BTOG – 181 The Power of Plunder

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A note: Weapon time!!


“The reason why I offered to help Konekomaru in the first place is that…… Because I was succeeded in obtaining a certain item in exchange for the gold given to me by Sukuna…”

“An item?”

“It’s an attribute gem that I’ve been looking for a long time… it would be best if you see for yourself….”

Attribute Gem are the common terms for items like Gravity Jewels or Crimson Jewels that add attributes to equipment.

And since Haruru has been looking for it for a long time, it must be a very special item.

“So here’s come the weapon…… Soiyoo……”

With a very unmotivated shout, the veil wrapped the weapon was removed.

I first noticed a single Kanabou that had a distinctly unique appearance. It was about the same size as Kagenui’s.

But its deep purple-gold color which looks like it was taken from the starry sky, has caught my interest. Could this be the same material as the gladius that Kokuyo wield?

I’m pretty sure it’s either a different material or an alloy since a pure Overheavy Metal would be jet-black in color.

Apart from that, there were several other weapons hidden under the shroud. Not counting the Kanabou, there were four other long objects and throwing tools.

All of them had a similar design, red lines on a matte black base material,  making them look like equipment from the same series.

There were two-handed hammers, a two-handed club, a baseball bat, and some knives, balls, and other projectiles clustered together in a box.

“This kanabou and that group of weapons are two completely different things….. I’ll explain the kanabou first. ……”

Haruru then retreated a bit from the group of weapons and approached the Kanabou. She placed her hand on the handle that was propped up with a happy expression on her face.

“The name of this kanabou is [Sandatsu Heiso – Ouma]. It is a physical-specialized armament with [Plunder] attribute…” {tln1}

“Plunder attributes?”

“I think it would be faster if you see it yourself…..”

At Haruru’s urging, I received the weapon and checked its status.

Item:  [Sandatsu Heiso – Ouma]

Rarity: High Rare – PM ★

Attribute: Plunder (SP)

Required Strength Value: 721

Attack Power: +351

MP: -100

Intelligence: -100

Endurance: 361/361

Category: [Blunt Weapon] [One-handed Mace]

Take it.

Take it!

Take it all!

For the sake of eternal struggle.

“……the hell is this?”

“Mmm-hmm …… are you…… surprised?”

“No, I mean… Yeah?”

I was stunned at these weapon specs, and Haruru laughed like a mischievous child upon seeing my surprised face.

I don’t know where I should start.

For starters, its attack power is too far beyond my expectation.

What do you mean +351 Attack power!? Even Drago Named sword only had +150!

The attack power difference was too enormous compared to the weapons I’ve had so far.

Or maybe, just maybe, this is the normal Atk of equipment with an STR value of over 700?

Either way, it is a monster that does not bring shame to the term “physical-specialized armament.”

And I think the required strength value of 721 is also absurd.

Counting the increase in status from leveling over the past three days, plus the status enhancement from the Red Wolf Attire status correction, my strength value is indeed over 750.

But that is only possible since my equipment now has Familiar Skill [Kikokushu] which boosts my base physical stat by +40%.

Thankfully the required strength value of the Red Wolf Attire is only 10, so I can equip it without worries.

Then again, it is also true that I won’t be able to equip this three days ago if I don’t have [Kikokushu] activated.

It might end up as complete waste if they didn’t synergize so well.

I could feel Haruru’s lingering resentment towards my past (indeliberate) status report since this weapon used my status to the maximum.

“What’s with the ★?”

“Because the weapon is a weapon using the darkness of night…… just kidding… when you strengthen a normal weapon, you will receive an ★ according to the number of times you strengthen it…… that rule did not apply to named equipment though….”

This is the first time I’ve seen this notation, and I asked Haruru about it, and she gave me some new information about the weapon.

“Ah, so that’s why the red wolf costume didn’t have it.”

“In the event that you’ve never seen it, it’s only a rumor. …… The number of Stars you can have depends on your rarity. …… If it’s a common, you can have up to one, if it’s a Rare, you can have up to two… and if it’s a Legend, you can have up to six. …… I’ve never seen legendary grade though, so it’s only a rumor…….”

“Legendary item is indeed so rare after all. Anyway, High Rare is fourth from the bottom, so can I put up to four stars on it?”

“Well, yeah….. Once all the’s are filled, you cannot add more enhancement, but it’s said that the performance will be comparable to that of its higher rarity…..”

In other words, if it’s labeled as a high rare ★★★★, it will actually have the same performance as an epic rare.

The reason why named equipment doesn’t have a star is probably its rarity was a different class in the first place. I’m not sure how many stars you can give to name, but if the item itself is not a high-level item, it’s not a good indicator of enhancement.

“By the way, aren’t you both lowering my MP and intelligence too much?”

“Hahaha, I figured if there were statuses you won’t need, it would be that.”

“You don’t need it, do you……?”

“Yeah… I don’t need it, but it won’t be funny if there was a negative number in my status.”

In the past, I needed MP to activate the gravity attribute that Yoiyami had, and because of the removal of that function, [Sandatsu Heiso – Ouma] is no longer consumes MP.

And intellect works like strength in magical status. It can only be used to power up your magic attack or a requirement to use magical equipment.

Indeed it was very reasonable for me to discard these two statuses as I specialize in physical.

“Oh well, okay, ……this [Plunder] is the from the new attribute jewel?”

“Correct, ma’am……”

“Got it, okay, let’s see…”

I tapped on the attribute column of the opened weapon status.

