BTOG 217 – Nana’s stream #Greetings again and questions answer

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<Nana is in a good mood today.>

<I can’t wait for it to get started.>

<Time is passing so fast.>

<Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.>

<The comment section is exploding, and now I can say… NURUPO!{Error sound}>

<↑Gasp!> {this is retort exchange originated from 2chan… dammit how to explain this}

<↑Your response is too fast>

The time is 7:55 at night.

The total number of viewers who had gathered to watch Nana’s stream exceeded 400,000 before the stream began. The stream itself will officially start at 8:00 pm.

Most of them were curious people who had seen the video of Nana destroying Bari-Bari Health-kun via social networking and review sites or news sites.

Even so, considering that the average number of viewers to Nana’s channel is about 1,000, this current number was certainly off the charts.


<It begun? >

<A little early.>

<It’s started…?>



With such a large audience, the streaming screen lit up unexpectedly even before it was time for the show to start.

What was shown on the screen was the girl that everyone was looking for.

She had plain black eyes, and her hair was short and neatly styled. She also wore a black hoodie with the HEROES logo.

Everyone who came to this webcast knew this was [Nana].

Because these hundreds of thousands of viewers are here because they have seen the video of her smashing the machine.


The Nana they saw apparently looked different from what they imagined.

She was sitting on a large chair with her mouth slightly open and her eyes looking in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

At a glance, one could see that her expression was either blank or absent-minded. It was clear that she didn’t realize the recording had started.

<I’ve never seen such a blank look on her face.>

<There’s not a trace of tension in the air, lol.>

<Cute. lol.>

<Unexpectedly cute ……?>

<She looks spaced out…>

<Nana is too unfocused.>

<I’m pretty sure it’s Rinne’s doing. She’s probably the one who’s controlling the camera. She might be thinking that it’s funny to see her spacing out. lol.>

<I know she’s her best friend, but she’s really doing whatever she wants to do, streaming her sleeping face, taking pictures of her face too, and now showing her stupid expression.>

<Indeed, watching her spacing out for this long make me smile.>

<But we don’t know yet if it really Rinne’s doing.>

<I can hear her giggles.>

<Nana’s skin is as glowing as ever.>

<Her hair is also smooth.>

<It’s too funny that she doesn’t move a muscle.>

<It’s about time someone told them. Lol.>

After two minutes became amusement material for the comment section, Nana finally noticed something.

She furrowed her brow and tilted her head slightly.

“Why are you laughing, Rin-chan?”

“…, I’m not, I’m not laughing.”

“You’re lying. You’re holding back your laughter.”

“It’s just your imagination. There’s no way I did.”

“Mmm, if that’s what you say, Rin-chan.”

<That’s it?>


<Don’t give in that quick if you want an explanation.>

<I knew it was Rinne!>

<She really did it.>

<I knew it…>

When Rinne insisted that she had done nothing, Nana stopped pursuing her and began to space out again.

However, she soon realized that something was wrong, and she again looked doubtful.

“What have you been glancing at since a moment ago? Maybe the stream has already started?”

“Yes, of course. It has started.”


<This girl is a real jerk, lol.>

<Rinne lol.>

<She’s definitely playing you.>


<They’re playing with us.>

<Stop with the couple comedy.>

<↑ I don’t think that counts as a couple’s comedy.>

<Just a bit prank.>

<Well, it was more comedic than I expected.>

Seeing Nana surprised by Rinne’s teasing, the comments were again lively.

Not many current viewers ever watched Nana’s video when she was interviewed.

If they had seen it, they would have understood that Nana has more normal sensibilities than they thought, but she is seen as a monster who destroyed a punching machine in many viewers’ minds.

That’s why they were surprised at how funny the stream began, and their prejudice about what kind of monster Nana is quickly dissipated.

“Um …… umm …… good afternoon?”


<It’s good evening here.>

<It’s still morning in my country.>

<It’s just noon for me.>

<It’s funny that the comments are only in Japanese, but there are obviously people from other countries.>

<I see, the translation option for all languages is turned on today.>

<Don’t use the fucking expensive options with so ease.>

“I’ve got plenty of money. Also, your comments cannot be seen by Nana.”

“Rin-chan is helping me with this stream. I was the one who asked for her help today.”

Then Nana giggled. She is certainly in a good mood.

Nana is used to streaming on WLO, but she has only streamed a few times in the real world, so she leaves the settings to Rinne to make sure nothing is out of place.

Therefore, Rinne, who is fully responsible for the operation of the video camera and streaming, can see all comments from viewers, but Nana can only see Rinne operate the tablet device and camera.

She decided to leave what she should answer to Rinne.

By the way, the all-language translation option is the most expensive option on LIVERS as a video posting site.

