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The sound of hoofs echoes through the dimly lit tunnels.

Alba was heading for the coordinates that Misaki saw with her [life-sense] riding a warhorse that was conjured by the unique [Black Horse] skill; his horse neighs powerfully as he rushed through the Iriana Tunnel like a black storm.

His unique skill has the effect of creating a black horse with LP and speed based on its user stats.

Unlike summoner or tamer, which fill party slots with its mobs, Alba’s black horse is a rare skill that is categorized the horse as a tool (item).

Thanks to this ability, Alba has exceptional mobility.

While kicking away the Iriana Spider, goblins, and Iriana Bat that block his way, he proceeds to check the map frequently.


Alba felt a little uneasy, so he returned to the road he had just taken while maintaining his speed.


A small green creature appears in front of him again.

This ugly-looking creature, clad in filthy cloth, is a goblin, one of the representatives of the fantasy world.

Immediately crushed by Alba’s [Charge], they become an experience and money.

(Is it a stray mob? Still, there were many of them…)

Now Alba had arrived at the location of the coordinates.

It was a huge, dark, open settlement, with a chorus of toad-like voices coming from all over the place.

And what was revealed by the burning torches that scattered with the unpleasant smell was something that made Alba shudders.

(What is this scale? This has never happened before in the Beta Period.)

Those small green creatures are everywhere as far as his eye can see.

Some are equipped with only a dirty cloth around their waists, others are well-armed, and some are exceptionally large. It was obvious at first glance that the one sitting in the center was probably the leader of this invasion.

Wood, cordage, and stone were among the items they were transporting. Others have been spotted tempering with a hot iron to make weapons as if there is some sort of purpose behind their actions.

Misaki thought there were 100 of them, but the invasion was clearly much larger than that, and if the information she had at the time was accurate, the invasion would only grow worse with time.

(The goblin species’ original territory was around Uru Water Gate. If they have been here since after devouring that place, then the scale of this invasion makes sense…)

In any case, he can’t do anything about it right now. Alba took great care not to draw attention to himself as he mounted his black horse, texted Wataru and the others, and rode away down the road he had come from.

 * * *

Wataru receives the report from Alba.

Flame, sitting next to him, speechless at its contents with his eyes wide open, while Misaki, who knew nothing about it, tilted her head curiously.

“It’s more than I imagined…”

The bead of sweat covered Wataru’s forehead.

Flame scrolled through the reports and sent them to Misaki so she didn’t get out of the loop.

The goblin is a Native species in Uru Water Gate, its territory. They are very cunning, but their fighting ability is low, and they are weak against magic. They have a high reproductive capacity, can multiply over a short period of time, and act in groups to a certain extent. Their weak elements are (all). Levels ranged from 5 to 7.

Goblin Mages are a derivative of the goblin species that appear in the Kalloa Castle Town area. They are said to have learned to use magic after obtaining a grimoire and staff of defeated adventurers. They can use fire- and water-based magic. Their weak elements are (all). Levels ranged from 11 to 15.

Goblin Soldiers are a derivative of the goblin species that appear in the Kalloa Castle Town area. They wear the swords and armor of defeated adventurers and have fought many battles. Their weak elements are (all). Levels ranged from 11 to 15.

Goblin Thief: A derivative of the goblin species. They have blue bodies instead of the usual green and are said to have a habit of storing items they have collected or looted in their pouches. Their weak elements are (all). Levels ranged from 8 to 10

Even Misaki, who is not familiar with games, has heard of goblins, but Flame’s email has further described it in detail, and when she saw the bottom section of it, she realized the seriousness of the situation – and when she scrolled down to the very last section, Misaki involuntarily muttered to herself, “Impossible….”.

Goblin King is a derivative of the goblin species that rarely appears in the Kalloa Castle Town area. They have the “boss trait” and will raise the status of the goblin species they lead with their high intelligence and fighting ability. Their weak elements are (all). Levels ranged from 35-40.

Level 35 to 40.

If such a monster attacks Aristolas, a city with numerous level 1 non-combatants, even Misaki gets goosebumps and can imagine how much despair this would bring.

