LDM 528 – Preparation for dungeon battle (3)

“FUA-HAHAHA! Behold the sharpness of my [Magic Sickle – Maren]!”

Core 564 said while holding the scythe in a test run. The straw doll I had prepared for him was beautifully cut into circles.

“It’s wonderful! Excellent, Kehma! This is my ideal ultimate magic scythe, the Ultra Death Scythe!”

“I’m glad you like it…”

“How could I not like this! I envy your dungeon catalog; you even have this unique magic sword. And what’s more, it’s exactly what I designed.”

“I had a curved weapon adapted to your design and modified it. It’s very well done, isn’t it?”

“I see…a curved magic sword! But Kehma, that means there are excellent blacksmiths in your land, aren’t there? The nearby town blacksmith had broken the magic sword when I asked him to modify it.”

Anyhow, I don’t care what name you give that Golem Scythe because it’s a mass-production model, and I still have nine more of them. I could have made it out of black steel, but then it would be hard to use the excuse that it was made by modifying.

Also, the blacksmiths in my village are knowns for their iron products.

“Don’t break it if you can help it. If it does break, I can replace it, but I’ll have to charge you next time.”

“Don’t worry! It’s my skill not to break a weapon. A Ha ha ha!”

So, this much is good enough for core 564. I guess all that left is to hand over the DP to Orange with a handshake – but…


“Ahahaha! Fluffy~~!”

“He-help myyyeeeee…!”

Soto, who followed me this time, was rubbing her face all over Orange.

Soto is the type that pets avoid because her fluffing is too intense.

“Soto, it’s time to let go of Orange.”

“Well, it’s a good opportunity, so please let me fluff some more.”

“You can mooch off the other rabbits, the three-horned rabbits!”

“I don’t wanna because the horn hurts. And if you are Orange, it means you can’t disobey my papa – in other words. You can’t disobey me, your boss’s daughter, so… I can fluff you to my heart’s content!”

Soto further rubs and smothers Orange’s flanks with a smug look on her face. He’s definitely in the tickle hell.

“Gyabaaaaa! Then, white rabbit! We’re serving white rabbits at the rest stop.”

“I don’t speak rabbit. If we can’t communicate, I can’t understand them even if they don’t like it, can I? I don’t think it’s very good to be pushy on someone who can’t say anything.”

But that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to be pushy to someone who can say things that they don’t want to? You have a twisted personality. I wonder who you take after… {tln: bro…}

“I think it’s great that they let you do it even if they don’t want to!”

“NOOOO! Kehma, I need your help, Kyuyooo!”

Orange started to cry as he called out my name. I think it’s about time I help him out.

“You’ve already handed over the DP, haven’t you? Let him go.”

“….almost there!”

“I already received the full amount!

Yes. Soto is in charge of DP delivery today.

I sent an e-mail to Haku to inquire if the DP for Orange and Co. would be counted as a separate expense. The reply was, “Oh, right, there was such a thing,” and that 100,000 DP for each would be allowed as expenses.

So, I gave the Soto DP that Haku sent me for her to practice transferring DP.

By the way, the 100,000 DP for Core 564 has become our income because it is the cost of the magic sword. I’m not cheating on him, okay? Even though it is made of iron, 10,000 DP for one magic sword is rather cheap, and the Core 564 is very happy with it.

“Miss Soto, if you like, you may fluff me. Look, don’t you think this hair on his chest and fluffy?”

“Oh? 564? you smell like a sweat, so please stay away.”

“!!! D-do I smell that bad!?”

You want to be fluffed, aren’t you? But no thanks, I don’t want this guy near Soto because he’s Baphomet type, he’s not cute looking, and I realized that he’s not good for Soto’s education in many ways.

“If you go near Soto, I’ll castrate you, so don’t go near her unless it’s an emergency situation where you have to put your body on the line to protect her.”

“Castration! Why are you so cruel to me!”

“Don’t like it? fine, I’ll behead you.”

“Soto-sama! I will stay away from you, so please stay away from me, Soto-sama!”

Such a thing happened. Anyway, Orange was finally released in exchange for a sock from his underling, Strawberry the Warrabit.

#Rei Side

“And what should we prepare…?”

While Kehma was in the rabbit dungeon playing – I mean, working – Rei was preparing for the dungeon battle as Kehma had ordered.

She was thinking of strengthening herself and getting on the front lines if possible. Rokuko has forbid her to choose that option. What a shame.

Speaking of dungeon battles, Kehma used to use a large number of cheap and small monsters. Then he will follow up with a suppression using a large number of golems – yes, this could be called a monster wave tactic.

But this is, so to speak, a basic tactic in every dungeon battle.

This is similar to a warrior who only uses weapons without using any skills. Even the other dungeon cores fought by marching with their monsters. You can call this a normal attack.

But, in Kehma’s case, the tactics will lean towards [exploration]. The only difference was that he was more of a scout rather than a warrior.

“Then there’s no point in preparing monsters for monster wave tactic…”

And Kehma tactic could be used even with 10,000 DP. This is another advantage of Kehma’s [Normal Attack]. If he bothers to give her 500,000 DP as war expense, there must have been some other intent there.

Therefore, Rei will emphasize to herself that the monster wave tactic is not needed here.

Traps that take advantage of the opponent’s ability, surprise attacks by sending golems in advance, water attacks and iron ball gimmicks using the terrain, and fire attacks…

[You don’t have to think much about defense], Kehma said. Considering this, what is being sought is [Offense].

