BTOG 193 – Moonlight Challenge: Release

The extreme light subsides and [God Sword] shatters.

(…… not enough?)

Arthur grits her teeth as she feels the weight in her hand disappear.

The attack was powerful. The blow would shave off 40% of Nocturne’s HP bar if it directly hit, and it was a technique worthy of being called a secret art.

If it hit, that’s it.

As you may have guessed, Arthur hit didn’t directly hit Nocturne.

Just before the attack hit, a shield of light in the form of a full moon appeared around Nocturne, blocking it.

Arthur’s attack almost destroyed that shield, and on top of that, it had enough firepower to penetrate and shaved 15% of the Nocturne HP bar. Still, that amount is not even close to accomplishing what Sukuna requested of Arthur.

“This is 8 Layer of [Full Moon Luminescence]. I never expected to be forced using this to block!”

Nocturne, who never said anything other than the name of the technique, for the first time gave a compliment in a tone full of admiration and astonishment.

There were only two shields left surrounding Nocturne. Although Arthur managed to let her attack penetrate and shattered six of the eight shields deployed, her buffs now had run out, and her main weapon was gone.

“Damn it!”

Arthur feels as if she didn’t do anything in this fight, not even completing the task Sukuna has given her.

Still, Arthur’s attack is not without meaning.

“It was not a time to hold back,” Nocturne said happily. “To the moon that shines through the dark night, fill me your overflowing light. [Moonlight sanctuary – Tsukuyomi no Sora].” {tln}

The word she chanted flowed like a song, and with that, the crescent moon shifted to a brilliant full moon, the star also showing themself, as if not wanting to lose in brilliance, they twinkled dazzlingly to illuminate the whole zone.

And the Nocturne’s prayer is answered; 30 layers of divine shield that Arthur just shattered now appeared around Nocturne.

This is Nocturne’s final battle form, bearing the name of the God of Night. {Tsukuyomi}

“This is the last [Moonlight Sanctuary]. Now, shall we dance with all our might? To end this one-night dream.”

Nocturne’s golden eyes flicker as she speaks happily.

“No, not yet.”

At that moment, single applause rang out in the precincts.

“Thank you, A-chan.”

Nocturne finally showed her last [Moonlight Sanctuary].

And the moment Sukuna noticed the situation has changed, she clapped her hands.

The dance is [Oni no Mai].

It’s a graceful dance dedicated to the Kishin, the deep secret of the Oni tribe.

The first dance is [Rasetsu no Mai].

The second is [Moroha no Mai].

The Third is [Mikagami no Mai].

The Fourth is [Kikoku no Mai].

The Fifth is [Douji no Mai].

While each dance has its specialty, they are all connected as one.

“That dance is… no way.”

Even Nocturne was stopped in her track while witnessing this dance.

This is a rare skill exclusive to the Oni, [Oni no Mai] ‘s final art, [Closing Ceremony]. {tln2}

It is a power that normally would take a long time to manifest. However, as a player, Sukuna was able to gain it in a one-month period of time, therefore, it was impossible for the [Closing Ceremony] to reflect everything about Sukuna, as her life was different from NPC’s living in this world.

Because of that, the art would only show its unfinished state, a temporary form that will be known until its completion.

But even so, the Closing Ceremony is indeed the strongest art of the Oni.

“[Oni no Mai – Closing Ceremony(Tsuki)]”.

–[Sukuna no Mai]

a dance dedicated only for Sukuna.

A white light enveloped Sukuna and remade her avatar, as the power of Kishin resides in it.

Replacing the current, Kishin’s power transform her into a vessel resembling the Fierce God itself.

Her horns turn crimson, and her eyes turn golden.

It was similar to how [Furious Rage] manifested, only devoid of despairing darkness. Now, only light of hope shone from her body.

The equipment Sukuna wore changed completely, and the crimson battle dress that Kishin once wore enveloped Sukuna. And to complete it, a shining Houzuki emblem showed itself on the back of both Sukuna’s hand. It was a coat of arms unique to Kishin.

Within this moonlit sanctuary, Kishin’s child awakens.

“I’m ready. Shall we dance?”

“….Yes, to our heart desire!!”

Under this Full Moon night, the final battle begins.

“[Quadruple Full Moon Claw]!”

With Nocturne’s words, powerful slashes were released without any motion from [Luminescence] surrounding the area.

Each of them is more than twice as powerful as the [Crescent Moon Claw], and they come at the random direction from countless Luminescence.

Sukuna saw the attacks coming from all directions at different timing, and she remained unfazed while readied her [Ouma].


