ULMF – Chapter 029 s

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Two shadows of people make their way through a dimly lit tunnel, then the man notices something and raises his head.

“—it’s over.”


Theodore mutters after a period of silence.

“You can check with your skills,” said Theodore after a short silence.

Misaki’s eyes widened in surprise as she activated her [life sense] once more.

“You’re right! Most of the red dots have vanished!”

The numerous large red dots that had always appeared on Misaki’s mini-map had vanished.

When Misaki noticed the red and purple dots returning to the path, she exclaimed,

“Syutaro and miss Bumpy must have defeated them!”

That means all they need to do is to rescue the three in front of them, and their job will be finished.

Misaki felt indescribable relief and weakness as if a spell that had been clamping down on her chest had been broken.

“You really are strong, miss Bumpy… but with this, Wataru and the others are now safe…….”

Misaki mumbles in a relieved voice.


But at that moment Theodore came to a halt, he had a stern expression on his face, Misaki, who noticed his change, also stopped.

“About Bumpy… I want you to promise not to say anything to anyone as much as possible.”

It was an unexpected word, but Misaki nodded brightly as if she had realized something.

“There must be a lot of circumstances, right?”

“That’s right. Our master doesn’t like to flaunt his power, but when personally I do not believe the way he uses his power is appropriate for him, it’s also true that he will only invite hatred and resentment if he forces everything under his control with power and fear.”

After saying this, Theodore looks away from Misaki, and she can sense how much he adores his Lord.

“I agree… Wataru—I mean, the man I admire, also never flaunt his power, but instead stood by the weak and guided them.”

Misaki nodded and turned to face Theodore.

“I promise it. I’m not going to tell anyone about Syutaro and the others. I don’t want to repay your generosity by putting you in a bad position.”

“Thank you very much,” Theodore said with a satisfied look on his face.

And after seeing Misaki’s firm conviction, Theodore opened his sub-space inventory and grabbed a few items.

“This is not gratitude or anything, this is an item I’ve prepared for my Lord, but it turned out he didn’t need it, so I’d be happy if you’ uses it.”

Theodore said this as he handed the item to the perplexed Misaki.

It was a silver bow made of a surprisingly light but strong layered metal, with matching arrows in a quiver.

The metal bow is actually lighter than Misaki’s beginner’s bow, not to mention it felt very comfortable in Misaki’s hand.

“Is this….?’

“It’s not something important. I just made it because I had some time to spare. It’s the same for the arrows. “

Misaki makes a couple of pulling motions and cannot believe her eyes.

“It’s very easy to pull. And even though the strings are not heavy, they are very strong.”

“It’s because I’ve used suitable ores to forge that one. It will at least be more useful than that piece of wood.”

“It is okay for me to have this?”

“Certainly. Also, use this. This one is best used when you are in close-quarter combat. It would not be a waste of time to improve your fighting skills if you want to be the best at both.”

When Theodore said this, he handed her a dagger. It was a similar dagger to Syutaro’s sword, a rugged object with only a blade and a handle. The blade was surprisingly thin, it was so thin that you could almost see the other side through it, and it was as light as a feather that it could make its wielder forget they were holding it.

An archer with a bow can use a shield or dagger as a secondary weapon, just as a swordsman with a one-handed sword can use a small or large shield as a secondary weapon.

Misaki’s back is now equipped with a [silver bow], [silver arrow], and [fang dagger] and as if she was being guarded by something, the energy started to overflow from her body.

“let me also cast a simple spell.”

Misaki’s body was filled with the same black aura that surrounded Theodore when he put his hands on top of her head.

Theodore folded his arms and started his explanation to Misaki, who looked confused about why he put his hand there.

“Misaki, I gave you two buffs. One is [Life Sharing], which allows you to share your LP with me. The other is the [Dragon King’s Protection], which will boost your status; it will last as long as your body emits a black [fighting spirit].”

Misaki’s senses ‘convinced’ her brain that her body had been clearly enhanced; this was a side effect of the player’s body transforming into a collection of 0s and 1s data.

“With this, I’ve done everything I can.”

Confused, Misaki inquired of Theodore, who was about to leave with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Why are you going to such lengths for me?”

Theodore responded as if it were natural.

“My Lord has placed Misaki-dono under my care, and I will answer his expectation with the best ability I could muster.” said Theodore, who paused his step without looking back. “and I’m sure they’ll be useful to you once you get further in.”

“What exactly do you mean by that……?”

With these words, Theodore resumes his walk.

Misaki wondered why he was so cautious when the threat had been removed, but she hurried along so Theodore wouldn’t leave her alone.


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