ULMF – Chapter 015

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Syutaro returned to the room where the dungeon core was located.

Bumpy had left the room to report to the other demon kings, and while she had initially been nearby as a “monitor” rather than an escort, she had willingly left her position this time.

(Did she like the modification of her world?)

Thinking about this, Syutaro took another look at the dungeon core room. The room was quite large, but it was empty.

The core is the most important thing in the dungeon, so it is an ironclad rule to hide it so that it will not be destroyed, but Syutaro, not knowing this theory, hummed and began to operate the menu screen.

Spatial expansion <Super> —.

A huge amount of points are decreasing.

The dungeon core shines in the sky far above the room, which has been expanded so widely that even the ceiling is obscured by the haze from one end of the room to the other.

Spatial transformation <Grassland>–

In the blink of an eye, the pitch-black space is transformed into a meadow.

The light from the dungeon core serves as the sun, and there’s a gentle breeze blowing, making the air feel nice.

From there, he cultivates the grassland and builds a town, just as he did in Bumpy’s world.

This time, Syutaro builds facilities from one end to the other simply because he can.

He built a blacksmith shop, weapon shop, armor shop, general store, inn, pharmacy, botanical garden, farm, ranch, arena, training center, church, tavern, library, hospital, cemetery, castle, and other small things such as street lamps and benches. And after paving the roads, he began to select the [inhabitants].

 “I don’t know which one to choose.”

With hands-on his hips and an audible sigh, Syutaro stared at the menu screen.

No matter how much he scrolled through, there was no end in sight to the dungeon mob directory. They included the mob unlocked by achievement rewards, those who lived in the world of the demon kings, and even those that had been imprisoned there.

In the meantime, it seems that the achievement rewards kept increasing.

While collecting them, Syutaro who was not sure what to do, decided to choose the one he liked best.

The blacksmith shop was to be manned by a powerful giant, the weapon and armor shops by a Lizard due to their militarized appearance, the wandering merchant caravan by a Beastman, and the general store, pharmacy, and schoolhouse by an intelligent Elf.

Hoping to make the friends that the Demon Kings refused to have, Syutaro summoned the smart humanoid types from the catalog. He specifically summoned the ones that he could expect to have a dialogue with each other

And he gives them three instructions.

Do not neglect self-discipline.

Respect each other and build a better town.

Protect the core.

In addition to shops, Syutaro has set up an arena, a training hall, and a school.

This will allow the humanoid races to train and study independently, as well as compete in the arena on a regular basis.

Syutaro nodded his head in satisfaction as he gazed at the bustling town and began to doze off, perhaps because he had been reading so much small text for so long.

But he doesn’t know–

That each of the facilities he had casually set up had its own significance. The arena, training hall, and school building, in particular, are extremely important facilities.

Only the absence of a king is notable in this location, but that may change in the future. If no king was born, Syutaro thought, he could ask Punio to become King.

Syutaro began to nap on the hill, hoping for the birth of a King, while tightly hugging Punio in his arms.

However, due to the effect of “Acceleration in Sleep”, a function added by the achievement unlock, this town grew unintentionally and at an accelerated rate while Syutaro was unconscious.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the King’s Hall, Bumpy, the white girl, was sharing information with other Demon Kings about a strange skill called dungeon, which Syutaro had explained.

What is a dungeon?

How should one behave in a dungeon?


If you lose the master, the dungeon will be destroyed.

If the dungeon core is destroyed, they all will die.

“How many hundreds of years have I waited for this exciting thing to happen? I haven’t felt this excited in hundreds of years. Right, Theodore!?”

The giant Gallarus laughs boldly.

He seems to be extremely unconcerned about the possibility of the dungeon core being destroyed or even his own death.

Theodore, the dark-haired knight, makes no reply but looks at Bumpy and opens his mouth.

“So… all we have to do, in addition to protecting our Lord, is to protect that core or whatever it is?”

Bumpy looked at him and said,

“Yes. But right now, that place is an empty space; if someone were to enter without anyone knowing, it would be easily destroyed.”

The butler Elload responds to this with a furrowed brow.

“Do you think anyone can get in without us noticing?”

“There is a possibility of unknown skills like our Lord’s. We can’t deny that possibility.”

Theodore nodded in agreement with Bumpy’s answer.

Elload, too, was convinced and remained silent.

“I’d be more comfortable guarding the core than the Lord.”

“Then let me do that for today. Let’s treat it as preparation before we enter the outside world!”

Elload sighs in exhaustion at the blonde knight Bertrand and the giant Gallarus’s happy attitude about this matter.

Even though they are ranked their strength is almost equal, so there is no hierarchy among them, Gallarus and Bertrand, who are especially far from being loyal, were listening to the report as if it were someone else’s business, and their attitude seemed to indicate that they did not care about Syutaro at all.

“I understand everything I heard about the report, I will ask the Gallarus to protect the master this time, and I will ask Bertrand to protect the core. That should be enough. If there is nothing else, should we will disband?”

Bumpy clenches her left fist in annoyance in response to Elload’s remark.

“My Lord’s skills are still full of untapped potential. He has given meaning to my world, which was called the land of the dead, and above all, he is a vessel worthy of my loyalty.”

At Bumpy’s words, everyone stopped moving.

As the ruler of the undead, she was bestowed the queen of death and the queen of ice nickname, which is why her reaction has piqued Gallarus interest. She is someone who has never shown an expression before and is now saying such a thing about loyalty to her master.

“Hou? You, as the second-ranked, had to say that much? I thought he was just someone who happened to be a king, but in this case, I’ll try to have a positive dialogue with him. I am interested in what the outside world had in store for us.”

Gallarus tone was genuinely impressed.

Everyone noticed that desire was the only thing that was important to him, but no one blamed him.

Sylvia, who had been silent up to this point, looks at Bumpy and calls out to her.

“Is something happened to you?”

“No, nothing is.”

“I see. Because you look…  well… happy.”


Bumpy was taken aback by Sylvia’s words.

But that was short-lived, as her face turned expressionless again, and she simply spat out, “That’s all I have to report,” and quickly returned to her own world.

“Then I’ll be on my way to guard our Lord.”

“Me too. I’ll be on my way to protect the core.”

And after almost everyone had left, only Elload and Sylvia were still seated in the King’s Hall.

Elload let out a sigh and then said, “Oh dear,” and took out a book while Sylvia crossed her arms with a difficult look on her face.

“Oi, what’s wrong with her? that was very weird.”

Sylvia complained anxiously.

Elload flipped through the book, looked at Silvia, and said,

“…that was something you would never understand.”

“What did you mean!!?”

Seeing Sylvia reflexively deploying the White Lightning Sword, Elload complained in his mind, “That’s exactly what I mean.”.

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