LDM 532 – Raid Dungeon Battle (3)

In an enclosed graveyard area, G-Testor reaps zombies and skeletons that have appeared in large numbers. It’s fighting using the advantage of the strength of its large size.


However, here and there, enemies that have not been defeated remain. It’s a ghost-type enemies.

That’s the thing about golems and slimes, they are strong against physical attack, but on the contrary, when the opponent is resistant to physical attack, things will get troublesome.

“But you have a secret weapon for times like this, don’t you, Kehma?”

“Yeah –But hold it.”

Just when I was about to use the secret weapon, a magic missile came from behind me.

It was not aimed at G-Testor, but at the enemy ghost-type monster – it was a carpet bombing-like magic attack.

“Golem. Leave the leftovers to us.”

“Spare us some, won’t you?”

“A ghost without a wall of flesh is just a moving target.”

The dungeon core that controls myconids (giant walking mushrooms), a dungeon core that controls vampires, and the dungeon core that controls dog-shaped monsters called out to us.

“Right, we weren’t attacking alone this time.”

Yes, we weren’t alone this time. This dungeon battle is not involving only us from the [Cave of Desire]. Other dungeons under Haku’s command are also participating.

To put it simply, we have a division of roles now. Our dungeon will take care of the physical enemies and leave the rest of the physically resistant but magically weak enemies to our friends. This is good. My job is clear.

“I will leave the zombies and skeletons to you; I’ll take care of the ghosts.”


“Newcomers, you are too active. Please let the seniors have a little glory too.”

“Well, you won’t be very good at cleaning the small ones with that big body. I’ll take care of it.”

The myconids and vampires deployed their magic circle all at once, and attack magic such as [Fireball] and [Ice Lance] was released simultaneously to sweep the ghosts. At the same time, the dog-type monster chewed up and broke the skeleton bones that the shot had scattered.

It’s so much easier when you don’t have to do all the work.

On the other hand, I feel a little sorry for Core 10th, who has to deal with all this by himself.

Well, what can you do? That’s just how it is.

Anyway… I wonder if the 10th core has any faction or not? It seems that most of the other early core and the top 10 ten rankers usually have a faction. Haku, Great Demon King{Dai-Maou}, or  Dragon King, etc. they all have their own faction.

“Come to think of it. I’ve never heard of an Undead faction or anything like that.”

“eh? Is that so, Rokuko? I thought there would be a few undead factions… but then again… Senior Vampire is on our side.”

“To think of it… I’ve never heard of an Oni faction either. Or is it normal not to care about other core? My sister is a special case after all.”

By the way, Orange used to belong to another faction called [Beast King], but this faction almost completely neglected its member. Because the faction leader, the Beast King, the principle is to cast the newly born one into the valley of trial, which fits him.

“Anyway… it is also possible that his faction member decides to leave him to die and pretend that they’re not involved since 10th core already targeted be killed, and faction members can’t reverse the war. If that was the case, then it would be helpful.”

“Kehma, I would rush in if my sister was in danger!”

“Well, I would too. I owed her that much.”

But at the very least, that meant the 10th core had no such friends.

Well, normally, the dungeon itself is already a collection of powerful individuals. There is little significance in the making a group further from there. It is more efficient to devote resources to oneself and one’s subordinates rather than to help others thrive.

“?….but doesn’t that make the Haku sisters listed in the top 10 rankings is kind of outrageous?”

“Yeah. It means there’s more than just rank difference.”

With Haku as the top rankers bringing other cores joining in as reinforcements, it is no surprise that the battle has become so one-sided.

The battle in the graveyard area had already been decided, and it began to resemble an overrun.

“Kehma, there is some movement on the enemy side.”

“Oh, as expected, there’s more to come.”

Then, as if to begin the closing arc of the graveyard, the spirit of a defeated zombie and a defeated skeleton appeared and gathered. It then transformed into the Ghost King, a massive ghost with no physical attacks.

“Golem! back off. Ghosts aren’t a good match for you, are they?”

“It’s a massive undead summoning. Maybe we should try it too?”

“So, it’s the time for our [trump card] that uses the graveyard area as a ritual site… okay then, let’s show our juniors how good we are.”

The seniors are trying to come forward saying so.

How dependable. But.

“No, seniors. This is our prey! –Mode change, magic gauntlets!”

“Roger that! [Magic Gauntlet]!”

Rei recited, and magic power covered Golem’s fist. Then it punched King Ghost away.

“The physical attack worked! How!”

“Fufufu, this is our secret weapon, the Magic Gauntlet. For a short time, the slime will release its magic power with all its might to the point that it can even touch the ghost.”

“Ah, so it’s a magic punch. The slime is going to be effective against ghosts as well. It’s a good idea, junior.”

“…then cover me, I will begin magic chant now.”

The slime stamina will get drained at terrifying speed, so I can only use it for a short time, and they need to rest after using it. But this is a special move that I had prepared for a ghost-type monster in this place.

“It would last longer if it could be deployed only on impact.”

“I can’t switch it on and off that finely with slime….. Also, thanks to slime continuously releasing magic, I could do THIS.”

G-Testor catches King Ghost with its magic-clad fist and strangles the King Ghost.

“Seniors! Shoot while I’m holding it down!”

“Oh! good job. All personnel, attack with magic! But don’t use thunderbolts!”

“Be careful not to hit the golem!”

“Release the magic, fire at will! our target is huge!”

Thanks to our brilliant cooperative play, King Ghost disappeared.

Slime, please rest well and let Golem take care of moving for a while.



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