“What do we do, Wataru?”

Flame asked lifelessly.

Wataru, who had been silent for some time, opened his eyes.

“Of course, we will still attack. The invasion will only become more and more powerful as time goes by.”

“It will be risky, but I agree with you.”

Unlike Misaki, who was overcome with despair, the two members of the Monshou were calm – or one should say they were already prepared.

Flame got up from her seat and took out some papers.

One is a document addressed to the Adventurers’ Guild. Others are carefully planned tactics written in meticulous detail.

“I will apply the quest to Adventurers’ Guild. Wataru, after reading this, calls the guild members, assign different roles to the highly skilled and less skilled members, and communicates the plan to them.”

Surprisingly, Flame had assembled a plan in case of goblin invasion.

It was a prediction in advance based on the mob, location, and scale. Now that the information from Alba has been applied, the previously constructed strategy has advanced to its maximum efficiency.

Wataru stood up and said, “understood,” and walked out the door of the Adventurers’ Guild.

The remaining Misaki clenched her fists tightly.

Is it okay for me to just stand by and watch? She wanted to ask.


And just as Misaki is about to stop Flame on her way to the reception desk.

“I will fight! We, as Players, have the potential to be equally strong, but it’s ridiculous to put people in impossible danger!”

Understood what she meant, Misaki’s hands were shaking.

She’s a level 3 player with no combat experience.

All she had was an unreliable bow that she had never fired.

Flame turned to Misaki with a stern look on his face.

“The invasion can kill even beta testers. This time, in addition to the best possible strategy, the odds of winning are 60-70% in our favor in terms of our strength.”


“Listen, your skills are very rare and valuable. We cannot risk losing such ability for the sake of our future.”

Flame hugged Misaki, she felt as if Flame was saying goodbye for good, and tears naturally welled up in Misaki’s eyes.

It was a fact that it was beyond dangerous and reckless to let a level 3 player with no combat experience accompany them on this mission.

Even the weakest goblins are level 5.

The situation was so urgent, and it was ridiculous to expect Wataru or Alba to fight while protecting her while they were fighting.

“If you are willing to do your best for this city, I would like you to use your [life-sense] to check for the invasion’s progress, and if the invasion in the tunnels has not disappeared, I would like you to quickly evacuate the city.”

Even as she said this, Flame understood that her words were merely an empty assurance.

The defeat of the Guild of Monshou, the best force in the city, would mean the fall of Aristolas at the same time. After that, where on earth would the non-combatants go for refuge?

Misaki is also aware of this.

Even though she was understood, all she could do was stay silent in her embrace.

Because she knew Flame had no more option.

Flame did not leave until Misaki calmed down.

After Misaki’s sobs were over, Flame gently removed her hand and went to the reception desk.

“Excuse me. I’ve discovered a goblin settlement in the Iriana Tunnel, and I’d like to report it.”

With that as a cue, the atmosphere in the adventurers’ guild, which had previously been relaxed, suddenly became hectic.

This is the NPC action pattern when an invasion occurs.

NPCs, from soldiers to adventurers in the city, would take up arms and join the battle. But the level of NPCs in Aristolas ranged from 1 to 15, so they are not much of a force to be reckoned with.

With an impatient expression, a receptionist NPC placed a large piece of paper on the quest board.

It was inscribed with the words [Grand Quest].

What is the Grand Quest?

Quest has a maximum number of people who can participate in it. The Grand Quest was an exception for it. The number of participants for this is unlimited.

Flame walked out of the Adventurers’ Guild.

Wataru is probably in the process of informing the remaining members of the guild about the plan, and Flame looks up at the heavens with an anxious look on her face.

(Night will fall upon us soon…)

She thought as the scarlet sky turned eerie darkness.


Grand Quest

Description of the request: Wipe out a goblin settlement

Client’s name: Adventurers’ Guild

Duration: Unlimited

Number of people to be recruited: Unlimited

Request Detail: To exterminate a goblin settlement in the Iriana Tunnel. Due to the possibility of an invasion, we would like to organize a strike team as soon as possible.



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