LDM 523 – Encounter with the Light God.

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How can I meet Light God using [God’s Comforter]?

While bearing that question in mind, I borrowed the Comforter from Rokuko and went to sleep, then I found myself in a white space.

…well, I guess this is inside a dream.

“Yo Kehma. It’s been a long time.”

Light God was there waving at me. In this dream… well, it’s a dream, but at the same time, it’s not, is it? Ugh, this is getting a little confusing.

I couldn’t make out his expression because he was glowing, but I could tell he was probably smiling. He’s just too dazzling.

“Hmm? You seem to be confused. Is this the first time you’ve used that Comforter?”

“Not really. I’ve used them a few times, but…”

“Oh, I see. Oh, so you’ve been on the [used] side all this time.”

“[Used]? What do you mean by that?

“That Comforter has a function to summon the person you choose, or in Kehma’s words, it allows you to designate a hug pillow.”

So you’re saying that’s how I can meet God? Do I just need to sleep while thinking I would meet Light God?

“If it’s someone whose soul has returned to the wheel of life, then it’s impossible. On the other hand, if it is still possible to physically meet the person, you will certainly meet them in the dream world. You can alter various causes and effects by inviting them using the Comforter. Once you use this function, you can’t use it for a year. you should try it if there’s someone you want to meet.”

Light God also added if you invite a God, your invitation could be rejected, and it will be a year before you can try again.

Then I guess it wouldn’t work for Leona, the Chaos God.

…umm? The ability to share the same dream… doesn’t mean that when someone uses [God’s Comforter], they will share their dream with the designated person. Or rather, the other person is an individual who got forcibly summoned into a dream.

So, in short, it’s like a remote meeting through a dream.

“Oh? don’t you remember who ‘used’ you? No… I guess you already knew.”


“You certainly do, fufu, I see… it’s a child of the Dark God. Anyway, it’s the owner’s choice whether to keep the dream as memory or not or make it seem like it was a dream. However, one of those effects is certain to occur. So, if you don’t remember, you know what it means.”

“I know…”

Rokuko, we need to have some talk after I get back. Since I had used this with her, Twice, it was after the dungeon battle and at Haku’s place.

Light God then pulls out two white one-seater sofas. He sat down on one and urged me to sit on the other.

“Well, sit down, don’t worry, I won’t take your memory and eat you like your dungeon core.”

“Thank you, excuse me then.”

“It’s refreshing to hear you use proper honorifics.”

“I’m sorry, I was so sleepy just now.”

“Nah~, it’s okay. Consider that as payback because I sent you with your Hero skills sealed.”

I apologized briefly, and Light God easily forgave me. And that’s also a fact. I couldn’t use my skill until I broke my first dungeon core.

“So you can seal our hero skills or something like that.”

“Of course, I can; I’m the [father] of the Heroes, you know? Much like the Dark God is the [father] of the dungeon cores. Though I don’t bother to hold Hero Gathering as he did.”

I’m glad you didn’t. If you did the Hero Gathering, I can’t hide the fact that I’m also Hero from Wataru.

And once he recognizes me as a Hero, I can assure you that things will become even more annoying than they already are; that’s why I will continue to hide it.

“You know what? That Dark God, you know, he’s very meticulous. He makes all the food and drinks himself. Why don’t he outsource it as he did with mail function?”

“About the mail function… I never expect it will reach Light God.”

“The Dark God bragged about it and pushed it on me. It was very annoying.”

I wondered if they were close enough to be pushy and annoying. But at least he made it sound like they were as close as bad friends.

I thought dungeons and heroes were a proxy war between the Dark God and the Light God, but it seems they’re not at odds with each other at all. Should I confirm this?

“What you’re doing is not a proxy war between us.”

“Did you just read my mind…?”

“You’re in a dream. I know what you’re thinking. And it would be best if you didn’t get the wrong idea. Since he is good at building things, he’s always getting into Creator’s good sides. I’m not too fond of that side of him. So you can say we’re much or less an enemy.”

Creation God. It’s a God with a higher position than Dark and Light God.

“Simply put, what we’re doing is the work that Creation God asked us to do.. One should build dungeons, and one should destroy them with heroes. If destruction and creation are well balanced, the world will develop nicely. The other world’s summoned heroes also will contribute by bringing in culture.”

“so… we were God’s subcontractors?”

“It’s more like a relationship between a president and an employee. In your case, since you work for both, you’re more like a spy or an operative.”

I’m a spy. If I’m a spy… Which side am I spying for?

Well, considering what I know, it seems I’m a spy from the Light God to the Dark God.

“Ah right. What do you mean when you say the Pope is a dungeon core?”

“That’s exactly what it means. What’s so hard to understand?”

“…does that mean he’s a spy too?”

“His dungeon is in the territory of what is now known as the Holy Kingdom. To survive, his best bet was to hide the dungeon with authority. But unfortunately, the one who got Pope’s throne also got a way of contacting me, which forced him to side with me—I wish it were that simple.”

And the Light God shrugs his shoulder.

“He was planning to take the place of the Dark God, and he was rather proactive in contacting me. The God of Light religion. Originally, the Holy Kingdom was prepared by my oracle to support the heroes, but because of this, the number of heroes summoned to the Holy Kingdom is so small you can count them in one hand. I’m also sick and tired of him.”

“Is that’s the reason why are you giving us this info?”

“You really are the perfect spy, aren’t you? Or, in this case, a bridge between the two camps, I should say.”

“I don’t want to antagonize either the Dark God or the Light God, so please do use me as the bridge.”

“Good. So, what do you want to know? I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you what I know.”

… I’m not sure if he’ll tell me the truth, but I’ll leave it to Haku to judge the truth and just tell her, “Light God told me”.

I’m more of a Homing Pigeon than a spy, aren’t I? But that’s okay.

“So what is the Pope’s true identity, and what type of dungeon core is it?”

“Oh, he called himself Core Number Four or something. He was humanoid, but he called himself a slime-type core.”

After saying that, Light God exhales.

“…well, it’s a lie, though. Did he think he could deceive me, the Light God? The fourth core is the one that stole the first saint’s hero. There’s no way I could have made a mistaken them… Utterly foolish that one is.”

Then Light God reveals the true identity of the Pope this time.

“He is core number 10, an undead core.”


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