ULMF – Chapter 020

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The giant Gallarus and the blond knight Bertrand were walking together on the path to the space where the dungeon core was located.

The two had met up because Syutaro seemed to be in the space of the dungeon core, and their destinations overlapped.

“What are the strong men of the outside world like?”

“I’d like to move to a quieter, calmer place.”

Gallarus laugh vigorously while Bertrand laughs cunningly.

They were talking about the dungeon opening tomorrow, and both of them were planning to do whatever they wanted to do once they were outside.

They recognized Syutaro’s power, but in their hearts, they saw him as nothing more than a convenient means of transportation to the outside world.

Among the demon kings, these two were particularly selfish and often clashed with the righteous ones like Sylvia and Theodore.

“Taking my sister out to play, eating nice food from the outside world, and sleeping as long as I want is some of the things I plan to do. I’m excited about it.”

Bertrand pushes a cigarette-like thing around in his mouth with a happy grin on his face.

Astonished, Gallarus stares down at the man next to him.

“A man without ambition as ever, you, as king, should be looking forward to amassing more followers.”

“Sure, sure. Say what you want. Unlike your majesty, I am a selfless man.”

As they climbed the stairs, the two men were speechless at the sight that spread out before them.

“Oi, since when did this space become ‘world’?”

“Miss Bumpy didn’t say anything about this.”

Abundant meadows stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction.

The water in the lake was crystal clear, and in the sky above it, a strange sphere of light beamed brightly down on the “city”.

The passage of time in this area was different from that of the other rooms, and what was once a simple collection of buildings had transformed into a magnificent city as a result of the acceleration mechanism that was enabled when Syutaro went asleep.

“Let me try to search for our Lord [reaction]… oh, over there…”

Nevertheless, this space has become much larger than it was before.

It would appear that Syutaro was located on the opposite side of the city, and after Gallarus and Bertrand took a moment to glance at each other, they entered the newly formed city.

The city was built around Syutaro’s ideal world.

Humanoid mobs of many races coexist peacefully, each with their own stores and families.

People work based on the strengths and weaknesses of each race, illustrating the proverb “the right person for the right job.” They speak a common language, and despite cultural differences, the linguistic barrier has been broken down.

Some children running past the two kings show features they’ve never seen before, indicating that this world was a place where “interracial marriages” were permitted.

Some of them had great potential, and it seems that a higher species is also being born here.

“Look… these swords and pickaxes. Can you believe this? The technology of the Giant, the Lizardman, and the Elves have all been combined into one blade.”

“It’s pretty good, too… ah, so that’s what Miss Bumpy means by our Lord’s greatness.”

It can be seen that the level of armed forces passing through the city is also quite high. This was the result of the inhabitants here not neglecting their training in the arena and training centers and elevating their status and skill levels to a higher level.

The skills they have cultivated have been passed on to their children and grandchildren, and many of them possess superior race characteristics. They deepened their understanding of different cultures at schoolhouses and other places, absorbed knowledge from various books, and formed bonds by learning together.

This is an ideal world, even from the perspective of the two demon kings.

“…so much?”

Gallarus regarded himself highly and took satisfaction in being the best king because no one dared to resist him in his own realm of unending strife.

The overwhelmingly strong man, the King’s vessel.

That was Gallarus’s pride, a source of his confidence and honor.

Despite having unified his own realm, he desired to enter the mysterious world of the outer world, which he only knew from old stories. He believes that as an absolute ruler, he should unify and reign over all realms, even the worlds of other demon kings.

But what about this world?

This world is full of things that Gallarus’s world lacked.

(Would my world, the world of the supreme king, have such vitality? Is there such a high level of technology? What about the interspecies conflicts? Discrimination? Was there abundant nature?)

Gallarus has always believed that power should be flaunted.

He had always believed that a King was supposed to rule over others.

Gallarus laughed at the pleasant feeling of defeat, as if all of his perceptions had been turned upside down, and exhaled, “Fuuh…”

“Bart. No longer will I underestimate him.”


