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This is a bulletin board session. Skip it if you don’t really like it.

Tl Note:

I wish. But then again, this one is interesting.

Also, the title is BATTLER, but I will use Butler in the anon name. It’s intentional.

Reason? No reason; it feels right.

[Zero Wars] 18th Battler 4th Shelter 2 [Day 1

1: Nameless Butler


Time Schedule

9:00 Round 1, Group 1 matches begin

In every 30 minutes, the group move up, up to Group 8

14:00 Round 2 – Group 1 matches begin

In every 30 minutes, the group move up, up to Group 4

18:00 Scheduled end of Day 1


10:00 Zero Wars VR Time Attack Challenge

11:00 the first Pro-gamer punching power competition

13:00 fan art showcase

14:00 Start of official live stream

Check ↓ for various other events.

–Battler’s official website link–


214: Nameless Butler

The fourth section is the most overpopulated one there.

217: Nameless Butler

Has the event specified when the punching machine event is?

219: Nameless Butler

I know it’s a little late for this, but what the heck is the Pro Gamer Punching Power Competition?

221: Nameless Butler


To put it simply, it’s a battle to determine who has the No.1 punching power of all professional gamers.

222: Nameless Butler

The difficulty level of this attraction is low, so it’s a lot of fun!

224: Nameless Butler

Speaking of punching power, is Rinne going to participate?

I wish I could have seen that girl even for a bit.

228: Nameless Butler


They limit the participation to one person from each team, so it’s no use to hoping for that.

By the way, it looks like Nana will be representing HEROES this time.

229: Nameless Butler

[FriBomb] got eliminated in the 1st round … aren’t you pro-gamer!

231: Nameless Butler


Who’s that?

I assume she’s a woman by her name.

233: Nameless Butler


Forgive them, they got positioned in the worst spawn point and took a lot of pressure from all directions.

Well, in any case, there’s not much they can do.

234: Nameless Butler

Being professional gamers doesn’t mean they can do anything. That’s it.

And FB doesn’t have a dedicated Zero Wars team to begin with.

236: Nameless Butler

Don’t forget that BATTLER is a festival, even though it’s also a WGCS qualifier.

What’s important is the entertainment.

237: Nameless Butler

Participants have arrived, and there are two girls among them.

239: Nameless Butler

A girl and a ……child?

240: Nameless Butler

Sorry, but calling TeppoDon a girl is somewhat insulting.

241: Nameless Butler

TeppoDon’s buffed up her muscles again…

243: Nameless Butler

So it means that the other one is Nana?

Compared to the others, she’s as tiny as a pebble.

244: Nameless Butler

I’m concerned with how the current trend is. It’s normal to have one muscle ‘person’ on the team.

246: Nameless Butler

Is that girl is the HEROES muscle person?

247: Nameless Butler

Well, she will at least do better than Rinne.

249: Nameless Butler

But let’s see what happens.

No matter how well TeppoDon does it, I don’t know if she can make up the difference between a man and a woman…

250: Nameless Butler

Looking forward to the metasequoia!

252: Nameless Butler

I was just researching this girl named Nana.

Despite that look, I heard she can hold a 100kg dumbbell in one hand.

254: Nameless Butler


I also came here to see the metasequoia.

255: Nameless Butler



256: Nameless Butler



257: Nameless Butler

So, Nana is THAT?

By THAT, I mean is the rumored Rinne’s best friend.

I haven’t been able to watch any Rinne’s stream lately, so I forgot about it.

259: Nameless Butler


The one from Nanapedia entry?

I know it’s just a rumor, but it’s pretty interesting.

260: Nameless Butler

The other day, Rinne was doing ‘just chat’, which is rare for her, so I went to see what was happening, and she was streaming Nana’s sleeping face.

She is pretty cute.

261: Nameless Butler

I think you’re on the winning side when you’re Rinne’s childhood friend.

263: Nameless Butler


Just the fact that Nana allowed Rinne to show her faces gives me a sense of trust in them.

264: Nameless Butler

I wonder if Rinne’s childhood friend is really a big deal, like people said…

266: Nameless Butler

Man, the combination of Michael and Sebas is so good.

