LDM 530 – Raid Dungeon Battle

The day of the dungeon battle against the 10th core.

The declaration of war and battles begin at the same time and date. And on this day, our dungeon going to be connected to the 10th core’s dungeon by a gate.

We were not participating using [Cave of Desire] but with sub-dungeon [White Beach].

The most important point of this dungeon battle is right after the gate connection. Whether or not we win this initial assault will change the course of the battle.

If we can win this, we can build a front line base on the 10th core dungeon side and unilaterally deploy our forces with a large number. This position will make it possible to attack with full force.

But if it is not possible to stop the initial assault of the 10th core, the spearhead dungeon core will draw the enemy into its dungeon for a defensive battle. While the other dungeon cores will devote their forces to the help of the spearhead dungeon core and, in parallel, attack the thinned-out 10th core’s dungeon.

In either case, we could take advantage of our superior numbers, but the spearhead held the greatest risk.

And this time, because our opponent is the first group of all cores, the 10th core, Haku as our team captain, she herself will be the spearhead of the attack to ensure there won’t be any mistakes.

We watched the situation on the monitor in the master room via the communication monster that we had left with Haku in advance. Monsters from other cores of our faction were also with us.

“There are all kinds of monsters here, but are they all faction members? There are twenty of them here.”

“There are dummies among them. The total number of faction members is a secret.”

“Wow, that’s a serious secrecy protection.”

By making it difficult for the faction members to know who the real members are, they are trying to prevent betrayal and information leakage among members. It is a well-thought move.

But I’m sure the core members who have been participating for a long time can tell after a bit of observation.

“I’m going.”

Immediately after Haku says this, her dungeon and 10th core dungeon are connected by a gate.

On the other side of the gate, I could see that 10th core side was filled with a large number of undead and zombies.

–Almost instantly. A torrent of water overflows from Haku’s gate.

The large amount of water swept away the hordes of monsters and zombies of the 10th core.

When the enemy’s formation was thus broken, and Haku’s minotaur army wasted no time to overran it.

“Isn’t this the same tactic we used in the dungeon battle when Kehma go against Haku-nee before?”

“Is it possible to claim a royalty for the use of this idea? …and judging from the smoke and screams of the zombies that came in contact with the water, it seems that all of this is holy water? That’s just too cruel.”

As expected of Haku, she knew exactly 10th core would use an undead and prepared this beforehand.

Holy water is a common weakness of the undead, but the use of holy water on this scale is unprecedented and must be the first time in history.

It was said that holy water was sprinkled on the undead in funerals to prevent one from becoming an undead, but the way she buried the undead with a torrent of holy water like this has literally become torrent burial. {Yu-gi-oh reference? In English, the card was renamed to Torrential Tribute}

The first assault immediately ended with Haku’s victory as soon as the gate was connected.

And after establishing a frontline base, Haku herself moved there with the monsters who represented us.

Beyond the gate connection, we could see the entrance to 10th core dungeon is filled with the corpses of undead covered in holy water.

“We’ve established a base. Everyone, follow me.”

“The signal is given, Rokuko. Start the assault to 10th core dungeon.”


A beat behind the spearhead, we connected the gate and sent in a fully equipped monster army. Everything is going as planned. If so, the rest is a battle for control. At this rate we’re going to ride to victory! Everyone was in high spirits. And they are all in good shape.

“Kehma! My squirrel will be going ahead! I’m going to be the first to go to an unexplored area!”

“Okay, I’ll leave the map exploration to you, Orange.”

“Fuahahaha! I’m going to go on a rampage, get buried, oh my enemy!”

“Don’t stick out too much, 564.”

The squirrels controlled by Orange and No. 564 himself charge into the 10th core dungeon. The squirrels rush in and start their mapping by slipping under the feet of the other monsters and running deeper into the dungeon without getting involved in a fight. Yeah, I guess I can leave the map exploration to Orange.

We should get going too.

“Rei, are you ready?”

“Yes, Giant Testor, is ready when you are!

G-Testor. That is the name of the secret weapon that Rei and I prepared this time. It’s a 14 meters tall giant robot. The looks are identical to the giant black steel golem.

But when I let it crawl through the gate, Haku raised her eyebrows and said, “Oh my…” she is talking to me through the monitor since our comms are still connected.

“Kehma-san? Isn’t this too big?”

“Yes, it is. At least for now.”

I snap my fingers to give a signal and answer Haku’s question.

“G-Testor, decombined!”


Rei’s subordinates, the dungeon management fairies Eleca and the others, answer.

Soon after, the G-Testor detached its arms and legs from the main body. The torso is divided into several pieces to pass through the passageway.

Each detached arm and leg is a separate individual. Because they were originally separate monsters, the form they were in just before is their combined form. And as for how to connect them, I’m using a slime inside the armor.

By the way, these slimes were created by feeding on leftover food and waste from the [Gluttony] trap, so their maintenance cost is not even high.

The concept is a combined robot. In order to hide my golem creation skill, I have kept it within the scope of what can be done with existing dungeon functions and blacksmithing, and the gimmick of combining slimes is similar to the image of a group of slimes being united into one. While the rest uses a mechanism similar to that train coupling.

“Hoo? Is this slime? So you using the same principle as the armor slime?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Armor is exactly the right word. You could say that I put a golem-derived armor on a giant slime. The difference is that the actual main body is actually the golem, just like when I put on a cloth golem.

Furthermore, the golem joints, which are responsible for the linking mechanism, perform admirably, and so the joints become the robot’s weak point, resulting in a design that is very similar to that of a giant robot.


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