LDM 539 – Raid Dungeon Battle (10)

We are having Soto help us in a dungeon battle to counter the simultaneous dungeon battle of 15 cores led by Core 10… …the 10th core was so pitifully complete that I felt sorry for him.

“Papa, I feel like I’m bullying the weak.”

“Don’t say it, Soto. In case you don’t know, the other side is a first-rate team, you know?”

The time stops for all the monsters that are thrown into Soto’s [storage] dungeon. And just like any other dungeon, it could be expanded at the cost of 10,000 DPs.

The dungeon is still sending monsters into the [storage] dungeon, but there is still plenty of capacity, and if it’s not enough, you can just expand it even more. The cost can be billed to Haku later as a business expense, so there is no need to hesitate to do it.

I asked [Father] Dark God to put 15 gates together in the arena area (and as expected, my request to connect them to the [white beach] is rejected).

We put a [storage] dungeon on each of those gates. …… Hmmm, should we have at least one of them connected to our dungeon? Then again, we can’t be that careless with them.

“By the way, what were the enemies that stopped you like?”

“Well, it’s a lot of different things, Papa. There are Wolves, monkeys, golems, and so on. But they all look rotten, crumbling, or poisonous.”

Soto then accesses the monitor menu. Nothing could be seen because it was pitch black, but when she tweaked it slightly, the enemy monsters appeared. Time had stopped for them, and they didn’t even move an eyelid.

According to Soto, there are animal monsters like wolves and lizards, subhuman monsters like goblins and orcs, plant monsters like man-eating plants, and inanimate monsters like golems and living armors. It’s a collection of 15 different types of monsters from 15 different dungeons. And each of them is battered and appears to be a corpse.

The fact that they are stationary and don’t move adds to the zombie-like atmosphere.

“Does that mean the monsters that come out are undead, too?”

“I’m not sure, but it looks like it, Papa. They all stinky undead!”

“According to my sister, they are all dead cores. I wonder if the monsters that come out of the dead cores will turn into corpses?”

“The fruit we got in the Holy Kingdom didn’t look rotten, so it is possible that it is simply the hobby of the 10th core. Then again, they say that fruit tastes best when it’s just about to go bad, so maybe it was just right for the fruit.

“…that fruit is not poisoned, is it? I’m sure they’re fine, right? I’ve eaten several of them.”

Rokuko mutters while looking at the [storage] dungeon, which has completely stopped the enemy invasion.

“Still… Kehma, isn’t this too one-sided? Soto is too strong, even though she’s our daughter.”

“Well, it’s not without its drawback.”

“Drawback? Even when she’s blocking her opponent so perfectly?

“Yes. You can still lose if you keep playing like this because, in a dungeon battle, you can’t win unless you attack.”

Unless there is a time limit or a separate victory condition in the rules beforehand, this time, it can be called a death match. At worse, there is a possibility that the dungeons that the 10th core is using will not stop even if the 10th core is killed.

If the dungeons do not stop, 15 gates will remain connected to the arena area. Although the arena area is almost completely deserted, there is no reason to leave the gates open for dungeon battles. We need to conquer the enemy and win from here.

…Wait, if the 10th core is completely silenced and left completely alone, could it be left as a gimmick on the other hand? …… No, it would make it impossible to renovate the dungeon. Yeah, it’s not a good idea after all.

“That’s why I’m going to go and attack them directly.”

“Kehma, you’re going to attack? “

“Well, to be precise, I’m going to [possess] Narikin.”

If it is a named dungeon monster, it can be revived even if it dies. Of course, I don’t intend to let them die.

And if they are equipped with “God’s Blanket,” which boasts of invincible defense in the name of God, there will be no one who can touch them. And since Narikin is living armor, his only weakness, the sleep-inducing skills, can be completely repelled.

And if I possess Narikin’s body, I can use an unlimited number of [Elemental Burst] since the common effect of the divine bedding is the recovery of stamina and magic power.

You could also say if Narikin and I work together, we can create the strongest and most invincible mobile turret!

In addition, we can completely destroy the enemy’s dungeon core and purposely get caught up in the dungeon’s collapse. Because with Soto’s power, she can retrieve Narikin from the state of being buried alive using the [storage] dungeon.

What an invincible mobile turret, with infinite continue.

“So there you have it, Soto. Secretly call Narikin from the Holy Kingdom.”

“Understood, Papa. I’ll do it secretly so that Toy-chan won’t find out!”

That’s my daughter for you. She immedicably understood what I meant by that.

“Then, should I get Rokufa with him?”

“No, I need to leave Rokufa there to return via the [storage] dungeon. Also… I need Rokuko’s support while I’m in the enemy dungeon.”

“Hmn, it cannot be helped then. Leave it to me, Kehma!”

Rokuko smiled in a good mood.

I’m going to get out some equipment for Narikin, too. I want not only “God’s Blanket” but also equipment for dungeon attack…

…well, if I give him DP, he can exchange it for tools from the menu there, and we can also exchange items via the [storage] dungeon, so he can be lightly equipped.

Soto is really too much of a natural enemy of dungeons. If her abilities are discovered, all dungeons will be after Soto.

Let’s show Haku, our biggest protector, that we are not enemies. For that reason, we should destroy all enemy dungeons, kukuku.


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