The rant against the master who can create such a great civilization as well his contemptuous attitude only demonstrates how shallow he is, as the one who could only think in terms of strength.

Gallarus was painfully aware that as a king’s vessel, he was in every way inferior to Syutaro.

Bertrand, on the other hand, could only look up at the sky after seeing the elven woman surrounded by so many children.

* * *

Syutaro was operating the menu screen when the two of them arrived at a small hill where he’s at. He then notices them and stands up with a surprised and happy smile on his face.

“What are you two doing? Going for a walk?”

His carefree smile gave both of them the feeling that their hearts were being cut into pieces. They felt as if they had been forced to recognize how noble their Lord was yet again, which didn’t seem to mind their numerous rude attitudes.

“My Lord–“

The two kneeled down on one knee and bowed.

Syutaro was stunned by their sudden change.

“I, Gallarus, the third rank Demon King, have come to escort you.”

“I, Bertrand, the sixth rank Demon King, am here to escort you.”

Syutaro was half resigned after seeing this and remembering Bumpy’s response, [I can’t hope for friendships anymore if they’re like this…], and after making them raise their heads, he decided to ask their thoughts on this town he had created.

“I apologize for my rudeness; I had no idea you had such abilities, and I have been continually surprised by the unknown sights I have seen along the way,” Gallarus said.

“I didn’t do much; all I did was set up the facility, and it’s been less than an hour since I built this place, so there’s still a lot to do!”

He responded in a matter-of-fact tone.

Syutaro, by the way, had only just awoken a few minutes before. As a result, he was completely unaware of the changes in town and continued to speak as if nothing had happened.

Gallarus was again astonished by Syutaro’s words.

(How could he have built such a complex civilization and built such power in such a short time? No, it’s true that this was an empty space until a few moments ago. If that’s the case, in less than a day, this city could overpower my army and possibly the entire demon king’s army….)

For Syutaro, it was an hour during which he dozed off.

For Gallarus, it was an hour before he came here after receiving the report from Bumpy.

Although both of them recognized the same amount of time, they had no way of knowing that the acceleration function had advanced the civilization of this city by several decades.

Now it’s Bertrand’s turn to ask.

“Did my Lord perhaps also fluent in the military drill?”

“Do you mean as an instructor or something? That’s something everyone here is going to do on their own, so I don’t need to do anything!”

The words “I don’t need to do anything” Syutaro said was including the, “I just put up the facilities and left it alone” part, but from Syutaro’s point of view, it was true that he appeared to have done nothing.

Bertrand was also amazed by this answer.

(How could the people have voluntarily amassed so much military power without their King doing anything? Even looking at an individual soldier, each appeared to be at least level 70.)

That, too, was a ‘relative’ one-hour achievement.

What happens if this goes on for a day, a year, or a decade? At this moment, Bertrand realizes that he can only sit on his throne as king of his people for a finite amount of time.

Gallarus laughed. He laughed at his own ignorance and arrogance.

(I was overconfident that I was a great being whose existence was not limited to my own world, but the true ‘king of kings’ was the one who could create such a world and environment – it appears that I was too hasty and shallow to have ambitions for the outside world.)

Gallarus deeply understood the meaning of Bumpy’s words.

Bertrand, in contrast, was smiling with relief.

(At last, I have found him.)

Bertrand is the king of the elves.

As king of a minority race whose numbers had dwindled due to their rarity and beauty, he was trying to find a place in the outside world where his race could live in peace, even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

He was only concerned with his own tribe.

Everything else was secondary.

However, as he observed the elves of this city coexisting peacefully with other races, his perspective shifted dramatically.

He wondered if it was possible to coexist. Because it was no longer idealism but a paradise that existed in reality.

(If this man is the one who does it, it would be possible.

We can rest assured if we entrust our fate to him. I am a warrior of the elf tribe before I am a king – should he give me his protection; I shall answer by devoting my strength for my Lord.)

Both of them were completely enthralled by Syutaro.

They had sworn their allegiance not only formally, but sincerely.

At this moment, the number of demon kings who acknowledges Syutaro as the “one true Lord” has steadily increased.


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