LDM 527 – Preparation for dungeon battle (2)

Tln: I keep writing Orange’s name as Mikan, lol.

Now that our dungeon is ready to go let’s talk to my (dungeon core) subordinates, in other words, Orange and the others, about the rabbit dungeon next.
And so, I moved to the [White Beach], and from there, I went directly to [Rabbit Rest Area], which is located in the back yard of the rabbit dungeon.

“Yo, Orange, you in there?”
“Oh, it’s you, Kehma. Why are you here?”

Since I had emailed beforehand to let him know I was coming, this spunky orange rabbit-shaped dungeon core aka. Orange is now welcoming me.

“Oh, actually, we’re going to participate in the dungeon battle proposed by Haku.”
“Woah, that’s sounds very hard… do your best!”
“Yeah, let’s do OUR best, Orange.”
“… nkyu?”

Orange tilts his head.

“I mean, you’re in too, right?”
“Eh? For what !? I’m useless!”
“Don’t think like that, anyway. The more people we have, the better.”
“I just want to live in peace.”

Said Orange while he stomped his feet.
Well, it was only because of Haku’s protection that he could live peacefully in this rabbit dungeon since his dungeon is located near the Imperial Capital of Raverio and the border of the Demon Kingdom.

“You’re a member of our faction, so you have to oblige.”
“I know kyuu~, but am I going to be useful?”

Mmm? I never thought about this, but I wonder how Orange will be compensated for his participation in this battle.
Do I need to share from that 1 million DP reserve? Oh well. I’ll mail Haku anyway, and if she doesn’t answer, I’ll split the DP with Orange. This should be the right course of action.

“Well, for now, I’ll give you 100,000 DP., so get your squirrels ready on the day of the event.”
“Nkyu? Squirrel? Is that all you need?”
“You’ve done a similar thing in the past dungeon battles, right?” I said. “It’s just like that one; just do the scouting part, Haku will handle the rest.”
“I see, roger that!”

Orange snorts, somehow this has motivated him.
And suddenly, I noticed a black goat – or rather, a Baphomet-type dungeon core, No. 564, peeking into the room from outside.

“…am I interrupting?”
“Nkyu? Ah, don’t hide. Come in 564.”
“Mhm, now that you have requested my presence, I guess I have no choice!!”

Core 564 Smugingly said that he had no choice and came in with an air of dignity around him. But I noticed that he’s been sobbing just now. Was it just my imagination?
And he also brings three cups on a tray.

“It’s vegetable juice served at the rest stop. Drink it. It’s popular among adventurers who play with rabbits.”
“eh, yeah, thanks? ….Oh, it’s pretty good. It has this unique sweetness to it.”
“Well, it was my idea! Vegetables are also important for a strong body, but the sweetness comes from fruit!” said number 564 proudly.

Anyway, a product of [Rabbit’s Resting Place]? I guess Orange is getting creative now.

“Anyway! Am I allowed to join in that dungeon battle!?”
“Hmm? sure, you can join in.”
“Ha-ha-ha! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to go on a rampage! With 100,000 DP, I could get some good weapon!”

Core 564 laughing high. If I count him in… do I have to give DP to this guy too? Hmmm, I don’t really want to… I wonder how much the maximum I can give him in case Haku doesn’t want to pay for it…

“How about ten magic swords for you?”
“Hmm!? …… how much are those ten magic swords worth?”
“Well, it’s quicker to see it for yourself.”

I opened [Storage], took out one golem blade, and gave it to Core 564.
It looks smaller than it should when it wielded by 564…

“Hmmm… a magic sword with increased sharpness. Well, it’s not a bad magic sword, but it’s not enough for me.”
“Not enough. How?”
“Oh. I’d like to see a more, hmm more… chaotic design with a size more suited to my physique.”
“You have no complaints about its functionality?”
“I am a warrior who fights with my skills, not a weakling who relies on weapons. If I’m allowed to ask for something more, I would like for it to be the sturdier type.”

I see. So that’s how it works for him. Aside from the size, the design (although It’s not functional) is an important part of raising his tension.

“Then can you draw a picture of it? I will get you a magic sword as close as possible to it.”
“Moo! A-are you sure!?”

Core 564 eyes shone happily when he heard that.
Well, it seems that all he wants is a sword, not the DP itself. If that’s the case, then I could do him some favor.

“I do have my own design book of magic swords. Wait a minute… here it is!”

Saying so, Core 564 took out a bundle of papers bound with string from his [Storage] with [the strongest magic swords I have thought of] written on top of it.

“You are well-prepared… Why do you have all this stuff anyway?”
“? Isn’t it a common hobby to think of one’s ideal armament? Don’t you also do something similar when you were a child?”
“Uh, okay… Anyway, the magic sword in this design book has things like [Never Breaks] and [Slashes fly when you swing it] also [it is covered in flames]…”
“That’s what I call youthful indiscretion! Just look at the design!”

I see. It seems this core has caught Demon Kingdom’s eighth-grader syndrome. {chuunibyo}

“Nkyu, doesn’t this scythe thing would be suitable for 564?”
“Ooh? You have good taste, Orange. That scythe is one of my masterpieces! A scythe with ability that will shred your torso and rip your soul with a single blow.”
“Okay, then I will prepare ten magic swords of this design for you.”
“OOOOH!? Are you meant it, Kehma! In fact, you know? I had asked the blacksmith from a nearby town to make a prototype for this one; I will lend it to you for reference!”
“Ooh, nice, that would help me a lot.”

It seems to be a normal weapon and not a magical one, but I think the blacksmith of Demon Kingdom had made a good profit from making a replica of [the strongest armament of one’s dream].
Not long after, I received a black steel scythe made by a blacksmith of Demon Kingdom; this would be the reference for his magic weapon, or to be exact his Magic Scythe.

And to be honest, I could immediately turn the black steel scythe I received into a Golem Scythe, but that would have exposed my trick.
It would be a good idea if I told him that I made a Magic Scythe by combining this and one existing magic sword.


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