BAM! BAM! BAM! A loud sound could be heard as Sukuna smashed all of them with her kanabou. Nocturne’s eyes widened in astonishment as she saw her moonlight attributes slashes being shot down by weapons with no attributes.

“It’s the Kishin’s…!”

“It’s the power of [Absolute Destruction]!”

[Absolute Destruction], It’s Kishin’s ability to destroy everything, whether it be attributes, arts, curses, or blessings. {tln3}

The current Sukuna has the pseudo power of Kishin in her body due to the Closing Ceremony. One could say that this is almost like Sword Saint’s [Zero] that has been infused into a person’s body, which ultimately turns Sukuna into an incarnation of destruction.


Sukuna’s attack, which received an explosive increase in power due to the [Closing Ceremony], shattered the Luminescence as easily as if it were a piece of paper. Those Luminescence were said to have the versatility to function as both a shield and a turret. It was powerful defense instrument that could only be destroyed by an attribute attack.

“Kuh! [Luna Rain of Ruin]!!”


The rays of light poured down like rain, and Sukuna couldn’t help but be surprised, but she calmly assessed the trajectory of all of them and crushed the ones that were likely to hit her with her Kanabou, and she approached while destroying all the lights, undaunted by the attacks.

“Naive! This is too sweet! You can’t stop me with that!”

“Then how about this! [Full Moon – Flower Ring]” {tln4}

Now it’s not just the [Luminescence], but also the magical butterflies that come from nowhere and all directions. There is no room left to avoid it, and even if you try to prevent it or destroy it, it still comes from all directions.

It’s an obvious shitty move that is designed to torment solo physical players without a chance to avoid it. But Sukuna stuck her hand into the pouch and pulled out an item.

“Barrier Art – Black!”

The warding technique deployed around the Sukuna has prevented all butterflies.

This is a spell that Sukuna had been saving for a situation like this, a spell she had purchased from the Sekka the Youko. It’s the strongest class of barriers that had withstood the battle between Kohaku and the Furious Sukuna.

It prevents all butterflies, and yet the barrier it created is yet to be released. This is one of the disadvantages of using this art, the spell duration of the effect cannot be changed.

Nocturne also knows about this. She then prepares a powerful attack while Sukuna is still trapped inside.

A tremendous mass of power condenses as Nocturne groans and opens wide her mouth.

Responding to it, Sukuna destroys her own [Barrier Art – Black] from the inside and prepares to receive it.

“[Kishin-ryu Hakai Justsu’s Ougi]” {Kishin-style Destruction school – Super Secret Move}

This is a skill that can only be used by demons who have awakened the [Closing Ceremony].

The current Sukuna, who has used pseudo-Shuten’s power, can use this art without regard to her proficiency in this skill, which should not have increased in the slightest.

A black-light shines on Sukuna’s kanabou.

“[Full Moon Blaster]!”

“[Kikoku Tenshou]!” {Heaven Oni Wail}

The compressed laser-like breath that pierces everything collides with the Kishin’s darkness has created a storm in its wake, and the shockwave containing the power of Sukuna’s Absolute Destruction destroyed and shattered many of the Luminescence.



Sukuna’s all-out strike shattered the Full Moon’s Blast, and once again Nocturne’s face was painted by astonishment.

Nocturne cannot hide her agitation to see her sure-kill technique has been destroyed in frontal confrontation.

Even though both side has yet to hurt each other so far, Nocturne was a side that was already extremely exhausted by their exchange.

Sukuna’s [Closing Ceremony] also has a time limit, but more than half of the 30 [Phosphorescent] deployed by Nocturne have already been destroyed in this small amount of time.

That’s how powerful it is. It was clear that Sukuna was the stronger one looking at this situation.

The effect of Sukuna’s [Closing Ceremony] itself is very similar to that of [Furious Rage], except for its status-enhancement multiplier.

However, in exchange for this, she is allowed to use all of the skills exclusive to the Oni tribe, such as [Kishin-ryu Hakai Jutsu], in top of [Authority class Abilities], which hold power to transcend skills that should be exclusive to Shuten.

Sukuna has become a mini-Kishin in terms of status and the number of cards she has in her hand; her current self is nothing compared to her original vessel.

And truth to be told, the most powerful thing of her arsenal is the time limit of her [Closing Ceremony].

Looking at Sukuna’s fight in the past, starting at Red Wolf, most of the strongest opponents that Sukuna has fought have forced her to fight in a war of endurance, and the [Closing Ceremony] has determined that what Sukuna need the most is ‘time.’