268: Nameless Butler

They’re one of the most ironclad duos in Butler.

There’s nothing crazy about them, but it’s a lot of fun to watch.

269: Nameless Butler

She’s aiming for the first place?

271: Nameless Butler

So pumped.

272: Nameless Butler

It’s good that you’re motivated, but motivation alone is not enough.

274: Nameless Butler

Is this a direct request from Rinne?

275: Nameless Butler

Better than being unmotivated or nervous.

Now I’m curious to see you in action.

277: Nameless Butler

All other player’s faces… almost like want to say [No, it’s impossible for you to get that first place].

279: Nameless Butler

The official comment section is flooded with [lol].

281: Nameless Butler

I think it’s cute how confident she is despite her petite build.

282: Nameless Butler

Rinne is awful, too.

Why would you send a girl who just recently started streaming to a stage like this?

Just because you don’t want to.

284: Nameless Butler


If you put it that way, the management is the one at fault for keeping inviting Rinne to this kind of event in the first place for the sole purpose of making a laughingstock out of her.

I’m starting to feel sorry for Nana.

285: Nameless Butler

Players aside, the venue is pretty exciting.

Let’s just say it was a good extra.

287: Nameless Butler

It sounds like she’s officially announced as Rinne’s best friend, so maybe she’s a bit more of a monster than we thought.

288: Nameless Butler

I honestly feel sorry for her because they put her in the last, replacing the usual Rinne’s turn.

604: Nameless Butler

The peak was when TeppoDon scored 500 points with her lame punch.

I guess she hasn’t been practicing her punches.

606: Nameless Butler

it was pretty funny to watch gamers just punching machines.

607: Nameless Butler

Metasequoia scored 700, which is great.

Still, it pisses me off that he’s still so fucking good-looking.

And he’s also so good at video games. What’s the hell are you?

608: Nameless Butler


That jealousy is refreshing.

609: Nameless Butler

Nana’s turn!

610: Nameless Butler

I’ve been doing a lot of research while I’m waiting, and it seems Nana-chan is 21 years old, even when she looks like that.

I mean, yeah, it’s not that surprising if we consider she’s a childhood friend of Rinne’s.

611: Nameless Butler

I’m so glad that “Nana-chan” has taken root in your mind.

613: Nameless Butler

It looks like there are quite a few of her fans coming to the stream’s comment section, and it’s become very lively because they keep spamming her name.

Anyway, it seems she’s good at VR action games.

614: Nameless Butler

I searched Nana-chan in LIVERS, and all I got was a compilation of fight scenes.

616: Nameless Butler


It looks a bit like a collection of anime character clippings from a long time ago.

617: Nameless Butler

What is that?

Did she get a bit sleepy after waiting for so long?

She’s kind of unfocused.

Or maybe she’s calm?

She’s not very high-spirited for someone who’s been so pumped.

619: Nameless Butler

Good luck!

620: Nameless Butler

It’s impossible with her weight.

622: Nameless Butler

And her limbs are thin, too.

624: Nameless Butler

She’s seemed to be pondering about something.

625: Nameless Butler

Well, just do it. You will at least do better than Rinne.

627: Nameless Butler

By the way, does anyone know why Rinne is so weak?

628: Nameless Butler

I didn’t really notice it when the machos were wearing them, but those gloves are huge, aren’t they?

630: Nameless Butler

Nana is the one that is too small.

631: Nameless Butler

Oh, here it comes.

632: Nameless Butler

Score prediction time!

174 points!

634: Nameless Butler

122 points!

635: Nameless Butler

146 points

636: Nameless Butler

300 points because why not!

637: Nameless Butler

Over 800!

638: Nameless Butler

60 points!

639: Nameless Butler


640: Nameless Butler

It’s an explosion!

641: Nameless Butler

The image.

642: Nameless Butler

Nana-chan seems to be fine.

643: Nameless Butler

What happened?

644: Nameless Butler


645: Nameless Butler

Oi, this is bad.

646: Nameless Butler

Oh, man!

