LDM 540 – Raid Dungeon Battles (11)

“….What the heck is this absurd monster?”

I noticed this when the first undead dungeon was crushed.

It was careless of me not to have noticed it until we had been attacked so far in the first place.

A monster in full body armor with a cloak. Living armor, perhaps. And when it thrust its hand forward, a torrent of light shot out and easily pierced the zombie wolf in front of it.

It’s probably a [Judgment Ray]. It is a light-attribute King-class magic that requires a long chant and a reasonable amount of magic power consumption, but he used it on a single zombie wolf.

No, that’s not it. It must have enough magic power to use it on a single zombie wolf. Otherwise, he would not have used it without chanting, nor would he have been able to do so.

If we calculate it backwards, that also means that the thing must have tremendous magical power. I wonder how much study he has put into this monster…

“Even if you’re called a magic god, it’s going to take a lot of work to chant [Judgment Ray] unaided. ……? It’s a king-class light magic, even higher than advanced or special magic. At the very least, a hundred or two hundred years will not be enough. This must surely be the 89th’s treasured power.”

The 10th core assessed the enemy, thinking [They’ve played their trump card. ……mm?] then The 10th core noticed something. The map of the dungeon being invaded showed that it had already been tagged.

In other words, it was an enemy he had encountered before. And by looking at the tag, he knew who his opponent was.

He was the one who had destroyed the artificial dungeon production area, the cause of the 10th core’s having to flee the Holy Kingdoms. He is the one who ruined hundreds of years of 10th core life in just one night by inflicting unnecessary things on the saints and fools in the Holy City of Kuromaku.

He is not a human being, but the 10th core guesses he was only humanized when he was undercover. He seems to be the right height, and most importantly, he is tagged. So there is no doubt about it.

“KUKUKUKU KAKKakakaka!! It’s him! So it’s this guy! Oooh, I’ll kill you!!! I’ll kill you for sure!”

Core 10’s body trembles with the desire to kill. It lit his spirit on fire. He is more than willing to take the fight,, and magical power unintentionally gushes out and overflows from his body.

10th core knew before this dungeon battle was set up that the “Rogue” was one of the hands of number 89. It was rather satisfying to know that he could confront him here.

He sent an order to the undead core to spurn the monsters. The original dungeon here is a wolf-type dungeon, and various wolves and war wolves are monsters that can be produced.

But it was no use. They are clearly being obliterated with excessive light magic, as they were earlier. Even attacking from multiple directions, firing in rapid succession in multiple directions.

“is his magical power inexhaustible? …… No, wait. That cloak, if it’s a God’s equipment?”

10th core, who felt uncomfortable with the enemy’s consumption of magic power, which was clearly too much, looked at the equipment. It is a divine item. The equipment was made by the Dark God himself, for the God of Creation. The fact that it is a cloak means that it does not figure concealment …If it is that cloak, he can leisurely walk to the dungeon core without being bothered by anything.

“If it is true…. then that cloak is effective means for defense and recovery.”

Living armor is full-body armor, and its defense is naturally high, even in its bare form. If this is the case, then ordinary attacks will not be able to damage it in the first place. How about a magic attack, then?

The enemy is not only this monster. The invasion of the 10th core dungeon by the 89th core faction is still continuing. Originally, he had not planned to have so much trouble with the 695th core.

“If I want to concentrate on this living armor. Then I have no choice but to play two trump cards. First is the 89th. I’ll send out the saintly undead.”

The saintly undead.

Stored in the drawer in the mortuary of the boss’s room are the undead, processed from the corpses of the saints of the past. Originally, the holy attribute was a weakness of the undead, but this undead is completely flawless and has no such weakness.

Their fighting ability is as good as before they were alive. Although she cannot use the skills she inherited and has passed on to the next saint, she is able to reproduce the key skill of resurrection through the power of the dungeon.

10th core activated the saint undead and assigned it to defend the boss room while he concentrated the reverse invasion.

“Should I use the dungeon eater for 695th core? If it is a dungeon eater, it will not be affected by the dungeon traps and will be able to devour it. Once the gimmick collapses, we can invade again.”

Dungeon Eaters.

A byproduct of research into artificial dungeon cores – or the undead cores. It was Initially born as a small black caterpillar only a few centimeters long. It is a monster that grows to a gigantic body over a kilometer long as it eats its way through the dungeon.

Its material is a piece of dungeon core as well as undead core, and it has properties similar to dungeon core.

It can eat anything.

It can devour traps, monsters, and even dungeon walls and floors.

Perhaps one could say that they are like dungeon zombies, devouring dungeons as if they have a grudge against living dungeons.

“For now, I will throw five of them into the enemy gate. The dungeon was a pitch-black dark zone, but the darkness did not matter to the dungeon eaters. Unlike the zombies, the dungeon-eaters did not react the moment they entered the dungeon. Perhaps because of their small size, the dungeon eaters were able to successfully escape the enemy’s deadly traps.”

After confirming on the menu that they had safely begun to gnaw through the enemy dungeon, the 10th core was [transferred] to the living armor that was their revenge.


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