ULMF chapter 009

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Meanwhile, the six demon kings gathered in the King’s Chamber were discussing what they should do about the feeble boy who had suddenly reigned over them.

In addition to blue-haired Butler Elload, white girl Bumpy, and black-haired knight Theodore, there was Gallarus of the [Third rank], a man over three meters in height, Sylvia of the [Fourth rank], a silver-haired beauty, and Bertrand of the [Sixth rank], a blonde knight who sat leaning forward on his seat, looking very intrigued.

The blonde knight Bertrand opens his mouth.

“You know? it’s sad to be an outcast, I won’t question why you exclude Gallarus and Sylvia, but personally, I’m okay with this situation.”

“Bert. I didn’t call you here because you have a habit of running your mouth.”

They were all placed under the boy’s control with no means of resistance, but each of them was a king who reigns at the top of their respective tribes. While some simply accepted the situation and pledged their loyalty in silence, others were unable to.

“I cannot accept it. I just can’t.”

Sylvia, the silver-haired beauty, says quietly.

She had a beauty that would take anyone’s breath away, as well as sharp eyes and canine teeth like a beast.

But she was a proud warrior, which made her more meritocratic than anyone else. She recognized the other five combat abilities, and she understood the compatibility of their affinity. That’s why she was satisfied with her fourth place.

However, she could not give her unreserved approval to someone who had not demonstrated their dominance, and above all, without ever seeing his ability with her own eyes.

Elload opened his mouth as if troubled.

“Unfortunately, our feelings are irrelevant. He rules us without realizing it. I understand that this matter concerns your dignity as Demon King, but I think we have no choice but to acknowledge him and pledge our allegiance to him, don’t you think so?”

Sylvia is stuttering at Elload’s rebuttal. She bites her lower lip as if enduring something.

“I can’t decide so easily.”

“You’re so hardheaded.”

As Bertrand tried to tease her, Sylvia summoned ten swords of light with an oni-like expression.

The swords clad in white lightning letting out [jijiji] sounds were floating around Sylvia with their sword tips pointing toward Bertrand, and the silver aura she emits makes the other five nervous.

The place became noisy for a moment, but silence fell again when the white girl, Bumpy, said,

“What if we could go out?”

That’s right. In truth, they all are kings in a cage.

They could come and go between their world and the castle, but not to the outside world the players were in because the path was still blocked by an absolute door called the Dead Gate.

And it’s been a long-held dream of the demon kings to enter the outside world.

Hearing this, Gallarus and Bertrand exclaimed with delight, “Oh!?” and let out a joyful cry.

Sylvia grimly extinguished her sword and sat down on her throne while silencing herself.

“How fascinating! If he could transport us to the outside world, it would put an end to hundreds of years of boredom. Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to swear our allegiance.”

“You just want to take advantage of him, don’t you?”

Gallarus slowly rises his huge frame and smiles broadly. Bertrand followed suit and stood up from his throne.

“That’s not the whole story. Sit down.”

Theodore says quietly, keeping his eyes down.

Gallarus put his hand to his beard and looked down at the dark-haired knight with interest.

“Did you, by any chance, speak to me?”

“Yes. I am telling you to sit down.”

“Don’t get cocky, you fifth rank.”

The black and red auras ooze from the two men’s respective bodies, and the building begins to shake with a screeching, crackling sound.

Bertrand, laughing at the amusement in his sight, while Elload sighed over the usual scene – but immediately, all six kings sensed something and turned their gazes in the same direction.

It was the direction of Syutaro’s room.

* * * * * *

When the light subsided, something is rested in Syutaro’s hands – it’s [Punio].

As a result of setting Punio as a base because Syutaro wanted to keep it as it was, there was a significant change in its appearance, although no change had occurred in its shape.

Punio was initially a bright blue liquid now had changed into a somewhat disastrous object that looked like a night that had swallowed a mix of various colors inside of it. Nevertheless, it still has the same feel as it used to when he touches it, and in Syutaro’s mind, it is still his pet as ever.

And after being petted, Punio once again shakes its body happily.

But to no one knowledge, a terrible change has happened elsewhere…

“My Lord! What’s going on?”

Elload entered looking unusually agitated, followed by the five of them altogether.

Then, seeing that evil slime in Syutaro’s hands, they all at once became more alert.

“….My Lord, what’s that?”

“Oh, this is Punio I summoned a while ago. It changed color when I synthesized it.”

“ “ “ “ “ “ ! ! ! ! ! ! “ “ “ “ “ “

Hearing the word [synthesized], cold sweat broke out on everyone’s backs. Syutaro only casually used mob synthesis, but that was enough of a threat to freeze the six Demon Kings in place.

“We’re sorry for barging in with such a large group of people….”

“Oh, don’t worry. This is everyone’s home. And I’m your housemate now.”

Syutaro innocently smiled as he said that.

The six people quickly fled their Master’s room, leaving him alone as he was busy playing with the evil slimes, and Sylvia was drenched in sweat while unable to stop her trembling body.

“You all feel that all mobs in the prison camp have disappeared, didn’t you? And there also signs of their rebirth into larger beings.”

Everyone nodded silently at Elload’s impatient words.

“So that was synthesis. I was surprised… I could only interpret it as a forbidden power that swallows many prisoners of war to create new beings.”

“Besides, I don’t think the guys in the camps agreed to it since they have neither reason nor will to do so. I see… the [Familiar Bond] has the power to enforce the law without veto, right? A-Ha-ha-ha ……”

The two are also feeling a fear of death that they have never felt since they were born, and like beasts with their fangs pulled out, and their earlier bravado is gone.

They had met opponents whom they [didn’t think they could beat], but this was the first time they had ever felt that they [didn’t want to fight].

But to be precise, they had no [right] to fight.

“We can’t even hurt our Lord with our power, and there’s a good chance that we will get synthesized

into that slime depending on our Lord’s mood – just as nourishment.”

Of course, this was not what Syutaro intended, but from the demon king’s point of view, he possessed the demonic power that could not only completely nullify the attacks of his dependents but also forcefully synthesize them into other creatures.

The Demon Kings, who had absolute defenses against attacks from all vectors, felt the fear from the core of their hearts for the first time, and the fear was powerful enough to break their pride and dignity.

“No means to attack and no means to defend… if the power I wield had no meaning before him, then I will not hesitate to pledge my allegiance to the Lord.”

Sylvia’s wolf ears drooped helplessly.

Gallarus, who had planned to use Syutaro, and Bertrand, who had never gotten along with her, agreed with Sylvia for once.

One fright is enough to make the Demon Kings pledge their loyalty–

A halfway competent person would have ridiculed it as cowardice. However, the people gathered here are living legends who have fought a hundred battles. They see things in a different dimension.

And that’s how Syutaro had forcibly brought the six Demon Kings under his control, simply by accidentally synthesizing and strengthening a pet slime.


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  1. RKADE 14 says:

    I can imagine how scary it is, you’ve fought and killed millions, but are useless in the face of one person, you can’t attack them in any way and you can also just die (get synthesized) with just a touch of a button (or a few).

    It’s like some stranger had a button that could end your life and you couldn’t do anything about it.

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