LDM 524 – Kehma the (Homing)Pigeon

“He is core number 10, an undead core.”

After the identity of the Pope was (easily) revealed, I woke up.

“…… number 10, an undead core?”

I feel like I’ve been forcefully woken up. I feel lightheaded and dizzy. I will have to write it down or tell Rokuko before I fall asleep the second time.

“Kehma, are you okay? You looked like you’ve been having a nightmare.”

“Oh, Rokuko. You’re here…?”

“Yes, of course, since the Comforter I lent you is here, there’s nothing wrong with me being here, is it?

Yeah, you’re right about that, but… isn’t this my room? …forget it, she’s right. It’s a good idea to keep it away from the possibility that Light God might have done something to it. Good job.

…Speaking of Comforters, I think there was something I needed to ask Rokuko about?

Ugh, I wonder what it is. My memory is fuzzy, almost like I’m still dreaming.

“Anyway, Kehma, what do you mean by number ten and the undead type core?”

“Hmm? Oh. Light God said it was the true identity of the Pope is Core Number 10.”

“eh? Then I need to tell Haku-nee-sama about this.”

Rokuko then operated the dungeon menu to bring up the email function. And personally, I think it best to leave the writing to Rokuko while I try to remember things

I wanted to ask Light God more questions, but if I had asked him for too much, I would have been unable to remember the important parts. This is probably why God suddenly cut off the communication.

“…ah, yeah, please add a note that this is not a definite truth. There is a possibility that Light God is lying.”

“Oh, that’s true, roger that, Kehma.”

Not good, not good. I almost forgot the most important thing besides the information about the Pope… just what did God tell me again…?

“…Yeah, Light God also said that the 10th core intends to replace the Dark God, [father].”

“!!! That’s very important information. I’ll be sure to write it down.”

“Also, the venue and food for the dungeon core meetings are handmade by [Father].”

“That one I know.”

How did you know that? Let’s see, what else… what else I must tell you…

“The fourth core was a slime-type core, or so I heard.”

“That’s correct. 4th Core is a slime-type core.”

“um, I mean, core number 10 told Light God that.”

“Yeah? That doesn’t seem to matter, though? We all know who it is.”

“Well, That’s true….”

Let’s see, did I manage to remember and tell Rokuko all the important parts?

“He also said that the fourth core was the one that stole the first saint’s hero.” {tn: this part remain unclear}

“? Does it mean that the first saint was a Hero or if it takes the first saint’s partner who was a Hero from her?”

“I’m sure it’s the former. …And that Saint is Leona, isn’t it?”

“Probably, it’s all matched. Unless that was different Hero, anyway I will write this in email for Haku-nee.”

Haku is probably the only one who could analyze this kind of information anyway. We really need her help.

“Yeah, I guess this is all the important info that I got from Light God.”

“Copy that. I’ll email it to Haku-nee-sama”.

I feel that there’s something important still forgotten… No, wait.

If Light God just wants to convey this, he could write it in the email. Why did he bother to have me meet him in person?  …Was he wary of Leona’s eavesdropping?

“Rokuko. Wait— Core number 4 and Leona might be the enemy.”

“What? Yeah, I unde–…eh? Then, isn’t it dangerous to write this in email?”

“….exactly. Don’t write it in the email. Instead, send an email to ask an audience with Haku in person.”

“Then let me rewrite the letter…. Ummm, Well, I guess I’ll just send my sister an email asking for a tea party.”

If Light God had been wary of Leona’s eavesdropping, then it would be a bad move for us to email the info to Haku. I almost wasted his concern (I don’t know if he did it on purpose, though).

“But does Light God know that Leona might be able to tap into this email?”

“He said the Dark God bragged about it to him while pushing the function one-sidedly, so he probably knows.”

“…Father and the Light God are surprisingly close, aren’t they?”

“Apparently, they’re both working for the Creator God.”

“The creator god? From The ancient Beddhist religion? …Oh, right, [Father] also said that he woke up Creator God using God’s alarm clock and then Creator God broke it. Maybe there’s some connection with that?”

Rokuko nods.

Now that I’ve finished remembering what I wanted to tell her, I think I’m going to go back to sleep……. it was then I remembered the thing I wanted to ask when I saw the[God’s Comforter].

Because Light God had told me the true function of this Comforter.

“…… Rokuko.”

“What is it, Kehma?”

“I’d like to talk to you about the effects of the God’s Comforter if it’s okay with you.”

Rokuko’s cheeks instantly reddened and twitched.

Rokuko easily admitted her crime, and not long after, Haku’s invitation to a tea party arrived in the email.

She’s not only quick to reply, but she is also urging that she would like to meet immediately.

“Rokuko. You’ll have plenty of stories to tell me later; as such, what did you do to me in the dream.”

“Eh? B-but…. i-I understand …….”

Rokuko nodded shyly… yeah, I will interrogate her later, after meeting at Haku’s tea party. I need to prioritize the report that I got from Light God first.

We used the dungeon function to move to the [White Beach] and headed to Haku-san’s castle with [Transfer].

But because Rokuko’s face was still beet red when we met Haku, I was the first one to be scrutinized. Rokuko, please explain that it wasn’t my fault!


“…I see. I understand the situation.”

Haku said after receiving Rokuko’s explanation.

“Yeah, Rokuko been messing with me, so I’m more or less a force majeure.”

“…I think you’re probably right about the 10th Core being the Pope. But I didn’t expect you to use the mail function to contact Light God. As usual, Kehma is reckless.

Also… Please redeem yourself by working hard for us, Rokuko-chan.”

Aaand, here it is.

“By working hard? Okay, I understand.”

For a moment, I noticed that Haku’s wording was too vague.

And I feel like I’ve been working a lot, but there’s no point in opposing Haku right now.

“I’ll be the one who works for you, sister!! since it was my fault!”

“… Don’t worry, you can let Kehma do the work as usual. Since thanks to him all work is done quickly, isn’t that right? Kehma.”

Haku then put her hand in her temple and told us the content of the ‘job’.

“I’ll have you set up a dungeon battle against the rebel, Core number 10. Is that okay?”

…Haku. Is this your way of telling me to die?


That Saint’s hero part remains unclear, it doesn’t specify if the 4th Core robbed the Saint Heroic power or it took away her Hero status. It was deliberate confusing phrasing. One thing is clear. It’s not referring that Saint partner is a Hero.


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  1. ShiiDesu says:

    Thanks for the chapter…

    Maybe the slime dungeon core can predate/absorb anything it eats… Like Rimuru where she adapted the body…

    • Zehd Cashew says:

      I want the twist where the saint(Leona) is the one who absorbs Core Number 4 instead. I think it would be better if Leona is already twisted instead of being corrupted by Core Number 4.

    • Kaelyas says:

      Could also be a joke from Leona about tensei shitara slime. there is another ref to it in the Ln (keima saying “i’m not a bad dungeon master you know” with a weird tone, the same DQ ref rimuru use in his story )

  2. Kensei Seraph says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. vasip says:

    Possible Spoiler!

    In the light novel, it is said that Leona was the master and absorbed/assimilated core number 4.

    She also gave the option to Keima to do the same with Rokuko.

  4. kurokagespirit says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

  5. MrTrixer says:

    Finally a new dungeon battle, its been ages since the author focused on anything dungeon-related subjects. Sure, its good to focus on some background and world building but.. I like dungeons alright. ^^”

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/

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