ULMF – Chapter 024 s

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Misaki is now running through a deserted city.

Perhaps the invasion had also affected the NPCs, for not a single person was to be found in the normally bustling shopping streets and main thoroughfares.

Perhaps because of the harsh words she received at the inn, Misaki felt like she was all alone in this world.

 (It’s better than regretting not saying anything, I don’t regret my action back then.)

Roughly wiping away tears, Misaki heads for the castle gate. She had convinced herself to go alone into the tunnels.

<If you’re going to kill yourself, do it alone!>

<If someone hasn’t evacuated, that’s not our fault! It’s wrong to be in a place like that at a time like this!>

<After defeating the invasion, why don’t you ask the Monshou’s guys for help? Don’t act so spoiled just because you’re a woman.>

There was no one to accompany her.

Many people blamed Misaki instead for wanting to go to the mine in this situation, and when it became too hard for her to stay there, she escaped.

(I know, that’s natural. It’s like a person who has no training jumping into a fire. It’s like an untrained person trying to drag a stranger into the scene of a fire…. I know that…!)

The Adventurer’s Guild was no better. They pretty much gave her the same kind of response.

< I’m sorry, I’d love to go, but here in the game, I, too, was powerless against that many enemies. I’d rather not risk my own life. You, too— I’m sorry that you had to feel that way because of your skill.>

Remembering the words said by a man at the inn made Misaki bite her lips.

(Yes, that’s right, because of this skill, I noticed it, and once I saw it, there was no way I could ignore it anymore. I don’t think I would have felt this way if I didn’t know anything about it either…)

After passing through the castle gate, Misaki saw the plains around Aristolas for the first time since coming to this world.

It was a wide-open field filled with lush grass swaying in the wind.

The wind, the sounds, and the smells are all fake, but because this has become Misaki’s life, there’s no difference between this world and reality.

Even the people left behind in the tunnels are “living” here now; Misaki has no regrets about risking her life to save them.

There was a reaction on her [Life Sense], and she saw that the weakest mob in the game, the Demi-Rat, had appeared in front of her.

(If I can’t defeat it, I’ll just die without being able to do anything in case I got attacked in the tunnels.)

Misaki grabbed the beginner’s bow on her back with a trembling hand and took an arrow from the quiver.

The arrowhead won’t fit on the string because her hand won’t stop shaking.

She held her shaking hand and took a deep breath, and after four tries, she finally managed to align her arrow with the bow’s string.

The red circle that appeared on the demi-rat she was aiming at soon turned green.

(It’s okay, I can beat it, it’s okay.)

Calming her mind, Misaki shot her arrow.

*Pang!* a sound effect similar to something popping was heard across the empty plain then half of the demi-rat’s LP was shaved off.

The demi-rat’s eyes turn red as it glides toward Misaki, the one who attacked it.

(Scary)–that’s what her instincts screamed.

The sight of a huge rat, about one meter in height, approaching you is a powerful experience that you would never experience in everyday life. There is a certain pressure that directly threatens your soul.

“Take this! And this!”

An arrow piercing the ground could be heard.

The bow of eternity is a bow that will not hit the target unless you have good aim. It takes a certain amount of skill to hit a target that moves quickly.

The red circle will turn green if you pull it out calmly, but since the performance of these aim assists also depends on the weapon’s performance and status, it is difficult to hit a moving target, especially when combined with an agitated state of mind.

The demi-rat leaps at her with its sharp front teeth bared – a moment later, Misaki’s last arrow hits it right between the eyes by accident.

Before the demi-rat’s front teeth sink into Misaki’s shoulder, they scatter and disappear like crumbling sand.

“Huff, huff, haaaa..!”

Misaki stares into the void while falling on her buttocks.

Her eyes were wide open, and her heavy breathing was telling how fierce the battle she just had in her mind was.

A visual blog of the spoils of war appears with a light, sound effect. Misaki let out a big sigh as she saw the words [Demi-rat’s tail], which she had to buy for a high price.

(Is it really this tough when there is a difference in level? You really have to risk your life to get a single rat tail.)

For the first time, she learned the severity of the battle.

Even so, the fighting spirit in her eyes did not burn out, and she kept her eyes fixed on her objective: the entrance of the Iriana Tunnel.


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