That’s why her [Closing Ceremony] has an unbelievable duration of 10 minutes. {nerf her}

This is more than enough time to last until the end of the battle.

To make it even worse, while in this state, she does not consume SP except for arts, so in order to stop the current Sukuna, it is necessary to directly hit her with an attack in the same caliber of [Full Moon Blast] and eliminate her with a single blow.

Of course, Nocturne had no way of knowing these details. But she knew that in order to win this battle, she would need something with more firepower than her [Full Moon Blast].

“[Luminescence Split].”

With Nocturne’s command, the Luminescence, half destroyed by Sukuna, split and returned to its original number.

But in any case, this much clearly won’t stop Sukuna.


“There’s no such thing as unfairness in battle.”

Nocturne replied to Sukuna’s unintentional reaction with a shrug.

That’s because the [Luminescence] is so powerful that even with Nocturne’s enormous MP, she won’t be able to keep it up for long.

It’s not necessarily a good move for Nocturne to increase the amount of Luminescence she maintains.

Even so, it’s a necessity to stop Sukuna’s onslaught since it could hinder her movement just by increasing the number of things she needs to handle. Also Nocturne decided that Drago and Arthur, who couldn’t even intervene in the fight yet, weren’t worth watching out for.

But as if to ridicule Nocturne’s way of thinking, there was a sound that echoed throughout the precincts.

-<<Alert: The seal has been broken>>-

It was just a few moments before the system announcement echoed out.

As she watched the battle intensify, Rou quietly muttered.

“I guess it’s about time.”

She released her praying posture and wielded her rapier in the opposite hand.

In order to help Sukuna, Rou accepted Haruru’s request.

Rou’s memories then rewind a little to the battle on that fateful day.

It was the moment she’s become enraptured by Sukuna’s readiness to die without losing her brilliance in front of a hopeless fight.

From that day on, Rou watched Sukuna stream without fail and worked hard to level up so that she wouldn’t be left behind by Sukuna, who was getting stronger day by day.

-If I’m weak, I’ll be forgotten.

–If I am strong, Sukuna will notice me.

Rou strongly believes so.

And it was not a mistake.

Sukuna had come to rely on her in this battle.

This simplest thing has given Rou the ultimate pleasure. That’s why, Rou was ready to give Sukuna all of her.

“Jack, I’m giving you all my levels.”

 –all of them! That’s gonna be a big one!

 –But half of that is fine. I don’t like to take too much.

 –Now, break the seal. It’s time for the rebirth!

“Ufufu, you have no ambition.”

Rou laughed at the Devil’s voice that only she could hear, released her Extra Skill [Super Covert], and pierced her own throat with Mellow, the Rapier of Temptation.

Without even minding the damage to her vital would reduce her HP, she pulls out the rapier while spilling out red damage particle effects.

<<Alert: The seal has been broken>>

A system announcement was played in response to Rou’s action.

Ignoring it as it was, she pulled out her rapier again and continued to thrust both of her hands in turn.

<<Alert: The seal has been broken>>

A stab on the body.

<<Alert: The seal has been broken>>

A thrust for both thighs.

<<Alert: The seal has been broken>>

And some for both of her feet.

<<Alert: The seal has been broken>>

Then, finally, Rou’s heart is pierced, and the ritual is completed.

<<Result: All seals have been broken.>>

<<Alert: The world’s seven greatest Disasters [Envy] will now begin its eroding.>>

Along with the system announcement, Rou’s eyes turn jet black.

Her beautiful blond hair faded to white, and darkness covered the entire body, stealing away all of her colors.

In a matter of seconds, Rou’s skin, hair, clothes, and even her armor were all dyed white, as if she were dressed for death.

The glaring abyssal eyes were the only color left for Rou.

<<——… —! —! –>>

A noise runs through the world. To welcome the release of a power that should not be there.

<<Hazard: Activate Dead Skill [Envy’s Love].>>


A murderer’s laugh spilled out.

In a sanctuary filled with moonlight, an outlaw murderous princess was born.


The secret secrets of the demons and the power of the abomination have been unleashed.

Next time, the battle against the Moon Wolf will be decided!

TL note

First thing first, before you question why most of Nocturne’s art is in English? Because mostly it is. It literally is.

Tln1: Madara? Is that you?

Tln3: Sukuna Absolute Destruction [Ability] was written using kanji “authority.”

Tln4: フルムーン・フラワリング  : Full Moon Flower Ring, written using kanji: Full Moon Advent – Flower Butterfly.

Rou’s EX skill [Super Covert] can be read as “Super Hidden Desire.”


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