It is a function that automatically translates the language into the official language of all countries where the video can be viewed in exchange for a hefty fee of 100.000 yen per use.

If you are watching in Japan, all words, including comments, will be displayed in Japanese, and if you are watching in the UK, they will be in English.

Viewers themselves can also choose a translated language that is not an official language, as long as it is a language that is supported by LIVERS.

This is a useful option for companies when streaming worldwide, Rinne has anticipated audiences from various countries, which is why the function is used now.

Rinne also showed herself in front of the camera.

<Rinne is bothered to do that?>

<I don’t like this. Our Rinne should be more arrogant.>

<Where is Rinne who likes to abuse her money power?>

<Is that how she is normally?>

<Oh, I know, this is a fake Rinne.>

“I’m going to start banning the ones that talk shit to me. You guys okay with it, right?”


<It’s real Rinne!>

<This is how it has to be.>

<As expected of Rinne.>

<I’m done for.>

<What’s up with you guys, I mean those guys who always make fun of Rinne…?>



<I’ve seen people get deleted before they can comment.>

“Well, no need to be concerned with me today. You didn’t come here to see me either.”

They may have never seen Nana, but some have seen Rinne.

Rinne tries to shift the focus of these viewers to Nana, the star of the show.

Seeing this, Nana denied it while shaking her head.

“I think there are many people who want to see you, Rinne.”

“Let’s ban the first person who makes a comment like that.”

“No, you can’t, okay?”

<Nana is so sweet.>

<If only Rinne had a fifth of this kindness.>

<Nana is kind ……?>

<At first glance, yeah, you don’t know the true nature of the bludgeoning Oni girl.>

<She’s someone who can smash a goblin’s head while laughing.>

<A woman who can kill a rabbit with an iron ball from 200 meters away.>

<Oni that indiscriminately overrun the whole battlefield with her kanabou.>

<A demon who dares to punches a poor girl in the face.>


<I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!>

<Stop manipulating impressions! Lol>

<But… not a single thing that said was a lie.>


“What’s wrong?”

“Everyone says Nana is sweet.”

“Ehehe, is that so?”

<Don’t tell lies to the streamer, lol.>

<It’s terrible when Rinne acts as intermediate.>

<Too many twists.>

<Well, she’s kinder than Rinne…>

<Rinne is not that strict….>

<She’ll ban you right away.>

<It’s still worse to be the victim.>

“Well, Nana, Let’s get down to business.”


As the excitement in the comments section accelerates, Rinne quickly move on with their schedule.

Originally, the purpose of today’s stream was to let people get to know [Nana], which is somewhat different from the usual [just chat] session where they will respond to people’s comments.

For Rinne, it’s her job to simplify this event so that Nana would not be overburdened.

In contrast to Rinne, who was surprisingly attentive and supportive of the stream in spite of her teasing, Nana kept her relaxed atmosphere.

It was around 8:00 pm when the stream began, and the number of viewers had already exceeded 450,000, but she remained all smiling and happy.

She is not even a bit nervous about the fact that she is under the gaze of hundreds of thousands of viewers, and that’s because Nana is not aware of this.

For Nana, this stream is just another session of playing with Rinne.

That’s why Nana is in a great mood today.

“Well, once again, thank you for coming today. I’m Nana from the HEROES and VR department. Nice to meet you.”

<Nice to meet you!>

<HEROES, huh.>

<I didn’t know that because I hadn’t seen Rinne on the game side.>

<You [joining through connections], right?

<With her ability, I think if HEROES didn’t get her, she would have easily been accepted somewhere else.>

<Her specs couldn’t be better for a muscle ‘person’.>

<Her muscles don’t show, though.>

<The flesh looks like that of a normal sports girl.>

<Too slender?>

<More like flat.>

<Stop it lololol.>

<Well, she’s got the body of a child.>

<(confused) Can’t they erase the flat-chested related comment? >

“I’ve seen your questions before this event started, and I’ll pick a few and answer them. As you can see in my background, we’re in a gym. We are doing it here because it fits the content. Sorry in advance, because I will not reply to your comment right away.”

<I see.>

<Better than being careless.>

<Here’s hoping for this to go smoothly.>

<It’s okay.>

<I can see the markings here and there. Isn’t this the private gym in Rinne’s apartment building?>

<↑Something that she had but never uses? >

“I’ll read the questions then. The first one is this.”

[Please give us as much of your profile as you can answer. Height and weight if possible.]

“I’m Nana, 21 years old. As you can see, I’m a female, my birthday is July 7, my height is 155, and I weigh about 42 kilos right now.”

