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Syutaro was in his room, checking on the status of Punio.

Unbeknown to him, the six kings have been scared to death and now swearing absolute allegiance to him behind the scenes, but the ever-clueless Syutaro engrossed himself in petting Punio.

(Since this is dungeon mobs, I wonder if there is a function dedicated to looking at Punio status?)

It was easy to find it after a bit of search.

It was an option dedicated to observing Dungeon’s familiar. If Syutaro wants it, he could also peek into the Demon king’s status, but Syutaro feels that would be equivalent to peeping into someone else’s private life, so he only looks at Punio’s.

name: Punio

Race:Abyss Slime


LP [7,441,829 / 7,441,829].

MP [5,171,800 / 5,171,800].

STR 3709

VIT 5015

AGI 3197

DEX 4903

MAG 5572

LUK 4606

Inherent Skill: Shape Change

Total Resistance Lv.1

EX Poison Attack Lv.1

Chaos Magic Lv.1

Undead Magic Lv.1

Absorption Lv.1

A bit overwhelmed with so many details beyond his imagination, Syutaro opened “All Resistance” and read the description.

Details: [All Resistance].

Physical resistance

Wind resistance

Magic resistance

Light resistance

Fire Resistance

Darkness Resistance

Water resistance

Holy resistance

Earth Resistance

Undead Resistance

Syutaro’s reaction when he saw this was

(Good, if Punio has so much resistance, it will not be easily defeated!).

After that, Syutaro continued to read various skills of Punio, but soon after, he got bored and started to play with Punio.

After all, Syutaro’s knowledge was only about 80% of the strategy articles in [(Beta Tester) Yoritsura Go!], and since the maximum level the player could achieve during the beta was around 40, it was inevitable that he did not how ridiculous Punio’s skills are.

Even if we only consider [All Resistance], it already can halve the power of all attacks, and, not surprisingly, Punio, which synthesized and absorbed numerous [Boss Mobs], was also given the [Boss] characteristic.

Just like Dullahan, a [Boss] trait will halve all attacks below Dullahan level, but since Punio also has [All Resistance], all attacks from opponents below level 108 will be reduced by a factor of four.

And at this point, Punio had already exceeded the status of the boss mobs that appear in the final stages of the game.

* * * * *

The great city of Aristolas was shrouded in darkness at night, giving the players the impression that they were imprisoned in a cage.

They wrapped themselves in modest blankets inside a crude inn that resembles a storage room, and now they are about to finish the first day of the never-ending hell game.

The atmosphere difference between the players and the NPCs is stunning: even though it is after 11:00 p.m., the shopping district is bustling with activity, adventurous-looking men are making noise in the bars, and beautiful women are inviting people into the back alleys.

The anomaly for the player is just another day in the life of the NPCs.

“I wonder. How much does it cost to go to a brothel?”

“Idiot. I don’t know if I can afford another bread for tomorrow. How could you even think to go to a brothel?”

Two players slowly climbed up the stairs inside the castle walls while conversing about such things.

The top of the wall was chilly and windy, and only the torches placed at equal intervals provided comfort and warmth.

People gathered on top of the 8-meter-thick, 20-meter-high walls. A quick glance reveals about 50 players in their sight. Some armed men are gathered while listening to people in dull armor.

“The mobs are most active at night, increasing the likelihood of a [invasion], and our job is to prevent an invasion from occurring. If anyone finds a small group of monsters, please contact us, and we will send a team to their location right away!”

What is [invasion]?

At night, mobs become more active, and in rare cases, a stronger mob may appear. The mobs then will form a group around themselves and continue to expand their power.

As their power grows, they will be unable to provide food solely from their territory, and they will attack towns and cities where people live – this attack is called an [invasion].

It is a common sight in nature to see hungry beasts descending on inhabited areas. An invasion is similar to that.

That’s why NPC gatekeepers are placed to guard the town gates, but depending on the size of the invasion, they may not be able to prevent it. It will then cause a collapse of the safety of the town, and if that happens, not only everyone will lose the place to rest, the chaos will happen naturally, and as a matter of course, fighting in the chaos will be extremely difficult, and it was inventible that such situation will produce a large amount of causality.

In a short period of one month in a beta period, the town was attacked twice by [invasion], both causing extensive damage. Now that the game had become a death game, the invasion was a problem that had to be stopped with the highest priority.

