BTOG 248 – [Sleeping Face Series Thread] Nana / Sukuna general thread 62 [latest addition]


Bulletin board chapter. Skip it if you are not comfortable with it.


This took place after BATTLER ended.


[Sleeping Face Series Thread] Nana / Sukuna general thread 62 [latest addition]

1: Nameless Nana fan

This is a thread to talk about Nana, a professional gamer belonging to the VR division of HEROES, Sukuna of WLO. No trolling is allowed, and anti is not welcomed. Love Rinnana, blunt weapons, projectile weapons, and rifles.

2: Nameless Nana fans.

Rinne tyranny knows no bound!

That being said, I’m grateful for the fresh supply of Nana’s sleeping faces.

4: Nameless Nana fan

Rinne’s popularity is growing because Nana never updates her pages.

6: Nameless Nana fan

Currently, it said that she could not access her social apps after the recent commotion. Only the web version works.

7: Nameless Nana fan

Well, I do understand that people are hungry for information.

This place is more like the underground side, but if you look at the main page of the bulletin board, there isn’t much different either. People go crazy over there.

10: Nameless Nana fan

The worst of it is they act like old-timers as if they have been watching her from day 1.

11: Nameless Nana fan

Her followers number has been growing a lot lately, so it was inevitable that it would attract a lot of attention.

However, it appeared that they were more interested in her as a creature than a streamer.

13: Nameless Nana fan

It’s the story of the strongest creature, after all.

16: Nameless Nana fan

That’s what happened after skepticism turned out to be the truth. Little did they know she had always been inhuman from the start.

17: Nameless Nana fan

Seyana~~ {tln this is a pun, for ‘right?’ Also could mean ‘monster Nana’}

19: Nameless Nana fan

Nana will stream for 10 hours in WLO tomorrow, starting at 10 am in the morning.

The notification came just now.

21: Nameless Nana fan


10 hours.

24: Nameless Nana fan

She’s only been absent for 4 days, including BATTLER practice, and we also saw her yesterday, but it feels like it’s been a long time.

26: Nameless Nana fan

The last video ended in a bit inconclusive.

I guess there are a lot of people who are just curious about the rest of the story after that battle.

Also, I’m getting used to seeing Nana as a person, but her Sukuna avatar is nice too.

27: Nameless Nana fan

I’m sure Nana could grow devil horns in real life if she tried hard enough.

29: Nameless Nana fan


Don’t be unreasonable, lol.

30: Nameless Nana fan

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but Nana hasn’t really altered her Sukuna’s avatar’s face.

I wonder if she’ll wear it if I make a cosplay costume for her.

32: Nameless Nana fan

Well, she’s been in a dark version of her avatar for a while now.

It was pretty funny how the NPCs were scared of her.

33: Nameless Nana fan

Fallen Form (intense sound)

35: Nameless Nana fan

Awakening due to rage is a common cliche in shounen manga.

Sukuna’s rage was much more frightening, though.

36: Nameless Nana fan

I really like the atmosphere of purification at the end.

39: Nameless Nana fan

At any rate, I’m glad she’s coming back to her normal schedule.

It wasn’t impossible for her to change the route.

40: Nameless Nana fan

She stated that she would be mindful of the delivery time.

41: Nanafan without a name

I guess it’s better than 8 am on a weekday.

44: Nanafan without a name

I’m already off to work if it’s at 10 am!

46: Nameless Nana fan

I can’t really say anything about the time, but is it possible that the change is to cover the cost she uses after using the LIVERS auto-translate function? I wonder if she will start accepting the donation after this.

47: Nameless Nana fan


You have 10 hours, so make some time somewhere and do some catch-up.

49: Nameless Nana fan

I don’t think Rinne and Nana are thinking that deeply.

They are most likely considering their sleeping schedule, as well as taking their time getting up and getting ready, and will finish around 10:00 am.

51: Nameless Nana fan

I was surprised when she suddenly went back to WLO.

But then again, they haven’t even announced the title of the WGCS yet, so I guess it’s only natural.

