LDM 538 – Raid Dungeon Battle (9)

One hour after the siege is raised in the front of his boss room, the 10th Core is sent a challenge to  battle for its first victim, the core 695th.

The gates to the dungeons that had been set up as artificial dungeons in the Holy Kingdom were opened. They are undead dungeons built by the Pope in various locations. Or perhaps you could say that they are the faithful weapons that the 10th Core has been cultivating and preparing.

He had those precious weapons saved with no chance of using them, so if not now and here, when would he use them? His opponents were the top ten rankers, the 89th Core and her allied forces. The 10th Core intends to use the undead dungeon to individually destroy each enemy and weaken the 89th Core. If he could do so, he would ultimately be the winner.

If 10th Core killed a dungeon, he could turn them into undead Core and capture them. That’s why the more he defeats them, the more strength he will have; also, he believes that time is on his side.

“Command A DB: A {All Dungeon Battle: Attack}”

10th Core gives the command to its servants to launch an all-out attack.

As for the preparation itself, it took them more than an hour; they had been gathering forces here as much as possible since the attack by 89th Core began.

The rest is automatic once the order is given. Because they are undead, they have poor decision making ability, making it difficult to predict how well they will perform, but at the very least, they will faithfully carry the commend. That way, the 10th Core can concentrate on the siege on his boss’s room.

“Create Undead.”

Using magic, he will kill the intruder; the one he targeted is the 219th Core, the Plant Soldier – after that, he will turn him into undead. Using this strategy will prevent the opponent from attacking with small fry. And should they do so, all he needs to do is turn them into undead and keep bolstering his strength.

Therefore, the attacker’s best solution is to wait until the elite of the raid to gather.

If the elite gathers, he may finally be able to use his trump cards against them, and the elite he kills will become his strength. The more elite the enemy has, the more he will benefit from turning them undead… which is why, in theory, his strength is limitless.

And again, he believes that time is on his side.

While they are buying time in this way, the undead cores will kill the 89’s allied dungeon one by one. If everything goes his plan, his victory is guaranteed.

First and foremost, the opponent’s invasion was clearly hurried. The first holy water attack was a quick attack with no regard for profitability. The amount of holy water used must have been quite costly, to the point that it’s clear that they were trying too hard.

Maybe there was a reason they couldn’t take their time. As a result, the 10th Core takes it as evidence that time is on his side.

“Even so, it was quite painful to be one-sidedly attacked in the first clash….”

Of course, there is no doubt that the damage from that holy water was painful, and he will make sure to let that poor lamb (695th Core) pay for this pain.

It was known that 695th Core is favored by 89. Right, this is his opportunity to use 695 to finish off 89, he bet she will make a wonderful face when the time comes, thought 10th Core as he smiled sinisterly.

The 600 series is considered as young and new dungeon, and the 10th Core believes it is about time he conquered 80 percent of it; after all, he has sent 15 cores attacking at once, there’s no doubt that she will be easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the attacks.

The 10th Core then confirms the information of the undead cores.

“Command D66 DB: M {Dungeon Battle: Map} ……? What’s going on? The map for 695th dungeon isn’t showing up?”

When you do a dungeon battle, the enemy dungeon is mapped and it is supposed to show the already invaded location. However, for some reason the map only displays information for the gate; even the green dots indicating allies are not shown.

It was odd since he still could see the map on the undead cores side just fine.

“Is this a glitch? I’ve never deployed so many at once… Hmm, so thing kind of thing can happen.”

He then sends his ‘eye’ directly by sending one zombie from the dungeon of the undead Core to the gate; the dungeon where he manifested his ‘eye’ is a cave-type dungeon since the Core was originally a beast-type core.

After entering the gate from that dungeon, the 10th Core tilted its head.

“Mhm? It’s pitch-black beyond the gate. ….ah, so she uses a dark zone.”

A dark zone is an area that restricts all vision. It is a three-dimensional space of darkness, like a mass of black fog.

The map of a dungeon battle is updated as soon as an invading monster recognizes the terrain. Therefore, if there is a dark zone immediately after the gate that restricts their visibility, the map will not be updated immediately after passing the gate.

However, if you take even one step into the dungeon, the floor will be recognized by the sensation of your foot, and it should be reflected on the map,

“Don’t tell me there’s an instant death trap as soon as you step in?”

And even though there suppose were such traps, the invasion consisted of over 1,500 monsters from 15 cores; they should been able to advance by stepping over the corpses of their comrades since they are undead.

“Then, is it the Dark God’s involvement that the map doesn’t show the invasion by the undead cores? Hmmm, I may have overdone it.”

In this case, he had no choice but to check directly with his own zombie. Determined, he sends his zombie to the gate.

Immediately after, the zombie’s vision went completely dark; but that much was natural since the zombie had entered the dark zone — however…

“-Reaction Lost? Did it step on an instant-death trap?”

10th Core clicked his tongue. As expected, it was killed immediately. He then summons the zombies again and sends them in.

“…… Damn it, again!? Okay, [Command A DB: S {Dungeon Battle: Setup}].”

After the reaction fades, he orders his subordinate undead cores to prepare their monsters, hoping that by incorporating his own zombie into a simultaneous 15-cores attack, he will gain insight into what is going on there.

And now the undead cores have their monsters ready.

“Command A DB: A! {All Dungeon Battle: Attack}”

Simultaneous invasion from 15 locations. For the first time, all the units went through the gate at the same time.

“WHAT!? That’s ridiculous! All 15 cores had their connection lost!?”

As the white hairs that had been growing out of his humanized body began to fall out, the 10th Core scratched its head and wondered what had taken place.

“Don’t tell me! the Dark God is interfering! Damn you!”

The 10th Core thought of the possibility that this is a punishment for using an undead core, an existence that goes against the original rules.

Agitated, the 10th Core opened the dungeon menu. He manipulates the GP in the dungeon menu and sends about 1,000 of his GP to the Dark God. It is a GP he has accumulated over the years of living as a pope in the Holy Kingdom.

In the letter, he said, [[Father], please give me a break with this. At least give me a proper dungeon battle].

Then a few seconds later, he received a message from the Dark God. [Hi, number 10. I don’t know what are you talking about? I didn’t do anything.]

Again he write another letter and said,

“[Don’t lie! As the Dark God, you must have put your hand on this! What else could it be]?”

And he adds, [There seems to be a problem with the dungeon battle gate, this is something that only  [Father] could tamper.] and send it.

Not long after, the reply came in.

“[That’s because I really didn’t do anything. I swear to God, I’m not lying.] huh…?”

If the Dark God, who is a senior deity, says, [I swear to God], then it’s a definite proof that it is not a lie because if he is, the Dark God himself will disappear from existence. Then it means this statement is true.

And the message continued.

“[I’ll tell you something since you paid me 1000 GP; this is not a glitch, and it’s totally your opponent doing] ……Huh? So that means it’s the work of 89!”

Thus how the 10th Core came to the conclusion that the current phenomenon was a counterattack by the number 89.

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