<So light.>

<Is the weight proportionate with the appearance?>

<I’m surprised you could tell us that so easily.>

<You’re lying about being 21… You look like a middle or high school student.>

<↑Rinne and her are the same age, so there’s no doubt about it.>

<You’re not so young as you look.>

<a baby-face.>

< It’s almost your birthday then. Happy birthday.>

<I see, congratz!>

<Happy birthday.>

<Surprisingly, she was born earlier than Rinne.>

<I don’t know when Rinne’s birthday is.>

<8/8, I believe.>


Nana read had her physical measurements taken in advance since this is a sports gym. Now she only needs to read it out loud.

Hearing this, Rinne tilted her head slightly.

“I thought Nana’s weight had basically stayed the same, but you’re much heavier than you were in middle school?”

“I think I might have gained about five kilos. Well, you see, I wasn’t that strong then.”

“It’s as if time has stood still, doesn’t it?”

“That’s just the way it is.”

“That’s the way it is.”

<What’s wrong?.>

<I think it’s strange that you’ve gained five kilograms and look the same at your height.>

<↑ That’s just the way it is>

<I feel “pressured” even though it’s not a power word.>

<It’s awesome.>

“I’ll post your detailed profile on the official HEROES website after I take measurements again.”

“Thank you very much. I’ll read the next question.”

[How did you acquire such extraordinary power?]

“I knew this question would come. But I guess I can only answer that I was born with it.”


“I don’t have any specific training or anything. I have never taken any lessons or participated in any club activities.”

Nana’s words are not false.

As far as physical ability is concerned, she has grown so much just by being alive.

She had part-time jobs, and she had learned how to use force so as not to kill people by accident, but as far as physical ability is concerned, she had never experienced any training that enhanced her power.

Considering that she had the power to kill a brown bear with a single blow when she was in elementary school, the only explanation she could give is that she was born with it.

<You’re lying.>

<Obviously, it’s not a power you’re born with…>

<It’s not something you can train for either.>

<That’s right.>

<You’re not a boxer or anything, are you?>

<↑her straight punch will wipe out her opponent from the neck up.>

<↑A simple straight right hand could become an unguardable special move.>

<Still, the punches don’t crush the target upon landing but pierce and shatter, so I think that’s a little weird.>

<I thought you were doing some kind of martial arts.>

“Nana has only practiced how not to use force against others, right?”

“That’s right. Whether it is sports, martial arts, or weaponry, once I see it, I can reproduce it. So, aside from learning how to use them, I have never practiced the techniques.”


<Don’t say it.>

<She’s like that, you know, the strong character you always see in sports manga.>

<And the protagonist’s team will break her with one cunning move.>

<Too much talent.>

<Can you use a sword or a spear?>

<If you watch many martial arts videos, you could be the best.>

“When Nana was little, mother used to show her a lot of martial arts videos.”

“Rin-chan said it was boring and went to bed.”

“Because it was boring.”

“Rin-chan will definitely fail to practice it, right?”

“I know, right?”

<Whose mother it was, Nana’s? Rinne’s?>

<↑You can tell it’s Rinne’s from the way she called her.> {she was using ohaha-sama}

<Education for the Gifted one!>

<Has Rinne been athletic level been low since she was a child?>

<There’s no level in her athletics!>

<[Definitely fail]. That’s an apt description for her athletic level.>

<If she throws a ball, it will fly backward.>

<A woman whose world is in the opposite direction of Nana’s.>

<I’m sure Nana’s taken it all from her.>

<I’m confident I can beat Rinne on this one.>

<It’s the only flaw Rinne won’t deny.>

“Exercise is the only thing I can’t do.”

“I’m here to replace you, so it’s fine.”

In contrast to Nana’s athletic prowess, Rinne is hopelessly incompetent at exercise. Even just running is enough to cause her to be exhausted.

It is a well-known fact, and Rinne herself believes that there is nothing she can do about it.

Still, she has no desire to improve because of she believe that her best friend, Nana, will always beside her.

The fact that there is room to rely on each other is a blessing for both Rinne and Nana, so they had no reason to fix it.

“I don’t see any reason to dwell over this. Let’s go next!”

[If the punches in the video are not fake or processed, you must have a reasonable amount of muscle strength. I would like to see Nana lifting something heavy, like a barbell. With that much power, of course, you can lift 500 kg weight, right?]

“Hmmm. That’s quite a long sentence. I wonder why they put this 500 kg standard on it?”

“I think it’s because the world record for weightlifting is less than 400 kg. The point is, he’s taunting you.”

“Oh, I see.”


<I can understand why they might be skeptical.>

<But it’s what we all want to know, isn’t it?>

<Yeah, still, you don’t need to be so sarcastic in your writing.>

<↑Agree, I don’t get the point too. What did they gain by using that sarcasm?>

“That’s what the gym is for. I’ll go grab some barbells.”

“Okay. Don’t hurt yourself.”