To prevent this invasion from occurring, the [Monshou] Guild and other volunteer players stand guard at night on the massive walls that rise up around the city, always on the lookout for groups of mobs.

On top of the wall, four knights stood guard while looking over the deep forest that could be seen from it. One of them calls out to the cloaked man.

“Hey, Wataru… Wasn’t that reckless?”

Wataru and Alba are among them.

The [holy knight] Wataru had gained the highest level during the beta test period and reigned at the top of the ranking.

Alba, the [Cavalry], is the second of the [Monshou] Guild, is always at the forefront, destroying enemies with overwhelming firepower and rallying his allies.

The presence of these two men, who are rumored to be the most powerful players in the guild, has attracted a large number of volunteer players. And it worked out for them since this was their goal from the beginning.


Wataru flaps his robe decorated with his guild’s emblem on it and answers without taking his eyes off the forest.

“If we stay in the city, we’ll be safe, supplies and all of that…..”

“You may be right. Honestly, that was a moon shot.” {tldr: long shot}

“Eh!? What are you going to do then?”

Wataru smiles calmly at the anxious man.

That was certainly a moon shot, but the ideal situation relied on a difficult and labor-intensive initiative calculated backward from the future results. However, if they can make their words come true, the outcome will be phenomenal.

It could be argued that what Wataru want to achieve was even more difficult than the plan to put man on the moon like some former president of certain United States initiated. This was almost as if Wataru set himself up for failure.

But Wataru is serious, and Alba believes and is committed to making Wataru’s words a reality. Many players did find hope in the two positive attitudes and abilities, and thanks to them, many were able to pull themselves out of despair.

“But if we didn’t do it, many people will probably turn to violence. For now, take it easy and don’t rush it. People who are willing to fight are a precious asset.”

The man nods his head as if he has decided to do the right thing and returns to his post in response to Wataru’s words.

The north gate, south gate, west gate, and east gate.

There are other exits, but the players have gathered on top of the four main gates to guard the invasion tonight.

Illuminated by torches erected at equal intervals on the huge walls surrounding the city, the torches provided some view of the open field, making it possible to see the ominous forest. That’s why many people were gathered at the north gate, where Wataru and his group were located.

“If we have to guard at night while things are so tense, the stress will be enormous.”

With the flickering torch flames reflected on the huge sword on his back, Alba folded his arms and muttered worriedly as he stared at the people moving one after another to the top of the city walls.

“We will not be able to recover if we cut corners in this matter. The number of night-visioned skill holders and long-range attackers who can fight is limited, and relying on them every day is difficult. All that remains is to see if Flame and her team can track down that unique skill holder.”

Alba’s concern was understandable. Even if they only kept watch from the top of the city walls, it would take a large number of people to cover the entire area of Aristolas, especially if this condition continued day after day and night after night.

“In the current situation, there’s one indispensable skill, but only one person had this skill in beta.”

“If it’s what our informant Yoritsura says, then there’s no doubt about it. And there were only 100 players back then. Now there are 350,000. So I think it’s worth looking for.”

Unique skills are unique gifts given at the sole discretion of the mother AI. They are sometimes given to players with skills that have nothing to do with their occupation, weapons, or status.

Some of them are a bit of a disappointment, for example, an ability to produce a glowing slash, but they have also confirmed that some of them is an ability that can even change the terrain.

Nevertheless, in addition to overcrowding, lack of money, food shortages, invasions, security stress, and lack of manpower, there is one more problem plaguing Wataru and others.

“How is Kid’s mental state?”

“I don’t know. He seems to be less out of control than he was at first, but at any rate, he seems to be obsessed with revenge.”

“I see. If what he says is accurate, it’s worrying to know that man still alive.”

Just a few hours ago, the [Monshou] guild attack team was making its way through the Iriana Tunnel when they came across a disoriented player – that player is Kid.

The PK who attacked him killed two of his friends in front of him has left him half-dead.

It was an asset for [Monshou] side that Kid was not killed, for he was known as one of the best beta players, but Wataru thought otherwise. He could not help but feel that Kid himself was a big time bomb.

(Kid was hell-bent on vengeance, and that [Black Dog] knows there was no way I would let Kid go alone. What [Black Dog] wants the most is for me to send out more people his way.)

The wind brushes Wataru’s hair, and he simply stares out into the abyssal forest.

The long, long first day of the death game of [Eternity] was about to end.


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