LDM 529 – Preparing for Dungeon Battles (4)

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The conclusion that Rei drew from her deep thinking was that what they needed is the ability to break through the frontlines without taking many punishments and the ability to charge into the frontline. In short, she needs something with the ability to smash and pass through everything.

This is a dungeon battle, a war in which other dungeon cores are also involved.

If it is simply an ordinary war, it’s stronger to fight in unison, but it’s a war for merits, so you should march ahead of the other core and get many achievements yourself.

Running alone is dangerous because you will be surrounded by the enemy. So she will need not just firepower. Appropriate defensive strength is also necessary.

The speed should be more than adequate. I won’t do you any good if you are too fast, but it is worse if you are too slow.

Rei has been entrusted with a budget of 500,000 DP, but she should do it conservatively. This is because Kehma is a cheapskate, or rather, a thrifty person. If Rei could get it done on the cheap, he would praise her for it.

So Rei looked through the catalogs and found a great monster that fulfilled those requirements.

* * *

“So here it is. Please take a look!”

Rei requested a meeting in the arena so she could do the unveiling, and the monster prepared by Rei appeared as if growing out of the ground. is–

–A huge monster. It’s a Giant Black Steel Golem.

It’s 14 meters tall. With this height, it could be called a giant robot already. Unlike ordinary golems, which are stocky and bulky, the Giant Black Steel Golem had a slender, inverted-triangular body that seemed to be made of pricy materials.

The golem has an intimidating presence as if it has enough speed to catch up with you even if you ran to the arena’s edge.

The name black steel is an indication that the material is literally made up of pure black steel. And it makes the processing difficulty higher than ordinary steel, but thanks to that, it becomes more resistant to attack.

Its ability to absorb mana is also very good, giving it more HP and mobility than regular golems.

The Giant Golem, made of black steel, is simply strong. That’s the only way to describe it.

“Giant Black Steel Golem, huh? I didn’t know there was such a thing…”

“Yes! It was listed in the boss class monster categories. You can hollow out the contents of this golem and put in a piloting monster that has [storage]. And when the golem is damaged, Master can secretly repair it from inside! It will have great sustainability!”

…Yeah, I wish I had prepared the monsters as usual.

The Giant Black Steel Golem poses with its arms raised. Ugh, it looks like it would shake a lot if you ride inside it.

“How much did it cost, by the way?”

“Yes! The Black Steel Giant cost approximately 100,000 DP! And if you could further plate it with orichalcum, it would be perfect!”

“The orichalcum plating is too conspicuous. It would reveal my card too much.”

But even without that, Rei’s choice is a disappointment in so many ways. How should I say this?

“I could have made you a golem if you’d told me.”


“… and this guy has some serious drawbacks.”

“Eh! What is it?”

Indeed, it’s strong. It won’t be bad to add this to war forces, and in fact, this could be a vital asset.

With its huge body composed of black steel, it would easily collapse the formation and create a lot of casuality for the enemy by rolling this golem to their front line. At a glance, it is a strong and troublesome opponent.


“The place we are about to attack is a dungeon, so it could most likely be an indoor room. Can this thing get through the corridor?”


There is no problem if the war location is outdoors or in a very large room such as an arena. But in a dungeon passageway, this thing is likely to get stuck and block the way. I forgot to mention this to Rei, but ideally, the attackers should keep the monster size about [large humans], or they’ll have problems with the attack.

“… it doesn’t look like we’re going to be able to get this giant golem out from this arena.”

“….b-but, if it’s dungeon core No. 10, it’s dungeon surely magnificent enough to let it pass through!”

“Yeah, it’s nice to be optimistic, but let’s be realistic.”

“Ugh, that was a blind spot…”

“Well, this is going to be a fine asset, and I can use it in this dungeon. If you register it at the boss spawner and duplicate it, it will become a good source of black steel, so at least it won’t go to waste.”

Rei’s choice might be a disappointment, but it was a good opportunity to get a copy of a high-level iron material that I had been thinking about getting my hands on.

Besides, I had another good idea other than to use it as a material.

“Rei, I’ll adopt your idea to overwhelm them with a big monster.”

“What? Oh, but I thought it won’t be able to get through the corridor?”

“I have an idea. Well, leave it to m–no, I will need your help, okay?”

“…y-yes! Let me be of service!”

I immediately registered the golem as a boss spawn and began working with Rei to create a secret weapon for dungeon battles using the black steel golem as material.

–my idea is… a [Combined Robot]! {gataiii!!}


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