LDM 535 – Raid dungeon battle (6)

Tl note: for conversation, I decided to keep senior(senpai) and junior(Kouhai) in English, it won’t make a big difference in meaning, but considering I had already used senior in many previous chapters, it feels better to keep using English word for this specific case since the conversation is using a lot of those words.


Floor 50, in front of the door that leads to the boss room in the dungeon of 10th core.

“What are we going to do? Do we wait for Haku-sama and the others? Or should we go?”

“Well, we’ve come this far, and we’re first in line! let’s go!”

“Ok, let’s go then! If we can wear down the boss, we can expect a reward from Haku-sama!”

My seniors seemed to be very motivated.

“Pardon me, senior, but first, why don’t we check the current strength of the team? For example, how much of Myconid-senior’s plant warrior soldier plant do you have in stock?”

“How many are in stock? Well, about 100 units. It doesn’t matter if you use them all. Haku-sama will reimburse me anyway.”

The Myconid shakes his mushroom head, and a few seeds fall out.

The plant warrior plant soldier is the main force of Myconid’s core, which can be mass-produced with the strength on par with the iron golem. The advantage is that those soldiers can be carried in seed form.

“What about are the vampire and dog senior?”

“Let’s see. Thirty lesser vampires. But I think we’re a little worn out.”

“Please don’t call me dog… Anyway, as you can see, I have 10 shadow wolves, 20 flame wolves, and 10 saint wolves.”

Those wolves are slightly stronger than the Iron Golem on their own.

And because the dog-senior is aware that he would face undead force, he prepared an advantageous attribute in advance; that’s why his force strength can be considered one level higher when he goes against this dungeon.

And lastly, myself with Giant Testor and a Rat Funnel.

“So, what do you think, junior Golem?”

“Why is a junior in charge? Not that I mind tho.”

“I’m not really cut out for leader in group battle. So I’m good with that.”

The seniors look at me (Golem avatar), saying so. The decision was left to me.

Now, which should I choose:


Stand by.

All right, my decision is…

“Okay! Let’s ask Haku-sama for instructions!”

Throw it all to my boss, Haku-sama!

When I said so, the seniors turned their eyes toward me, saying, “EHHH!”

“Well… in this situation, it’s better to report first. If any, this decision was better than charging on your own and getting scolded!”

“That’s true, but…… I thought that the newcomers I have high hope will come out with his original tactic.”

“True, I’d rather have Haku-sama’s direction than being led by my junior, still… it’s a bit of a letdown.”

“I think it’s reasonable.”

But for me, I choose this because this is the easiest.

Let’s say I will be told to think for myself. The responsibility will fall to the supervisor who delegated the task to me.

So even if we go and attack with this team and get wiped out, it is the boss’s responsibility.

If we win, it will be our boss’s decision and our achievement… and our superior is Haku, so she has no choice but to give us direction.

But really, personally, I think this faction is very white(clean/kind); well, it’s Haku’s (white), after all.

I contacted Haku, and she said, “It will take a while to control each floor. Do as you please. You can wait until we regroup, or you can challenge them first. But if you choose to challenge them, please share the result of your battle.”.

She said that even if you can’t beat them, the information you get will be your achievement. I’m glad to have a boss who appreciates my work.

“So, what are we going to do? I think it would be a good idea to have the golem’s junior rat scout this place as well.”

“What a coincidence, Myconid. I was just thinking the same thing! I feel the best course of action.”

“He’s got the easiest piece to be sacrificed after all. So, can you do it, junior?”

“Roger that. That’s what rats are for. Leave it to me, senior.”

I opened the door of the boss’s room and sent a few rats as spearheads.

Inside the room was a large temple-like space. The floor was made of white cobblestones, and the pillars were grooved like those of the Parthenon. The front of the room was several steps higher, as the entrance to a temple. However, the door was closed. Also, the walls were lined with what looked like drawers. There is no doubt that there is something inside.

The whole area looks like a light goddess temple. The holiness that does not reflect the undead was there.

It looks like I can fight it with G-Testor without any problems, but I’m curious to see what kind of gimmicks they have in store.

When the rats reached the center of the room, the entrance door slammed shut.

An old man in luxurious vestments appears at the front, at the entrance to the temple, and at the exit of the boss’s room.

“Oh, it’s 10th core. I’ve seen him at the meeting.”

“Is it really him, Rokuko?”

“Even if it wasn’t, you don’t think there would be any ordinary old man in a place like this, do you?”

“That’s true, too. In any case, this old man is clearly an enemy.”

“Welcome aboard, you little bug–hmm? Oi, where are you?”

The old man scurried around the room.

I and the seniors were sharing the view of the rats outside the door.

“Um, my core says that’s the 10th core. What do you think, senior?”

“Yup, that’s 10th core for sure.”

“It is possible that he is making the monster look like himself, but at least that appearance is him.”

“But still, it’s funny to see him greet a mouse after locking them up. *muffled laugher*”

Okay, at least my seniors agree that was the 10th core.

“Oi, Kehma, were you doubting what I was saying?”