If it is a defensive battle, you can intercept the enemy with a full array of Dungeon’s gimmicks, but in this special case, they will be working with other cores against a single enemy, the Core number 10. One could say that this is a raid attack.

“Wait… since the other cores will join….”

Here Rei finally got a clear picture of the day of the event.

The other dungeon cores will have their own monsters lined up for the assault. That is, this is not much different from the basic tactic of the monster wave.

Rei thinks that the only way to get credit for this is to get a little more creative…

To be successful in this war, one must stand out.

The conclusion to be drawn from this is that–

{TO BE CONTINUED. Not my fault.}


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  4. MrTrixer says:

    Since she is gunning for offense and want to stand out.. Ghosts or Banshee’s perhaps? Or a supportive creature that can boost everyone else? Hm..

    But for them to keep on denying her powerups despite being a vampire, how about asking for “letting Kheima know how it feels” as a reward if she will get remarcable results? That blackout skill that prevent him from sleeping? Ask father to make it passive and remove the on/off function, it is ‘always’ on. Also, purchase an immortality skill for him.
    An eternity without being able to neither sleep nor die, that should send the right message. Also, hug-bans for Kokurou. If they still wont let you powerup after that then i dont know what else to do to be honest…

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     The conclusion to be drawn from this, is that in other words, – what is required is the ability to break through the front lines with imposing strength and the ability to charge forward single-handedly. The solution is the ability to smash through and break through everything.

     This is a dungeon battle, a war in which other dungeon cores are also involved.

     In a simple war, it is more efficient to fight as a group or army,

     Running alone is dangerous because you will be surrounded by the enemy. Along with firepower, defensive strength is also necessary.

     The speed of your foot should be more than adequate. It is not necessary to be too fast, but going too slow won’t help either.

    The budget is 500,000 DP, but it should be as low as possible. Khema is a cheapskate, or rather, a thrifty person. If we could get it done on the cheap, he would be very pleased with the price.

    So Rei looked through the catalogs and found a great monster that met those requirements.

    Rei found one that met all of those requirements.

    “Here it is. Please take a look”

     I was called into the arena for the unveiling, and the monster prepared by the dungeon function was transferred in front of me. The monster prepared by Rei appeared as if growing out of the ground. It was a–

     –A large monster. It was a Giant Black Steel Golem.

     At 14 meters tall, it could be called a giant robot. Unlike ordinary golems, which are stocky and bulky, Giant Black Steel Golem has a slender, inverted-triangular body that seems to be made of .

     The material black steel is literally black steel. The processing difficulty is higher than that of ordinary steel, meaning that it is more resistant to enemy attacks. It also retains more mana, which means it has more durability and mobility.

     Simply strong. That is the Giant Golem made of black steel.

    Giant Golem, and black steel at that. I didn’t know there was such a thing. ……

    Yes! It is a boss-class item. You can hollow out the contents of this and put in a maneuvering monster with [storage]. And when the golem is damaged, the master secretly repairs it from the inside! It’s a perfect successor to the Golem!

    …… Yeah, well, we could have just had a few monsters of that caliber as usual.

     The Giant Black Steel Golem poses with both arms raised. This thing looks like it would shake like crazy if I was inside of it …….

    ‘By the way, how much did it cost?

    ‘Yes! The Giant Black Steel Golem cost about 100,000 DP! And if you could further plate it with Orichalcum, it would be perfect!

    The Orichalcum plating is too conspicuous. It would be too much of a show stopper, and would reveal too much.

    “I could have made you a golem, if you’d told me.”


    “…… and he’s got some serious flaws.”

    What is it? What is it?

     Yes, it stands out. It’s not a bad look if you’re going to make a war effort, and in fact, it’s probably strong.

      At a glance, it is strong and troublesome.


    The place to attack is a dungeon, that is, indoors. Can you get through the …… corridor?


     If it is in the open air or in a very large room like an arena, there is no problem. I forgot to mention to Ray that the invader must be able to keep the size of the monsters down to the size of a “large human being” or else it would be a problem.

    actually, I don’t think we’re going to get it out of this arena. This giant golem.

    Ju, if it’s dungeon number 10, it’s surely magnificent enough to pass through!
    (I searched apparently “Ju” means sizzle or something definantly doesn’t fit here

    Yeah, it’s all well and good to say it, but let’s face it.

    “Ugh, that was a blind spot. ……

    “I’m sure it’s going to be a great asset to the team, and I’ll be able to use it in this dungeon. If I register it once at the boss spawn and duplicate one of them, it will be useful as a big black steel material, so it won’t go to waste.”

    (this one gets very weird if you just plug the whole chapter in good to know)

    It was a good opportunity for me to follow up on the dismayed Rei and get a copy source for the top iron material that I had been thinking of getting my hands on.

     Besides, I thought of something better than using it as a material.

    Rei. I’ll adopt the idea of overwhelming them with a big monster.

    What? Oh, no, but won’t the passage be impassable?

    I’ve got a better idea. Well, I’ll leave it to you… or maybe I’ll let you help me?

    “……, yes! I’ll help you!

     I immediately registered the golem as a boss spawn and began working with Ray to create a secret weapon for dungeon battles using the black steel golem as material.

     –The concept is yes, a “combined robot”.

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