LDM – 536

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LDM 536 – Raid Dungeon Battle (7)

I spoke to Mushroom-senpai and the others from the avatar I was using after Vampire-senpai boosted my physical and magical defense, and Inu-senpai boosted my attack power.

“By the way, isn’t this 10th core somewhat weaker than we expected?”

There’s no pressure at all. Everything has been going well, too well even. To the point where it makes us uneasy instead.

“…yes, it’s been too well, even since golem juniors is the one tackling most of the problem. He hasn’t shown anything resembling a hidden card. If anything, all he’s shown is weakness.”
“Agreed, if only at this level, even if I get off to a rough start at first, I should be able to manage somehow. He is simply too weak. I feel sorry for Haku-sama.”
“Although the first holy water has taken care of most of the major forces…, it’s too weak. I never thought I would be bullying the top ten series…”

They are really fanning the flames toward the 10th core direction, while he is most certainly listening from the boss room.


The door to the boss’s room opens, and magic flies out from inside it.

“Guh, Dark Magic!?”

Gravity presses down on monsters, rendering them unable to move or take any action. They might have been annihilated on the spot if we hadn’t buffed them.
My slime also suffers a similar fate. Suppose I hadn’t secretly incorporated some orichalcum into the golem’s frame. In that case, both it and the golem could have been in danger.

“Even if I can’t get out of the boss’s room, I can still attack the outside from the boss’s room, right? Still, how dare you talk to me like that? “

With a slow and steady footstep, the 10th core comes close to the door.

“That won’t work, you small fry.”

The fireball that the vampire-senpai’s monster released while lying on the ground was swatted away lightly with the metal cane in the 10th core’s hand.

“The dungeon is my domain. And yet you dare to run your mouth?”

He said while smirking and giggling disgustingly with his old man’s face.

“You are the vampire type – I remember three cores that resembled vampires. Two of the three cores won’t do well in this dungeon. In other words, you are 398th core. I will challenge you to a dungeon battle.”
“What? No, I’m not her! But… you should stop now because it would be rude to the transcendence beauty core 398-chan!”
“Oh right, certainly he….”
“Dog! Don’t say anything. You don’t have to! Stupid mutt!”

The senior vampire is obviously upset. It’s as if she’s already shown that the 10th core is right.
“And you! dog, it’s your turn.”
“I believe you come from the 400 series, and you are supposed to belong to the Beast King faction. Oh dear, what would number 9 say if he knew this?”
“e? Dog? Are you a Fifth series batch? He’s not younger than me!

I never thought that he would be able to identify an individual from a small statement.
I guess he is not the oldest core member for show only. It seems that he has a lot of information.

“Ha ha ha! How do you like that? He who controls information controls the world!”
“Oh, well, what if you’re wrong about that assertion, Number 10?”
“If I’m wrong, then I’ll just crush you and use you as material. You are a mushroom now, but your true body is a plant-type, right? Are you trying to fool me 219?”
“….We-Well, I-I am not sure what are you talking about?” Mushroom senior said as his eyes swam around.

10th core then laughs, “kukuku.”
Judging from how he responds… is he really core 219th? Well, even if he finds out, it proves nothing more than revealing that he actually belongs to the traitor faction.

“Worry not. You are not alone. We have identified 90% of the cores that are attacking us. It’s worth the effort I put in to cut corners. And I’ve been leaking all your info while you all trapped here.”

Don’t tell me, the reason why our attack has been smooth sailing because this?

“From now on, I will sequentially destroy each dungeon by dungeon battle.”
“While being invaded by numerous dungeons?”
“You underestimate us too much, dog-boy. I have pawns just as you are pawns for that white pig.”
“…is that 10th core faction?
“Faction? It is not such an uncertain group. They are my faithful servants! What a funny sight you all are, ka-ka-ka-ka!” said 10th core as he laughed at us.

“Now, you golem there, I hate you the most. Therefore, you will be my first sacrifice.”

Saying that he pointed at my avatar.
What, me? Seriously?

“oi oi, come on, you mean you know who I am too?”
“Of course I do, number 695. You can’t pretend to be a man, okay? You’re a newcomer, and yet you are playing an active role. How could it be possible without that white-pig help? The only newcomer core that linked to her is number 695!”

More than half of it was an assumption! He is right, though!
And you! Didn’t I already tell my seniors that I am a master, not a core? You senile old man!
Wait… When I take a step back and give it some thought, I realize that he is also sloppy in his other deductions.

“Oi! No, I’m not core 695. I can take the test to prove that you’re wrong!”
“No need. Even if I’m wrong, killing 695th core will do some psychological damage to that sow, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

For you, Indeed, but there is a big problem for us!
This is most certainly the beginning of a frontal assault from the 10th core.

“Tremble and surrender to the might of the dead! Command AA(All Attack): D(Dungeon 695)!”

Immediately after Number 10 declared so in high spirits, declarations of dungeon battles poured in against us, the [Cave of Desire].


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