Attribute: [Plunder]

This attribute allows the user to recover HP, MP, SP, or some of them in proportion to the amount of physical damage dealt by a weapon. The less the target status of the Plunder is, the more effective it becomes, and the more it is, the less effective it becomes.


Plunder(drain). It is a type of recovery method that absorbs the damage your opponent takes and makes it your own since it will recover you in proportion to the damage done.

It’s effective for HP, MP, and SP, and if you limit the target to one of these, you can take a lot of it, but if you target all three, you can only take a little of each.

And judging from the (SP) notation in the attribute column of the weapon status, this [Plunder] weapon probably has an SP-only drain effect.

“Does this mean that this Kanabou has an SP-only drain effect?”

“That’s right….. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted, ……?”

“…Did I say it? Though I indeed wanted this kind of equipment since a long time ago.”

I nodded honestly to Haruru, who grinned at me.

Even with the [Lone Moon Camelia], which doubles my SP, and using the Oni race innate high SP, I still never had enough SP for the hard battles I had been in.

[I can’t attack] that’s what I’ve felt when I fought against a higher-leveled opponent since the fight with the Red Wolf.

“I’ve been keeping my eyes on you after your fight with the Red Wolf…  And I was wondering……. What the ideal equipment that Sukuna need to push forward without ever back down, even when you facing a superior opponent….. and that time, Kokenomaru and I clicked with each other……. And after many hours of discussion and research, we finally completed these two pieces of equipment; the [Red Wolf Attire Alter] and [Ouma].”

“The synergy between these two will give you a tremendous boost in your survivability in battle. We’ve customized everything down to the last detail for you. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Looking at the two of them who smiled with satisfaction, I understood how these equipments had been so tailor-made for me.

In short, both of them had been watching my stream all this time and knew exactly what my detailed status and acquired skills were.

They knew that I didn’t have any cards in my hand that would require me to use MP, and that’s why they were barely able to meet the strength requirements to create this Plundering weapon.

“How much, by the way?”

“Forty-five million Iris in total for these two……”

“Forty-five million!?”


<That’s… too much!>

<That’s 45.000.000 right there!?>


I was trying to escape reality by not hearing it, but then the comment section brought me my attention back with the eye-popping zero written there.

45 million Iris, for a weapon and armor.

I shuddered at the amount, which was just barely enough if sell off all my gold, in addition to all my money.

And I was rather surprised that both of them could afford such a large amount of money. I wonder if production jobs are that profitable.

“I’ll take some of the Moon Wolf’s rare materials as payment….”

“How can you be so sure that I could defeat it…”

“I trust your strength, Sukuna, so…….”

Haruru does say the nicest things.

I couldn’t help but chuckle since Haruru didn’t even consider me losing at all.

“Can I have some of your gold? I need it more than cash.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll give it to you now.”

“Thank you. I appreciate that.”

In contrast to Haruru, who wanted materials of the Moon Wolf, Konekomaru asked for immediate payment.

I immediately dive a gold ingot to Kitten Maru.

Unlike Haruru, I was very grateful for his realistic demand.

Then again, even if a single gold bar would sell for 10 million Iris, that would still be a huge deficit for him, but Konekomaru shook his head, saying he didn’t want any more.

“Make sure you defeat it…..”

“Yes, yes.”

I wondered why she wanted the material of the Moon Wolf that badly, and as I lost in my thought. Haruru was unexpectedly approaching me while pointing at the other group of weapons.

“Right….. this one is… you know…… a bonus…….”


“They were some prototypes before I got that [Plunder] jewels. For some reason, only the required strength value and durability are abnormally high, but the attack power remains low …”

Before I could ask about them, she had already explained it.

Anyway, it’s better for me to check their spec, even though they are just a prototype.

Item: 《Prototype 48》.

Rarity: Rare, PM

Required Strength Value: 664

Attack power: +65

Endurance: 5906/5906

Category: [Blunt Weapon][Two-Handed Mace]

A prototype of a blacksmithing item made by Haruru.

“What is this?”

I look at the status of the two-handed mace was indeed as odd as Haruru said.

What’s more, everything except the throwing tool has a similar endurance-specialized status. Although it requires a ridiculous strength value of 664, its attack was inferior to the Kagenui that can be used with a strength value of 200. It’s an obvious failure.

Haruru also makes these kinds of mistakes…. or so I thought, but I also sort of understand why she brought this to me.

“So, basically, you want me to destroy them whenever I want?”

One of my main trump card, the most powerful art of the [Blunt Weapon] is the art of [Meteor Impact].

The more durability you have left in your weapon when you activate it, the more powerful the art will be.

I’ve crushed many of Haruru’s weapons using that art as a finisher.

It just my own guess, but I think Haruru’s will let me shatter these as well.

“It’s too early to say that…… but don’t hesitate to destroy as much as you need to……”

Haruru smiled happily as she looked satisfied, as if her intentions had been conveyed.

TL note:

So much text, so little explanation, lol.

I annoyed by the archaic Japanese novel structure, which this novel sometimes use… oh well, it is what it is…  {I already cut so much repetitive text… still…}

Over creative author… why you can’t just normal words like “Drain”. The weapon element is “Plunder” nani the hell.

Sandatsu/簒奪 : Plunder, usurp, taken by force.

Thankfully Ouma is more straightforward.

Ouma/逢魔: Twillight, the time when demon comes out.

I think it’s a general folktale in Asia? The twilight is the time when bad thing happens, it’s a time where all kind of supranatural creature will come out and looking for its prey.


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