“Not really. But it’s better to get more confirmations.”

While being pinched lightly by Rokuko, I looked at the 10th core with a mouse’s eye.

The 10th core finally noticed the rat’s gaze and then shook his head while raising a metal cane in his hand and shouted,

“What kind of filthy lower life form is this? Hey! Get the hell in here! I know you are at the door! Darkness, take their life–[dark shot]!”

The 10th core shoots dark magic at the rats and makes them disappear. He must be annoyed that his well-dressed greeting was received by a mouse.

“So it’s true that he is the pope of the light god religion…. that means, the cemetery right here is the light god religion cemetery. There should be a lot of traps in there…. perhaps that drawer is full of corpses. I wonder if there’s some undead in there?”

“Judging by its look, I think it’s a human-sized corpse. And if we don’t get in there at once, we’re probably going to have to split up our forces. We need to send either a small elite team or force our way in all at once…”

“The metal cane was made of adamantine. Did he have that equipment made by a human? It has the ability to enhance the magic, but it could also be used for melee attacks. You can never be too careful.”

My seniors looked at the image transmitted by the rat’s vision and analyzed it.

As one would expect from their analytical skills. It seems they are going to show that they are not just a senior in name only.

“…… What do we do? It’s a good enough achievement to confirm the appearance of 10th core? or should we go in?” Asked Myconid-senior as he shook his mushroom head.

Either way is fine since our boss has said [do as you please], so there’s no problem if we lose.

“I wonder… if I send only rats, could I provoke him to come to us? And if he does, let’s wait here and set up an ambush. I think it’s better than going to a place where they might be setting a trap and getting split up while we go in there.”

“The boss can’t leave the boss’s room, so he’s going to send some kind of force, right? Oh, I see, so that’s your aim.”

“I short, our junior will lure a part of their fighting force outside. I see. Even though it is before the boss’s room, there is enough space to fight, so I think it’s a good idea.”

“I never thought of letting the enemy attack while getting attacking inside the enemy’s dungeon…. is this the power of a master?”

The basic principle of dungeon battle is [everything fair]. And it could be argued that you simply build a base before the boss room to buy time.

So, let’s use the strategy of not going into the boss room full of enemy traps and fishing out the enemy.

It is also fine if they don’t get baited; we just need to wait for Haku to group up with us.


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  1. Kensei Seraph says:

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    • Godly Socks says:

      True, I am finding it hard to understand what is going on, Core 10 was said to be on the 9th rank in ch. 154, and the amount of DP that was implied that these top 10 people had in the rank shown alongside the ranking was so massive that Rokuko didn’t even know how to read them because they were over 1 trillion, each one had at least over 1 trillion DP free, ready to be used at any time in their Menu, since apparently the Rank is based on the DP you have available.

      Hard to believe all this ease, I would expect the tier of monsters to increase with each floor, until it reaches ridiculous strong monsters as the base monsters of that floor, with so much DP, I would imagine that the amount these people earn per day is massive, at the rate of millions or tens of millions DP every day to justify they having trillions of DP, with them having a large territory full of humans as a kingdom, or human farms, basically the village of Kheima but much, much larger, so i think is strange not to see ridiculously strong monsters that cost more than 1 million, or tens, hundreds of millions of DP per unit (Ancient Dragon cost 100,000.000 these guys could buy spawner monsters of this tier… ) as being the base monsters from certain floors on, but he is being crushed by a 100,000 DP Golem (Black Steel, not even the best metal, just the nexte tier of golem after iron) that even being modified, doesn’t seem to have given him so much power beyond the magic gloves trick, with a small number of allies that look at such a golem as something amazing, so they don’t look like big shots, meanwhile in the catalog, creatures that cost more than 1 million DP like True Vampires, various types of dragons, great spirits, strong undeads and so on exist that would make a Rank A advanture run for their life, and these people have enough DP to not only buy 1 of them, but buy dozens of spawners of these monsters with their DP or even more.

      Well, I’m waiting to see if there will be some explanation in the future to explain all this ease, maybe 10th doesn’t have any DP farm, no city/kingdom full of humans, and no hidden human farms, and he doesn’t earn a huge amount of DP like millions per day (unlikely, after all, how he could have so much DP on the top 10 no gaining at least that much? cores don’t have more than 700 years I think, if I’m not wrong, 100 cores are created every 100 years, with Ontentoo N. 112 having 400-500 years, chapter 335 said that there’s around a hundred year gap between every hundred cores),so maybe he only earns a measly amount of Dp per day and accumulated it for hundreds of years to reach the 10th Rank without spending almost anything, and using only necromancy to create his minions, so most of them are weak monsters made using the body of humans or other creatures found in the world, which still seems strange and ineffective… imagine buying several high-quality spawners that produce monsters costing millions of DP, then you kill them and use necromancy to create an Undead version of them, and then wait for the respawn to produce them again, or simply buy spawners of a high tier undead from the start, accumulating a high amount of high tier Undead over the years, instead of having to go out in the world and look for such rare creatures that I doubt you will find in every corner.

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