LDM 534 – Raid Dungeon Battle (5)


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Damn that legs, Rokuko…


In the end, Niku won the battle for the main pilots, so Rei was (forced to) take a break.

…Nerune and Kinue are also taking a break, so what about the sub-pilots? But here’s the one who came forward–

“Feni, you’re doing a great job. I can’t believe you can keep up with me.”


–It was Rokuko’s pet. Feni the Phoenix is now moving the golem as a sub-pilot.

And because he is a [named] monster, he has plenty of authority as one. But it is certainly a sight to see an animal-sized pet piloting the golem.

“Well, we’re humanoid, but we can move rats and other monsters like normal.”

“… is that a problem?”

“It’s the same thing. Even at Orange’s place, rabbits are moving monsters.”

If you put it that way, true, there’s nothing strange about this.

“Still, he is pretty good at this.”

“Why don’t you make them their dedicated machines? I’d be happy too.”

“I’ll think about it.”

It will be a gift for the pets as well as a defense force for Rokuko. I think it’s worth making.


Well, in short, the attack goes smoothly.

A leisurely pace that is aligned with the surroundings, but apparently, for the senior staff, it’s different.

“I don’t know which core it is, but they are mapping the dungeon at a great pace. The map is huge.”

“Yes, it’s natural thanks to this map would make the attack faster, but you shouldn’t think this is normal… Wait, but if it means that a core that can do this has joined our faction, then is this going to be the norm from now on?”

“Oh, that’s my subordinate, senpais.”

“Seriously? Oh, so that’s why you were releasing rats from the golem earlier?”

Oops, zombie ahead. Golem tackle! After the zombie limbs were dismembered, the seniors carefully tore him down with magic. Alright, let’s keep going with this formation!

“Our juniors are so dependable; I will lose my face as a senior.”


“Senpai, How often do we raid like this?”

“Hmm? I think we got this job every ten years or so, but it’s the first time that the opponent is the 10th or higher core.”

It seems that traitors are discovered and defeated at that pace. While attacking the dungeon, we gather information through chatting. Since we are already talking, maybe it’s a good time to share some news too.

Well, even though the other party is the 10th core, our pace is pretty easygoing. I thought it was supposed to be a strong enemy.

Oops, a skeleton ahead. Once again. Golem tackle! The shattered fragments are carefully cleared out using magic by the seniors! All right, let’s keep moving forward!

“Ah, a poisonous swamp. As expected, a golem can’t advance here, can it?”

“No, it’s a combination of a golem and a slime, so the poison doesn’t work on them.”

“That’s convenient. So this is golem and slime? it can’t be poisoned then.”

“It looks like there’s plenty of space. Can I ride it?”

It would be my pleasure. I put the seniors on top of the golem and proceeded through the poisonous swamp as well. Rather than a bridge, the golem becomes a foothold instead.

Okay, let’s keep going!

“But it’s a good idea to give DP to monsters and use them in battle. I’ll copy that strategy from now on.”

“Mykonid’s not ashamed of imitating his juniors, is he? Well, I will do it too. Are you sure you’re not veteran core?”

“No, I’m just a newbie dungeon core. I’m with the 600 series.”

“Heh, isn’t 600s the newest batch… are you serious? You’re really talented. You know that?”

He said with a laugh. I heard that the senpais were in the 300s or 200s. Since they don’t give out their personal information, I guess this is the extent of information they would give me.

Oops, it’s a beast-zombie, bear-type. Again! Golem Tackle! I missed some of them, but my senpai carefully wiped them off! Okay, let’s keep moving forward!

“I’m not a core, by the way; I’m a master.”

“Oh, really? So it’s the master’s ability, then? Mykonid’s is the same, but he’s not as competent as you. Well, the younger ones are more impressive.”

“Oi Vampire. Is that sarcasm towards our master? If you sell a fight, I will buy it. how about the first one to defeat the next enemy wins.”

“Oh, enemy.”

Golem tackle! If they did not come in waves, it doesn’t matter if it’s a ghost or anything similar. I can still run them over with the magic gauntlet.

“Yo, Golem. Won’t you leave some fight for us?”


“Ha-ha-ha, I ran over it nicely. But if you’re looking for a fight, take the next one, senpais.”

“Nah, just take all the credit you want. I’ll just take what they gave me, so don’t worry. I’m not bothered even if Haku-sama did not reward me. I just don’t want to be reprimanded, that’s why I participate, but if I could take it easy, it’s better for me.”

We proceeded through the dungeon of the 10th core with ease. A dungeon that was full of the same old undead.

After a short break, we reached the boss room on the 50th level.

“…is this the deepest level? That’s great. Aren’t we too fast to get here?”

“What? Already? I didn’t have any problem at all….?”

“No, no, no, it’s strange we got here so easily!”

“No, it feels like there were a lot of obstacles… but…. we were breaking through without being particularly aware of it. Our juniors are too dependable.”

Generally speaking, that seems to be the impression we get when we reach the 50th floor… well, Otento’s dungeon was about 50 layers too.


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