52: Nameless Nana Fan

I hope the stream won’t be too rough for her.

Not that Nana did anything wrong; still, I’m worried.

54: Nameless Nana fan

Nana is never playing into anti’s hands and has an ironclad mentality, to begin with, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

57: Nameless Nana fan

It’s going to be hard to do because the number of listeners will jump temporarily.

Her decision to turn off tips turned out to be a good one.

We live in an age where the value of a comment is determined by the amount of money you throw at it, and I’d hate to see weird comments highlighted.

58: Nameless Nana fan

Rinne, on the other hand, only reads comments from tip highlight, and I personally think it’s possible for her to go with the same route as Nana.

62: Nameless Nana fan

I think that would make existing fans sad.

It’s one of the things that attracted people to Rinne.

63: Nameless Nana fan

I think it’s okay for a girl of her age to be a little more egoistic, but she’s surprisingly only interested in fighting.

66: Nameless Nana fan

Money is just for the bare necessity.

Eating only calories.

No greed.

A bit of a battle maniac.

The thing I love: Rinne.


68: Nameless Nana fan


Eating only calories. LOL

69: Nanafan with no name


I want to contribute!

71: Nameless Nana fan


I’m sure she’d be happy with in-game items, but I doubt she will accept a gift.

She’s a give-and-take type of person.

72: Nameless Nana fan


There’s nothing we could use as a gift.

75: Nameless Nana fan


Any idea of how can we contribute to Nana?

76: Nameless Nana fan


I’m fed up when someone acts high and mighty, but on the contrary, if there’s nothing she wants, I’d want to push my feelings to her somehow.

78: Nameless Nana fan

Guys, I know how. We just need to be well informed!

I’ll find out where the strong bosses are, and I’ll tell her.

81: Nameless Nana fan


By scouring the wiki?

Rinne appears to leave some things to Nana’s own initiative, and she doesn’t appear to ever browse wiki and such, so it’s true that we could look into it for her.

85: Nameless Nana fan


Wiki is one thing, but actually playing the game is another.

The common quests have become more organized in 2 months, but there are still so many extras unlisted.

And now that two new servers have been added, it’s much easier for newcomers to join since the players in each server can be divided into different categories.

87: Nameless Nana fan

It’s nice to be able to watch WLO feeds while playing WLO, but it’s impossible for me to watch stream feeds while fighting.

88: Nameless Nana fan


Use your spirits! You can do it!

91: Nameless Nana fan

If one can fight in WLO while watching a stream, you’ll probably get a good idea of how good that person is if they could do such a thing.

92: Nameless Nana fan

You can play in the world. In other words, I can breathe the same air in the same world as my idol.

It’s a happy thing.

94: Nameless Nana fan

We breathe the same air in the real world, too.

97: Nameless Nana fan


Stop being so serious.

99: Nameless Nana fan

But I’m thrilled to think I can get beaten to death by Nana.

100: Nameless Nana fan



102: Nameless Nana fan


Dude, get a grip.

105: Nameless Nana fan

You can be beaten to death by your idol!

There’s no better reward than that!

106: Nameless Nana fan


108: Nameless Nana fan

man with a dangerous fetish.

111: Nameless Nana fan

Will there be more players like this when the server limit is lifted?

113: Nameless Nana fan

This is a country that has had VR 18+ games where the only thing you can do is get gripped by a giant woman since the dawn of time.

114: Nameless Nana fan

It’s a country of hentai.

117: Nameless Nana Fan

You can say HENTAI in English, and they will understand that word too.

119: Nameless Nana fan

I’m going to make a clan called Nana-chan Bodyguard.

121: Nameless Nana fan


Please, don’t do that.

124: Nameless Nana fan


I mean… Rinne Bodyguard clan exists… so…

126: Nameless Nana fan


Then join them. They’re practically the same.

131: Nameless Nana fan


No, it’s not. We, as Nana fans, have nothing but fondness for Rinne, but for Rinne fans, Nana is a complicated existence, so it’s difficult for me to blend into it.

