BTOG 188 – Moonlight Challenge and Pledge

(Fire, water, ice, wind, lightning, light, and dark…. all of her attack is basic attributes.)

While avoiding all of the magic flying towards her, Sukuna ponders.

Since Nocturne deployed the [Moonlight Sanctuary – Tenma], her attacks had switched to pure magic.

In contrast to the aggressive physical attack before, the current Nocturne is more like a fixed magic turret.

She barely moved and fired her magic so wildly that it was as if she had an endless supply of MP.

The power of each spell may not be great, but the sheer number of it was tremendous. If you are not a good player, your brain might get fried just by looking at the storm of magic raging through the not-so-wide boundaries.

As far as Sukuna could see, there were only two main types of magic that Nocturne released.

She will either try to hit you using a barrage of mixture basic magic elements, or it throws out a huge spell, like Lunar Fire.

If the latter hit cleanly, it would be impossible for Sukuna’s magic defense to withstand it.

However, Sukuna herself was sure that kind of attack would never hit her.

(Maybe it’s because my status is getting closer to my real body, especially now that my agility has gone up, making it easier to move my body than ever before.)

Even with all of her statuses having been super-enhanced and strength value over 700 in this WLO, overall, Sukuna’s real body still has a much higher overall physical ability than her avatar.

It’s true that the gap between the status of this world and the real world is much smaller when we talk about strength, but that’s because the Red Wolf Attire Alter has a permanent buff that’s almost on par with the [Ravenous Wolf] skill.

This also increases her agility and allows her avatar’s maneuverability to increase dramatically.

This was an extra benefit of increasing all physical stats; it’s not just about speed and power.

The current Sukuna was able to enter the battle with a sensation closer to Nanaka’s real body than before.

And thanks to that, the amount of concentration she had to devote to manipulating her avatar in the past could now be used to constantly observe her enemy during the battle.

What kind of attacks would come from which stance?

Does the speed and mobility of the magic change depend on the type?

The movement of her gaze, the shifting of her center of gravity, and even the words she utters are all captured and added to Sukuna’s calculation.

(Yeah, I don’t think the Nocturne has any more cards to play right now.)

Sukuna concludes as she avoids the magic that is still coming at her.

It took around 20 minutes from the start of a battle for Sukuna to complete her observations of Nocturne.

“Looks like they’re going to reach their limit anytime now.”

Sukuna muttered as the hate turned towards Drago and the others, giving her some leeway since less magic was coming towards her.

Aside from Rou, whose intermittent appearances and disappearances have kept her from being targeted by magic, Drago, who relies heavily on her large sword for protection, and Arthur, who keeps running around to evade, are probably nearing their limits.



“Come here for a second.”

At Sukuna’s calling, Rou was happily canceling her skills to reveal herself.

Sukuna beckoned Rou over to her and whispered something in her ear. At first, Rou smiled happily, but after listening to Sukuna, confusion emerged on her face.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course.”

“Should I tell those two?”

“Yes, you should.”

“Well, okay, it’s Sukuna’s, after all.”

Rou said while emphasizing Sukuna’s name, and Sukuna couldn’t help but smile back.

“Oh right, I’ll give you this. Though I don’t think you need it.”

As if Rou just remembered, she threw a cloth bag towards Sukuna.

Inside was the pill that Rou had just received from Arthur and promised to Sukuna.

“Is this one you were all taking earlier?”

“Oh, you noticed?”

“I can see and hear you. I was waiting when you would give it to me.”

“I was waiting for the barrage to die down.”

While giggled and muttered, “Yeah, I wish it would.” Sukuna throws the pill into her mouth.

Rou didn’t use the trade function just now; in fact, she threw away the item. And the abandoned item that has been relinquished can be picked up and used by anyone. It’s like that throwing weight forced on Sukuna when she first met Haruru.

“I’m counting on you.”

“Yes, you can count on me. It’ll amaze you.”


Rou froze for a moment when Sukuna said those words with a bright, innocent smile.

The words she had spoken as encouragement at the end were met with an unexpected counterattack. Rowe’s face turned red, but she managed to squeeze out a few words as a reply.

“That kind of Sukuna… I like it…”

“N? Your face is red. Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll go tell them.”


She said quickly as if she wanted to run away and then used her skills to disappear again.

Sukuna waved and turned her attention back to the fight.

The hate that is currently going towards Drago should be coming towards her in about 14 seconds.

Knowing she only had that much time, she let out a loud shout.

“Everyone! attention!”

The call was not directed at the other players who were still fighting.

What Sukuna was looking at is the Streaming Jewel. For the first time, Sukuna called out to her viewers, whom she had been ignored as much as possible during a serious fight.

“I’m in a good mood today, so I’m going to try something I wouldn’t normally do.”

With such an easy-going feeling, Sukuna smiled at the jewel.

“Well, well, my viewers. Right now, this Sukuna is going to show you something really cool! so make sure you watch it!”

As soon as she announced this to the viewers, Sukuna ran to Nocturne with the most ferocious smile she had on her face.




Tl note:

… gamer my arse… I was so friggin wrong; that’s the full yuri route right there.


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