<Is there a difference between the power to punch and the power to hold something heavy?>

<I don’t think so.>

<After all, muscle solves everything.>

<Lifting weights takes skill.>

<Even punching requires it, though.>

“The power of a punch is basically speed x weight. So, it’s a little different from lifting heavyweights. Even if you don’t have muscle strength, your body weight will increase the power of your punches. However, your body has to be strong to lift a weight, so it’s not irrelevant.”

<I see.>

<If you know that, why can’t you exercise?>

<One of the Seven Wonders of Rinne.>

<Big brain time….>

<What are the other six wonders?>

<↑her the source of the money perhaps?>

The sound of metal scraping against metal echoes through the gym.

Nana appeared on the screen with not ten or twenty but more than the human eye could count with a glance. She has barbell shafts held in both arms.

She did it as if she were carrying a pencil, but it was a bizarre sight to anyone who could see it.

To explain briefly, the term “shaft” refers to the bar that holds the barbell. The shaft alone weighs at least 10 kilograms, and if it is a heavy one, it must weigh at least 20 kilograms.

In other words, the dozens of shafts that Nana was comfortably carrying weighed well over 200 kilograms.

“I brought it!”

“Welcome home.”

“I brought a lot of stuff because I found some cool designs. What do you think? Does it look like it weighs 500 kilos?”

<Aren’t you already at home…>



<Is that real?>

<That’s at least 30 sticks.>

<That’s MC’s super-heavy barbell!>

<It’s that MC’s super-heavy barbell. Lol.>

<I thought those were ridiculously expensive…?>

<The shafts alone cost 400,000 yen each!>

<So expensive!>

“Correct, this is Muscle Corporation’s (MC) super-heavy barbells. I had a chance to talk to an executive there for a while, and he recommended them to me, so I bought them. But none of the kids in my apartment would use them. And, of course, I also can’t. They also said that the shaft is much heavier than conventional ones, so it’s very uncomfortable.”

“Usually, you need to put weights on both sides.”

“I think so? Well, I’m not interested in that, so I don’t know.”

<I see.>

<I wonder if a muscle-training fanatic would know what I’m talking about.>


<Say what you want, but just so you know… each one of those weighs 40 kilos. >




<I mean, what’s the point of making imitations of that?>

<So you’re saying that what Nana’s holding right now weighs a crazy amount?>

<There are 34 of them, so that’s 1,360 kilograms.>

<What are you saying? I don’t understand.>

“I’m not faking it. Nana, throw that on the floor for a second.”

“It’s fine, but you have to stay away from them. It’s dangerous.”

Nana holds the 34 shafts horizontally, and holds them together, then releases them to the floor.

As soon as the shafts hit the floor, a gong ……! The concrete surface of the floor shattered slightly.


<Yup, the floor is ……>

<There was a heavy thud.>

<It sounded like thunder.>

<It could have been a ton or so….?>

<What the hell is going on?>


“Eh, I can’t keep my hands on it if I put them vertically…!”

While the viewers were horrified, Nana was a bit shocked.

“No, of course not. Put it down sideways.”

“I will…”

“Well. I guess we know it’s real for now, don’t we?”


<I think it’s bad enough that you can make me half believe it.>

<↑I know what you mean.>

<Even if it were real, what kind of power she has?>

<Even with piledrive, it’s tough to cause that amount of damage.>

<For me it looks real.>

 “I really want to show you something that didn’t look like a fake, but this is though, how can I prov–“

As Rinne was tilting her head to think what to do with the viewers’ comments, she suddenly heard a sickening cracking sound echo through the air.

She looked back and saw Nana smiling happily while holding a shaft that had been shredded in two.

“Rin-chan, this is amazing! It feels sturdier than steel!”

“…Nana, what are you doing?”

“Oh, sorry. I was just curious. I thought it might break, but it just bent and didn’t break, so I tore it.”




<It’s all metal all the way through, isn’t it? ……(blank eyes)>

<It sounded really bad.>

<And here I am having trouble with disposable chopsticks. ……>

<What a sturdy thing.>

<She’s a real monster.>

<Bent twice, twisted and tore?>

<Is that how metal is supposed to break…?>

<Even if it were plastic, it’s impossible to do that!>

<It’s a real monster, and I can’t help but laugh.>

<Too scary.>

Rinne, who had been paying attention to the comments, did not see Nana actually tearing the shaft, but the viewers in front of the screen captured the moment well.

She lifted one of the shafts from the ground, held it near the middle with both hands, and twisted it inward with a quickly.

After a very natural motion that did not seem to require any effort, the metal rod gives up all too easily.

Nana looked at it, tilted her head, folded it back the other way, and finally tore the shaft, shredding its brittle center.

The whole operation took less than two seconds. It all happened in the blink of an eye.

“Fufufu, you’re stronger than before…”

While everyone in the room, including Rinne, was donned in awe, Nana had a very happy expression on her face.


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