Especially when it comes to those ‘bodyguard’, they are like a fanatic. Of course, they don’t do anything that Rinne doesn’t like, so they never bother Nana, but…

133: Nameless Nana fan

Nana is capable of bringing out a side of Rinne that no one hasn’t seen yet.

But it’s also true that she has Rinne’s eyes all to herself.

It’s not a bad thing, but it’s hard to be happy about it.

134: Nameless Nana fan

It’s tough being a full-believer.

Let’s go easy.

136: Nameless Nana fan


You’re on the deep side when you’re fanatics.

138: Nameless Nana fan


Fully aware of that.

I’m just a relatively easygoing fan.

139: Nameless Nana fan

Rinnana is precious, but some people are attracted to the different qualities of each one.

141: Nameless Nana fan

Well, they don’t always stream together.

I don’t think Nana knows, but Rinne herself is good at controlling hate in that area, so it’s probably okay.

142: Nameless Nana fan.

I wish I didn’t have to worry about that, but you know, the fame tax will come with your popularity.

144: Nameless Nana fan

I wonder if there’s any chance to collaborate with someone other than Rinne?

Not that there’s anything wrong with being only with Rinne, but…

Even with someone from HEROES or something?

145: Nameless Nana fan.

I don’t know if that could happen; HEROES has a dry relationship with each department.

148: Nameless nana fan

I wish she did more collab with Touka.

I like the uneven duo.

150: Nameless Nana fan

That girl always sends a dangerous gaze when she looks at Nana.

153: Nameless Nana fan

What about Suupaa-chan?

Maybe she’ll start WLO one of these days.

154: Nameless Nana fan

I’m sure there will be internal collaborations, but I’d like to see more outside involvement.

How about Petit Pastel?

158: Nameless Nana fan


Rinne and Shiki are good friends, so maybe there’s a possibility there.

But I don’t think Shiki and Nana have much chemistry.

With Rinne, they can engage in wrestling-like banter, but Nana is not so good at tongue wars.

She’s natural and easily agitated, but she doesn’t speak ill of others.

160: Nameless Nana fan


Okay, then I’ll go with Rustiro-chan.

163: Nameless Nana fan


I’m sure they’ll deliver both a fluffy and uncoordinated stream.

164: Nameless Nana fan

The one who seems to fit best with Nana is Makura-chan.

166: Nameless Nana fan

I’d say they’re more in the same vibe of their “real specs are strangely high” type.

But Makura-chan is a guest, not a regular member.

169: Nameless Nana fan

You guys know a lot of stuff.

I’ve never seen a streamer before, Nana, so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

170: Nameless Nana fan

In this age when 50% of the population has trying to stream, right..?

172: Nameless Nana fan


That is a huge lie! At most, it is likely to be 5%.

177: Nameless Nana fan

Petit Pastel is the so-called [liver’s official].

They do the same thing as the others, but each member has his or her own specialties.

They’re also cute, but she’s not a part of V-livers; she’s flesh and blood humans, so she appeals to people who don’t like two-dimensional gimmicky stuff.

If you want to learn more about the members, please do your own research.

178: Nameless Nana fan

Rinne got into trouble with a V-liver in her prime, and she’s been banned from collaborating with them…

180: Nameless Nana fan

It’s still possible if you use the name of the company to collab.

Though it’s still too early for Nana, considering she hasn’t stabilized her own channel.

181: Nameless Nana fan

The possibilities are endless.

184: Nameless Nana fan

But I’m pretty sure it’s still a while away.

And even if it’s not a collaboration, there are regular in-game friends like Haruru, Arthur, Himiko, and Meguru from WLO, so I’m sure we can expect some interactions with them.

186: Nameless Nana fan

It’s kind of refreshing to see a streamer interacting with real ordinary people like it’s the norm.

189: Nameless Nana fan

In Nana’s case, she started out as an ordinary person playing online.

And as for her agency, they never sell her as an idol, so there’s no such thing as impossible.

190: Nameless Nana fan

If you ask me, it’s true that there are no restrictions on celebrities being an artist or idols.