660: Nameless Butler

I’m glad you’re okay, Nana-chan.

661: Nameless Butler

I’m so glad.

I’m glad she’s unharmed.

663: Nameless Butler

That Bari-Bari Health-kun is completely broken, isn’t it?

665: Nameless Butler


Only one part is broken, so they can probably replace that part, and it should be right back up.

That’s one of the reasons why they say [Bari Bari Health-kun] series is versatile.

666: Nameless Butler

Listening to the interview, it sounds as if Nana broke it.

668: Nameless Butler

[I’m sorry I broke it. I was surprised to find it softer than I expected].


669: Nameless Butler

It’s a mechanical failure, right?

It’s not Nana’s fault.

671: Nameless Butler

Wow, that’s a beautiful hole.

673: Nameless Butler

It’s a beautiful hole indeed, but how did it become like that?

674: Nameless Butler

It was almost like someone sunk her fist into it.

676: Nameless Butler

Well, she got the scores, right?

They said 9999.

Most definitely an accident.

677: Nameless Butler

OR MAYBE Nana really broke it.

679: Nameless Butler


No way!

680: Nameless Butler


This isn’t a manga.

681: Nameless Butler


The strongest punch in the world with that cute look?

What is this? A fantasy story?

682: Nameless Butler


Nana-chan is the best!

684: Nameless Butler

They’re going to replay it and see what happened.

685: Nameless Butler

Well, that’s fair.

Well, I’m glad to hear that the damage was not too severe despite that loud explosion.

687: Nameless Butler

I wonder if this Health-kun will still be operating for public guests today.

I wanted to punch him…

Good news: The strongest existence of mankind is decided.

1: Nameless Shield Lord



2: Mr. Nobody

what is this?

3: Nameless Shield Lord

That’s the one from today’s BATTLER.

The one that’s gone viral all over social media right now.

4: Mr. Nobody

Can you at least give a volume warning?

I almost went deaf.

6: Mr. Nobody

Tell me in a nutshell what it’s all about.

7: Mr. Nobody

A girl broke the punching machine.

9: Mr. Nobody


I don’t know. It’s too fast.

12: Nameless Shield Lord


–         There was a big game event to decide who is the owner of the number one punching power from the pro-gamers side to brag about their muscle’s quality.

–         One girl, who looked like an ordinary girl, had incredible power and destroyed the punching machine.

–         It was proven that it was not a mechanical failure, but a serious uproar continued due to various reasons.

–         Outrageous!

That should do.

16: Mr. Nobody



Wasn’t it because the punching machine was fragile or something?

19: Mr. Nobody


Just watch the video first.

It shows a human hand is breaking through the steel.

20: Mr. Nobody

Is this girl really human?

21: Mr. Nobody

They’ve been treated her like a non-human since the beginning.

23: Mr. Nobody


I saw it. That’s amazing. lol.

She makes such a pretty hole on it.

Is she really human?

26: Mr. Nobody

Could it be a robot? The one that’s been getting a lot of attention lately.

28: Mr. Nobody


if it were a robot, the exterior skin would have peeled off after something like this.

But this girl seriously doesn’t have a scratch on her.

But yeah, I wonder if she’s really human…

29: Mr. Nobody

How do you know the source of this video is not fake in the first place?

31: Mr. Nobody

It’s a clipping from the live stream of the Livers.

32: Lord of the Nameless Shield


There are close to a thousand people who saw her there.

There are also many videos from different viewpoints.

Faking is impossible with this.

34: Mr. Nobody

I was there to see it, and after this, they tested it out using a plate of iron.

35: Mr. Nobody

She got a pile bunker in her hand or something?

37: Mr. Nobody

So… human or not?

If it’s human, is it a mutation?

38: Mr. Nobody

I don’t know if it’s just the power, but her durability sure is strange.

40: Mr. Nobody

Maybe alien or neo anthropic!

The end! Dismissed!

42: Mr. Nobody

The world is full of wonders. ……(thumbs up)


An entity that is too unreal that surprise cannot describe it.

By the way, the uproar Nana created has spread like wildfire on social networking sites.


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