LDM 525 – Meaning of traitor.

“Sister, don’t you think it would be difficult for Kehma to win against the tenth core?”
“Of course, I’m not telling him to challenge it alone. I will send my faction member to declare dungeon battle at the same time.”

Oh, thank god(dess), thank you for not being a demon.

“And as a matter of course, I’ll give you support. Your opponent is a top ten ranker, after all. I have to send out an equal amount of forces, and if you want, I can lend you DP as an expense.”
“That’s reassuring. I understand. I’ll do it.”

If I were told to do it myself, I would probably choose to escape, but since I have a fixed base called a dungeon, that option is impossible.
Luckily, I’m a follower of Haku, who is also a top ten ranker, and one of the superior dungeon core.
Then, I suddenly remembered. By the way, isn’t our faction also called the [Traitor Faction]?
But looking at what I do now… isn’t we doing the opposite? We are the faction who dispose of the traitor.

“Um, Haku. Can I ask you something?”
“What is it?”
“Why is Haku called the ‘traitor’?”
“What about it?”

Haku smiled at me.

“N-No, because we are pretty close with [Father], and now we doing the deed to dispose of the 10th core…. could it be, the traitor faction is actually the faction that gets rid of traitors?”
“I don’t know if I told you, but myself was called a traitor because I dispose of dungeon cores, and for a side note, I cannot disclose my motive.”

Haku lifted her teacup and took a sip of tea.

“Why do you let them call you that? You can easily intimidate them by calling yourself the executioner or something.”
“It’s useful to have them call you traitor because sometimes the actual traitors will try to contact you. And there should be no such thing as ‘a core that rebels against [Father]’, Kehma. That’s why [Executioner] won’t exist.”
“But there can be a… [Traitors]?”
“The person I’m betraying is not [Father], but a dungeon core. And I’m only disposing of dungeon cores that I don’t like by labeling them as enemies. fufufu .”

Haku-san laughs.
In Haku’s eyes, betraying [Father] is not acceptable, but betraying the dungeon cores is.

“So, in reality, the [Traitor Faction], is [the faction that takes care of traitors.].”
“Ara, Kehma, did you just realize it? Fufufu, I already knew!” Rokuko interrupts, “Because Haku-nee-sama is in good relation with [Father]. There’s no reason to be hostile, right?”
“…Well, yeah.”
“It’s obvious if you look at dungeon core meeting!”
“So that you know, I’ve never been to one of those.”

Before, I watched the dungeon battle between Tangerine and the 564th core in the guest room. You cannot blame for not knowing.

“n? … So that means at least we’re not going to be enemies with [Father], right?”
“Yes. But if Kehma ever wants to antagonize [Father], I will personally destroy you before anything can affect Rokuko.”
“Don’t worry, I have no intention of doing that. [Father] doesn’t seem to be on bad terms with Light God anyway, so I really don’t have any reason to.”
“Okay then.”

Originally, I thought they were two opposing gods fighting a proxy war, but as it turns out, they were more like a rival colleagues in different departments. Thanks for being so confusing.

“…By the way, how much DP should be used for the dungeon battle?”
“I’m sure [Father] will scold us if we are too flexible, so please limit it to 1 million DP.”

Was It a consideration not to hinder the healthy growth of the young core? By the way, when I was first doing this, she gave me 100,000 DP as preparation money for the dungeon battle, which was very limiting.

“Is it okay to give us up to one million DP now?”
“You have grown up a lot, and Kehma has been recognized by [Father].”
“Fufufu, that’s what rising star is all about, Kehma! Oh, by the way, sister, apart from expenses, there is also the matter of compensation, isn’t there?”
“Of course, Rokuko-chan. How about [God’s Underwear]?”

God’s underwear. It is the last piece of God’s Bedding that we do not know the whereabouts of.

“Yeah, I think that’s good. What do you think, Kehma?”
“I don’t have a problem with it either, but… when did you get it?”
“I confiscated it from the Daido Country. It’s under my possession now.”

It was in the Daido? If I had known about this, I would have raided the treasury in the middle of the confusion!
However, if the reward is the [God’s Bedding], then there’s no more reason to be afraid. It’s a battle between Haku’s faction and a 10th core, and it’s a winning battle to begin with. I’m already riding on a winning horse. {ah, he just jinxed it.}

I’m not sure how powerful the 10th core is, but it’s hard to imagine that it’s actually one of the strongest core. Considering it escaped from the commotion we caused in the Holy Kingdom, and just by looking at this, it is clear that Haku is in a higher position than him.
It wouldn’t be good for us if Haku lost anyway, so the best thing to do now is to use everything we had to win this.

“Depends on the result, I will let Kehma use the [God’s Mattress] and [God’s Pillow] using my name. Now tell me, how motivated will you be with this?”

Haku holds out her hand to me, and if I shake it back, the deal will be sealed.

“… I’ll do my very best. No matter how insignificant my power is.”
“I’m counting on you.”

I promised and shook Haku’s hand.
I’ll talk to Orange while I’m at it. He’s a dungeon core who’s supposed to be my subordinate, and it’s a good chance to put 564th core to work as well.


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