Well, you can say they most likely idolized in the game, though.

191: Nameless Nana fan

It’s fine to go solo and play the game while not bound to other people, and it’s a good thing, isn’t it?

If we can be of value to Nana, we can talk to her directly.

195: Nameless Nana fan

I see, so in order to be beaten to death by Nana, you have to be strong enough to make Nana want to fight.

I understand; this big sister is going to do her best!

196: Nameless Nana fan



198: Nameless Nana fan


Are you picking a fight?

201: Nameless Nana fan


90% of self-proclaimed girls on the internet are old men.

202: Nameless Nana fan

You will eat those words when I become big enough as a player to make a deal with Nana to pay tribute to her.

203: Nameless Nana fan

I’m gonna impose my viewer’s generosity on you!

205: Nameless Nana fan

I’ll be kicked out, and I’ll be depressed.

208: Nameless Nana fan

Are there only perverts and weirdos in this thread?

209: Nameless Nana fan

That’s right.

211: Nameless Nana fan

You should at least be honest about your sexuality on the internet.

Everyone wants to be beaten up legally by pretty girls.

213: Nameless Nana fan

>>213: No Name NanaFan

Don’t put me on your level.

214: Nameless Nana fan


Go ahead and be ROM for the rest of your life!

216: Nameless Nana fan


I understand

218: Nameless Nana fan

Nana herself is the type of person who attracts strange people, so it’s no wonder.

Like a moth to fire.

221: Nana fan with no name


You make it sound like Nana is the bad one.

222: Nameless Nana fan



224: Nana fan with no name


There is no denying it.

226: Nana fan with no name


Nana is the worst entity in the world right now.

229: Nameless Nana fan

And that’s why she’s getting so much attention.

The scene where she punches the machine makes my head blanks out no matter how many times I see it.

230: Nameless Nana fan

It makes you not want to believe it.

232: Nameless Nana fan

I love the part where she’s smiling and twisting the shaft.

Nana is in such a good mood at that moment; it makes me happy to see her smile.

And it also freezes my brain.

234: Nameless Nana fan

There were only highlights in yesterday’s episode, right?

235: Nameless Nana fan

I love how she was pouting when she realized she was exposing her idle face.

It’s something only Rinne could pull.

237: Nameless Nana fan

I love how she’s so relaxed when she’s not being careful.

238: Nameless Nana fan

She’s got an innocently stupid face.

241: Nameless Nana fan

I love how her expression changes so much.

243: Nameless Nana fan

She’s normally calm, so I don’t have an image of her being emotionally rich.

But I also have an image of her being strangely expressive.

244: Nameless Nana fan

I laughed when she tried to upload a video of her swallowing a blowfish whole and got caught by Rinne.

246: Nameless Nana fan

A rare scene where Rinne tries to stop her in panic.

249: Nameless Nana fan

I can’t help but be rather seriously disappointed.

But seriously, take care of yourself.

253: Nameless Nana fan

My personal favorite point is the destructive power of Nana, who inserts her love for Rinne whenever she has time.

It’s really rare to see Rinne get a surprise hit and get all mushy.

255: Nameless Nana fan

The emotions she’s carrying are too big.

257: Nameless Nana fan

Rinne is a sinful woman.

258: Nameless Nana fan

She’s a charmer.

260: Nameless Nana fan


Which one?

263: Nameless Nana fan



265: Nameless Nana fan

True, they are both exposing each other soft side!

267: Nameless Nana fan

They’ve just completed a perpetual motion (emotion) machine!

270: Nameless Nana Fan

So we solved the energy problem with the existence of RinNana?

273: Nameless Nana fan


World peace is near.

274: Nameless Nana fan

Every day I’m saved by the never-ending supply of energy from the official pages.

276: Nameless Nana fan

This is why her official pages are the best.

279: Nameless Nana fan

I need the supply (peeking at sleeping face pic)

282: Nameless Nana fan


Rinne needs to restrain herself a little…

283: Nameless Nana fan

I can’t wait until tomorrow!

But I can’t sleep because I can’t wait!


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