ULMF – 005

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Seven chairs were neatly arranged around a large world map-shaped desk. Syutaro was sitting uncomfortably in a brand new chair between them.

“I’ve never heard of [Dungeon Creation] skill…”

Elload, the butler-suited man sitting in front of him across the desk, muttered to himself as he leafed through some books.

 As a gesture of good faith, he told the three about the skills he had used.

“Indeed, we are underground, but… my Lord, in which place on this map did you use that skill?”

Bumpy, the white girl sitting next to him, asked. In response, Syutaro stood up and looked at the vast map of the world.

He recalled an article inside [(Beta Tester) Yoritsura GO!], a book that he used to read with great excitement before his copy of [Eternity] arrived.

The areas that the beta-testers were able to explore in one month were the main city of Aristolas as starting point, and then the Iriana Tunnel, the Uru Water Gate, the town of Emaro, the Olslot Monastery, Kalloa Castle Town, the Killen Cemetery, the Chrysila Ruins, and Kenron Caverns. –  and putting this matter aside, this was the first time Syutaro realized that he had a good memory if it was in a field he liked.

One of the early discussions concluded that the main maps of [Eternity] were apparently named in [a,i,u,e,o,] order, and the closer they were to the letter [n], the farther they were considered to be from the initial area and the more difficult they were to access.

{because N is considered to be the last word in Japanese, not Z}

In the game forum, many posts ridicule and criticize mother AI, which is said to be the crystallization of modern technology. Most of those posts say, [It’s reasonable, but it’s too simplistic].

“I was at Main City Aristolas.”

Pointing at Aristolas, which he had finally found, Syutaro looked at the three for their reactions.

He was wary of the three of them, so he did not tell them the “initial location”, which was probably still full of players. He felt as if he held a huge number of human lives in his hands.

Theodore, a dark-haired knight, tilted his head.

“Aristolas, huh?”

“U…, I’m not lying, okay?”

Theodore noticed the vagueness of this information, and the timid Shutaro tried to look understandably upset. However, Theodore did not seem to pursue the matter too deeply and pointed to one spot.

“This is Secret Magical Realm Los Maolas. And we are located here, in the deepest part of Los Maolas Castle. From here to Aristolas–” {Secret Magical Realm – Makyou, this is not a literal translation, possibly subject to change in future.}

He moved his finger in a sweeping motion and stopped after quite a distance.

And one could tell that Aristolas city was too far away from Los Maolas. It was as far as the edge of the map.

“—is too far.”

Theodore stares at Syutaro.

The gaze of Theodore’s golden eyes seemed to see through everything, and although Syutaro was not really lying, he felt the reflexive urge to apologize.

The truth that no one knows is this.

The timing of the start of the Death Game and the timing of Syutaro’s activation of his skill were the same, without a single tenth of a second deviation. As a result, the coordinates were disordered due to a large-scale map change, and it was connected to an unimplemented map that was scheduled to be released in the future – the Los Maolas Castle.

Of course, this was a situation that neither Syutaro, the Demon Kings, nor the mother AI had orchestrated nor predicted.

“Although there are inconsistencies with my Lord’s skill, it is a fact that we, the residents of Las Maolas, and my Lord have met. This matter probably had something to do with the sudden presence of massive power that Sylvia felt earlier.”

Add Elload while he opens a thick blank book.

“My Lord. What else can you do with your [Dungeon Creation] skill?”

The three men exchanged glances, and the ever-honest Syutaro selected the skill from the menu screen and opened the [dungeon menu], which he was using for the first time.

Points in possession: 1000 P




Syutaro assumed that the [Build] and [Summon] skills would be flashy and effective for demonstration, so he used 1 point from the [Build] column to take out a [rock].


With a loud sound, rock sprouts from the floor, blowing away one of the chairs, and the chair crushes under the impact of the fall.

At that moment, Syutaro’s fingers are frozen in place.

“Just earth magic?”

“No, this is amazing ……!”

In contrast to disappointed Bumpy, Elload looked very impressed as he examined the rock.

The rock Syutaro just put out is categorized as [obstacles]. They are literally an object that is intended only to create obstacles in the dungeon and have no special effect other than blocking the way, so they are only worth a few points. By the way, 1000 points are always the default amount one will be given.

“Bumpy. Everything in this castle, including the furniture, is made of [Kozid Ore], and no magic or skill can interfere with it.”

“!! You’re right!”

Elload writes something in a blank book, and Bumpy stares at the rock, looking strangely content.

In front of Syutaro, who was in a panic after destroying someone’s precious chair in addition to not knowing how to erase this [Obstacle], Theodore pulled out a large sword from his back.

It was a frightening blade with beautiful decoration. A black steam-like substance was rising from the blade of the sword that glowed as if it wanted to bewitch you.


Deathblow struck before Syutaro could comprehend what had occurred, and the boulder shattered after the sound of slashing, leaving only a chair-shaped rock.

Theodore sat down on his new carved seat with satisfaction.

It seems he had simply carved a chair.

“My Lord, is there anything else?”

“Eh, ah, uh…”

Elload’s voice pulled him back to reality, and he moved his frozen finger, this time selecting the summon function.

○Slime Lv.001 [5p] (Free the first time!)

Syutaro realizes that the slime is listed at the top of the list. It’s just like any other typical RPG. It was the very first thing one could summon.

[Dungeon Creation] is a rare skill in this world, and its purpose is to kill creatures that wander into a dungeon using placed mobs and traps, gaining experience and points as they grow in size.

At first, the slimes and traps are unreliable, but as the number of corpses grows, various options will be unlocked, and the dungeon will grow and become more difficult to conquer.

However, if the skill holder is killed, the dungeon will collapse, and they lose all points. The dungeon master will need to start over, but in this current situation of the death-game environment, it is too risky to wait for the enemy with this kind of force, and it is no exaggeration to call this [Dungeon Skill] trash.

Syutaro continues to casually scroll down.

He was considering the possibility that summonable mobs existed in order of name, not top to bottom, but when he reached the bottom, he saw an impossible column…

○ ○

○ ○

○ Elload Lv.120 [0P]

○ Gallarus Lv.120 [0P]

○ Sylvia Lv.120 0P]

○ Theodore Lv.120 [0P]

○ Bertrand Lv.120 [0P]

“A hundred and twe….!”

Syutaro’s surprise was reflected in his voice, but he hurriedly pressed his mouth.

Even on a strategy wiki, he had been reading, the disparity in the level of [Eternity] was said to be extraordinary compared to other games in the past.

For example, if there is a match between ten level 10 players and one level 20 player, the level 20 player will win hands down.

In addition, the amount of experience required to raise one’s level is quite high, and although it depends on one’s occupation, even the top beta player could not raise his level from 40 even if they spent the entire time playing the game.

Using Dullahan as an example, it is said that a party of at least level 31 and above must have at least half of their members capable of exploiting Dullahan’s weaknesses in order to compete with the level 30 boss mobs.

Because there were only 100 beta testers, it was inevitable that only two areas were explored during the beta period, and those people had to meet these requirements and gather six-party members to challenge similar kinds of adversity.

Syutaro silently selects and summons slimes. The first summoning seemed to be free as a first-time bonus, and as a result, his remaining points were not reduced.

As soon as a small blue magic circle appeared, the magic circle slowly rotated, and a translucent object appeared in the center and began to move energetically.

The three demon kings looked at the slime.

“It’s normal slime.”

“But just like my Lord, my unique skills are not working on this one.”

Syutaro escapes reality by petting the summoned slime. The slime also seemed pleased to be petted by its Lord and started to dance its gelatinous body.


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