LDM 522 – Email.

After reporting to Haku, we returned to our dungeon.

No new work was assigned this time, so we could take our time to relax for the first time in a while.

“… it’s not like you didn’t take it easy when you had a job.”

“It’s a matter of feeling. When I have something to do, I can’t truly feel relaxed.”

“Is that a truth?”

“Yeah. I’m a serious person at heart.”

“I see.”

Rokuko just nod, wait… aren’t you going to deny it? That’s unexpected.

“When will you receive the [God’s Nightcap] that you left with Haku-nee?”

“It’s should be here soon. Let’s ask [Father] how to use it when it arrives.”

“Kehma, it might be too late to say this… but aren’t you pretty amazing since you can contact father without the need to wait for the usual Dungeon Core gathering?”

“Because he is a Dark God, afterall?”

Well, there’s a GP section in the menu that has a form for contacting [father]; using that form, even Haku can contact [Father] at will. Before the email function is implemented, this is the only way to get in touch with [Father]. Anyhow, Haku, the white goddess, already could do it.

Nowadays, I just need to use the email function, though.

Wait, using this logic, aren’t Pope could also contact Light God by using the same method?

I think the possibility is quite high since [erasing existence] is definitely the power of the Light God.

And if you think about it, if Dungeon Core can make inquiries to the Dark Gods, it wouldn’t be surprising if I, as Hero, could make inquiries to the Light Gods. I don’t know if it is possible since I never act like a proper Hero to this moment, or perhaps some special ritual is needed for that.

“… No, wait? Can’t I just send an email to Light God?”


When I said that, Rokuko was speechless.

“What are you talking about? You want to send an email to the Light God?”

“If I can text the Dark God [Father], why can’t text the Light God?”

“I mean, we’re in different camps. …. AH! Since Kehma is a Hero who is also a dungeon master… it’s not surprising if that can be done… is it?”

“I’m pretty sure I can do that. Welp, it’s cost nothing to try anyway.”

I opened the menu and started up the email function.

The message is addressed to [Light God], and the content is.

<Dear Light God.

It’s been a while. How are you doing?

Thanks to you, I’ve been in a lot of trouble.

it’s quite hard to explain this, but…

I’m enjoying my relaxed life in a different world now.

By the way, just the other day, I visited the Kuromaku town and the Light God religion church.

Too bad that damn Pope has run away.

I then wondered who the hell this Pope was and where he is now?

So, if you know anything about him, I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

That’s all, thank you.>

“eh, is this alright?”

“It would be quicker if he could tell me who the Pope is and where he is, but I wonder if it will ever reach him….”

“It doesn’t matter if it didn’t reach. The Dark God[Father] probably will deliver it directly.”

“What do you mean by Delivered directly?”

Ignoring Rokuko’s remark, I sent the email.

Shortly after, I received a reply. the sender is… [Light God]

“So… it reaches Light God, too.”

“and It’s not mailer-daemon either….”

“Mail demon?”

“That’s what the system will send automatically as replies if the recipient of the email didn’t exist. Well, it doesn’t matter now, so don’t worry about it.”

I opened the email from Koujin and read it together with Rokuko as she leaned in close and peered at it.

<I’m really surprised right now. I didn’t expect you to join the Dark God faction.

I thought it was a bad joke, but then I heard it directly from the Dark God as well.

Really, I didn’t know that a Hero could become a dungeon master!

Ah sorry, time flows differently there than in the God Realm, afterall. Anyway, I’ve known it all.

Yeah, well, it doesn’t matter. Also, Pope’s true identity is a dungeon core.

The Pope, who fled on his own, is now hiding in his dungeon in the Holy Kingdom.

 PS Your lucky item today is the [God’s Comforter]!>


I (easily)found out who the Pope is. And where he is, at least.

“What, the Pope is a dungeon core? What does that mean?”

“Uh, yeah. I don’t know what the meaning of this, still, I’m going to email Haku about it.”

I’m a little curious how he heard about me directly from the Dark God, plus how time moves differently in the God realm.

Did Light God and [Father] close enough to talk? I thought they were at odds with each other?

Even though they’re enemies, they can contact each other?

Today, my lucky item is a [God’s Comforter], which probably means I should use it now.

…but why? Well, I’m sure I’ll understand after I use it.

“Rokuko, can I borrow your [God’s Comforter]?”

“Okay, but is this really the lucky item as the Light God says?”

“We will never know if I don’t use it, and it might get me in a lot of trouble later if I don’t…”

“eh? What do you mean?”

“The letter is implying that he’s going to meet me. …geez, I didn’t ask for that much.”

I reviewed the text of the email, and there’s no indication that he was angry.

There is also an option of not seeing him or postponing the meeting – but that will probably make him angry, right?

But there’s also the possibility that if I meet him, he’ll erase your existence…

… Should I prepare to dogeza?

Tl note:

…the f*ck? So EZ?


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