuna don’t know anything about her aside from that little info she was given before the fight began, thing such as what kind of skillset and what kind of arts she would use; Sukuna knows nothing about it.

But it is also the same for Hisui.

The only information that can be understood by looking at Sukuna is that she uses blunt weapons and has inherited [Oni no Mai]. {Oni’s Dance}

In fact, even that dance is currently sealed by her curse.

(…… is just right for a test.)

With that thought in mind, Sukuna slowly closes her eyes.

The change in Sukuna since her rampage the other day wasn’t just about her feelings.

She remembered everything. She remembered how to use the power that she had blocked until now, and now, she can use the full power that she had been unable to use.

She remembered how to wield the wild violence dwelling in her body in the most efficient way.

“Then, begin!”

The battle curtain began to rise with Kokuyo’s declaration while Sukuna still kept her eyes closed.

And at the moment after Kokuyo’s signal goes off, Sukuna opens her eyes and releases all her senses limiter for the first time in her life.


A note:

This is the story of finally regaining the humanity she lost as a child. A first step to her becoming a normal human.

Tl note:

… isn’t she becoming more monstrous now?


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