BTOG 179 – Day of the Full Moon

It’s been three days since I visited Hakuyo, and finally, the day of the full moon has arrived. Today, I’m going to see Nocturne the Moon Wolf to break the curse that’s eating away at my whole body.

When I first heard about the Moon Wolf, Hakuyo had said something like, [I don’t know if it will be a battle].

But according to her explanation the other day, I knew that a fight with the Moon Wolf was inevitable.

It’s possible to avoid the battle if you use the Moonlight Pearl, but the problem is that I’m the player who had defeated Aria the Red Wolf.

“The Moon Wolf has always been an aggressive monster. In addition, Nocturne, one of the wolf king’s family members, will not be able to ignore the presence of Sukuna. ……”

Hakuyo was saying that with a mysterious look on her face.

And what about the gentle personality she told me before?

I wanted to ask her that, but I didn’t pursue it any further because I thought it would be more fun if I could fight it.

That was the intention from the start, so I’m more than grateful for this situation.

And I think it’s important to note that Nocturne the Moon Wolf is a member of the Wolf King’s kin. It’s possible that all wolf-related named will somehow be related to the Wolf King.

And that’s the reason why I’ve been leveling. It’s all a preparation to fight with a Named.

I’ve been trying so hard for the past three days that I’ve skipped everything except meals and sleep. {tl: errr shower?}

As a result, my level has risen from 87 to 94. Considering the amount of time I spent on it, it’s an excellent result.

By the way, I didn’t get a Job Change notification even after I passed lv 90, so my profession is still of that [Douji].

I completed some quests that I could do while leveling, such as a quest for gathering, and I also acquired the skill [Kiketsu] (Oni’s Blood) that Hisui told me before, but I couldn’t use it, the curse preventing me to.

At the same time, I was also tried to gather comrades for the battle against the Moon Wolf.

As Hakuyo mentioned, solo Named are so rare that there are only six of them in the world, and raid Named don’t spawn that often either.

And this Nocturne is a party named… To be honest, I think it would be almost impossible for me to defeat the Moon Wolf by myself.

The chance of winning while being solo is not zero. However…

Just like the raid Named [Ars Nova, the Great Dragon of Waves] that had an enormous amount of HP, the party Named [Nocturne, the Moon Wolf] also have “an amount of HP that was designed for a party of six”.

This is the first time anyone will fight with Nocturne, so besides learning of all his attack patterns, we also need to cut down its enormous HP, which is not designed to be solo-ed.

Considering that tremendous difficulty, I thought it would be better for me to gather comrades first.

I’ve been contacting my acquaintance and asked them if they could spare their time. By the way, Rin-chan couldn’t make it because she needed to prepare for the upcoming WGCS qualifying rounds. She’s going to pick up the last team member that we talked about before.

Rin-chan probably won’t be back until tomorrow night, so she won’t be able to challenge the Moon Wolf with me. I wanted to play with Rin-chan again, but it could not be helped.

But in her place, A-chan has decided to come along with me. When I told her that It was almost certainly going to be a fight, she immediately accepted.

“Fuahahaha, It’s been a long time since I’ve challenged a Named! My blood is boiling!”

The image of A-chan kicking the member of Kokuyo-gumi with a wooden sword flashed in my mind as she said those words.

Suryuu’s assignment will take her time until midnight, so she won’t come either. Touka-chan is busy with training for the upcoming tournament. That’s why she is also a no-go.

Meguru is still within the dungeon between the fifth town of Griffith and the sixth town of Zeronoa. She’s also out.

As for Himiko… I’m sorry, but I did not consider Himiko as a fighting force at all.

I tried to ask A-chan if she knew someone who might be able to lend a hand, but she’s still uncertain if anyone will come.

In other words, in the worst-case scenario, it would be just A-chan and me. If we just look at the number, this is quite hopeless.

However, A-chan said that her original weapon had returned, and at least her means of attacks would be more diverse. I guess this is much better than going solo because there’s no doubt about A-chan’s ability.

By the way, I cannot ask NPCs for help because the Moon Wolf is the guardian of the Oni village, and direct combat with the Oni who’s born in this village is forbidden by contract.

Well, I had no intention of taking an NPC into a fight where they could lose their life, so I’m rather relieved to hear that restriction.


The time was five o’clock in the afternoon, much earlier than the time Hakuyo had told me to log in, and I began my stream.

“Is this okay? You can see it, right?”


<I can see it, I can see it.>

<The HD quality is as good as ever>

<This HD quality option is 3,000 yen, right?>

<Thank you for the quality stream. I will save it.>

“I don’t know much about the cost! I’ll leave it all to Rin-chan!”

<Set it up yourself for once. lol.>

<The other day, when you did a face-to-face interview with us, you’re struggling.>

<In the end, Rinne comes to help.>

<This is why we call you muscle-brain.>

“Well, I’ve only done WLO before. And it’s really easy to use this game’s distribution function… But let set that aside because I’ve got some things to do before I go challenge the Moon Wolf this evening.”


<Did I miss anything?>

<Is it the Equipment?>

“That’s right. I’m going to get the equipment I requested before.”


< I’ve been waiting for this!>

<The armor? Or the weapon?>

<I feel like it is really rare for Sukuna to show us when she upgrades her weapon.>

<She always did it secretly.>

<↑Up until now, All I have seen is when she changes to the Lightmetal Kanabou and [Mumei].”

<↑The Mumei is a temporary weapon, so it’s a don’t count.>

<I miss the Lightmetal one, is that a weapon from Trillia?>

“So let’s do the armor first? And yeah, I haven’t do much of equipment revelation in my stream.”

For example, when I got the Red Wolf attire, I was told not to show the effect of [Lone Moon Camellia] because it was too broken, and in Haruru’s case, where she didn’t want to show herself in my stream at all.

That’s why I had to show off my red wolf costume later, and I always suddenly changed my weapons or hid them until I needed them.

But this time, Konekomaru has given me his blessing to show this equipment, and Haruru is no longer afraid of appearing on the channel, so I don’t think there will be any problems.

The Unveiling of the upgraded version of The Red Wolf Attire is indeed a major event for me. So, if I could show it in the middle of the stream, it’s totally worth it.

“Anyway, let’s have some fun, shall we?”




<Let’s gooo!>

“That’s a quite distinctive shouting voice… are you guy excited for the new equipment!?”

<I’m just trying to help you relax.>

<That’s right.>

<It’s not enough to have a surprise mark over this.>

<↑ It’s an exclamation mark.>

<↑ I don’t know what you’re talking about.>

“Let’s go there just as we always do! ….Oh, I heard they’re borrowing Akagane’s workshop, so I’ll go there.”


< It’s the gorimacho sister.>

<↑You’ll be>

<Why does she have to be so muscular?>

“Hmm, that’s true that she is muscular. But no one will beat Kohaku in strength number.”

While exchanging a loose and somewhat embarrassing conversation with my viewers, I walked through the Oni village that was slowly swallowed up by the darkness of the night.

I’m going to get my upgraded Red Wolf attire, and Haruru will hand me my new weapon. After that, the deathmatch is waiting for me.

I was looking forward to it all, and I couldn’t help but smile at the joy that enveloped my entire body.



It was like the prologue to the Moon Wolf Arc.

It’s exciting to write and update all the equipment at once.

TL note:

That’s one hell long prologue.


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