BTOG 251 – Long time no stream

It’s been a long time since I last started a new Arc, which is why this chapter also served as a rehabilitation session for me.

I’ll take it easy.


“First, good morning in the morning.”


<Don’t start like that, lol.>


<Is it really that early in the morning?>

<Hello, first time here.>

<Yes, but…>

<It starts too softly.>

<Good morning.>

<Good morning!>

<What’s the reason?>

<You said no weekday mornings stream!>

<It’s been a long time since I’ve been on Sukuna’s channels.>

<Good morning.>

<Good morning.>

<Polite language doesn’t suit you lol.>

<Reporting in!>

“Well, I mean… I was expecting many people would be there, and I was trying to make it funny, and it turns out like that.”

<As expected.>


<That’s smooth—not.>

<Certainly, we’ve got quite a number of people today. >

<Are you a newbie at streaming?>



<Blunt Type Oni girl.>

“let’s see… about 300,000 people are in the chat, and I saw someone typing ‘flat’ just now? Let me warn you, the current me can read all the comments now, no matter how fast they flow!”

<He he.>

< I’ve been exposed.>

< I’m sorry.>

<Damn, she’s growing up again…>

<The comment section is flooding.>

<It’s like an end roll of a movie.>



Even before I started the stream, about 100,000 people were waiting, so I was made to feel like I needed to do something if I was going to keep this many people waiting…

I was wondering what I should do while being worried about it, but it turned out to be a very uneventful start.

And after I started, the number of participants increased even more, and it still keeps increasing. I can only look at the ever-increasing number of viewers with an amazement.

Currently, the number of viewers has already exceeded 300,000.

Rin-chan said, [It’s the first time curiosity, so you might be able to see about 500,000 viewers this time]. The comment section, which would normally require only one comment box, was divided into four sections this time, and even after doing so, the comments flowed at a dizzying pace.

“I think most of you are new to my stream, so let me start by introducing myself again. I’m Nana, a member of the VR division of HEROES. I go by the player name Sukuna in this game. I don’t care which you call me, but it would be helpful to be consistent and call me Sukuna when I’m playing this game because NPCs will also call me Sukuna.”




<Is this your first time here?>

<Your introduction is so unimpactful. It’s refreshing.>

<Too ordinary.>

<Name too simple.>

<I’m so glad you’re here.>

<So you’re a HEROES member.>

<My first look at her stream, I came to know her from the video.>

There’s a reason why I start with a simple greeting. The reason itself is simple: everyone here knows about Nana but hardly knows about Sukuna.

Did you come here after seeing the punching machine video, which is still going viral? Did you see the video distributed the night before? Did you come across anything related to me from Zero Wars? Maybe you saw my name on the front page of the SNS highlight page? It’s also possible that you recognize me from TV news (I only found out this morning that I was on TV news) or from a guide site…? Whatever the case may be, nearly 90% of my current viewers are either new or have only seen my collaboration with Rin-chan.

And only a few viewers who were really curious and bothered to check out my past videos would even know that I’m mainly active on [WorldLive-ONLINE].

The new WLO update will allow new players to enter its world in large numbers, with no limit on the game’s population.

Initially, WLO was a small game with only 100,000 players, so the average number of viewers who played the game was low. Even Rin-chan, who consistently draws close to 200,000 people in her chat, only drew a few tens of thousands of players; needless to say, my viewers are even less significant than hers.

And inevitably, all the new viewers do not know that “me playing WLO,” so first of all, I need to let them know about this game.

Well, however, I don’t think it is necessary to explain it from scratch. It is a standard online game in a fantasy world, after all.

“I’m sure all of you are new to this game today, so I’m going to go around, and there’s no need to comment [it’s my first time here]. Wait a minute, Oh right, let’s put a message around here that says, [No first-time comments are needed]…”

<What’s that?>

<What is this feature?>

<I’ve never seen this feature before.>

<T O O  H U G E>


<Don’t use rainbow colors, lol>

<I can’t see the screen!>

“I’ve heard that it’s a new feature added in this update. I’ve done my research, you know? Wait a minute, I’ll adjust the size.”

<You are starting to look a bit like a streamer.>

<You’ve grown up…>

<So, this function didn’t exist before?>

<You see 300,000 people on your chat screen?>

<The size is good now, but please… that rainbow color… >

<Please stop with the RGB.>

<Word art craftsman lol>

This editing function of the stream screen can do more than just insert messages. It’s a new feature that allows you to check how the screen looks from the viewer’s perspective and intuitively edit the screen with just a touch operation.

Incidentally, this is not a completely new feature of WLO but rather an arrangement of the screen editing function that was originally provided by LIVERS, which is affiliated with WLO. That’s why it can be used directly within WLO.

Therefore, it is not a function that people like Rin-chan, who are used to streaming and have already created their own templates, would bother to use.

The price is 1,500 yen per month. I don’t know if it’s expensive or not, but I think it’s an okay price because it’s convenient. I’m the type of person who can’t use something like this unless I can operate it intuitively.

“Well, this will do for now, and I think I’ll have to learn more about this function in the future. Anyway, many people are watching today, so I wonder if most of you came to see me because of the video of me destroying Baribari-kun?”




< That’s right.>

<Your smile is scary.>

< Don’t casually destroy things.>

<I watched your stream the day before yesterday.>

< I’ve been watching since day one.>


<That was shocking.>

<I enjoy it.>

<I saw your wood-chopping stream.>

“Why is the wood chopping video popular…? Again, thanks everyone for coming in on a Monday morning. By the way, the translation option is on, so feel free to comment. I’ll only be able to reply to a small portion of what you actually write, but I’m sure I will read it all.”

<Thank you.>

<Thank you very much.>

< I’m flattered, but that’s a roundabout way of saying you’re threatening me.>

<I will read all of it (literally).>

<We are being watched.>

<We will not give in to pressure!>

<As I said before, I don’t know how you can keep up with this flooded comment section.>

<This is superhuman.>


Aside from being able to remember its contents, my eyes catch every single word of every comment that keeps flowing at a frightening speed without missing a single word. I do this naturally, without concentrating on anything in particular.

The number of comments has already exceeded 10,000. Among them, there are some spam comments, which are thrown in and there are also some abusive words from the anti.

Except during battle, I can see all of it and read the content while it is in my field of vision. This was not possible before BATTLER.

And I know why I am able to do this, it’s because I have removed the limiter of my senses to use the MHKS, and now my sharpness is one level higher.

As a matter of course, when the upper limit goes up, so does the lower limit. That’s how my body adapts, and I could feel that my eyes and ears were growing much more than they had been until three days ago.

However, I will keep the restrictions on most of my senses except for my visuals, which I turn on for purposes other than reading comments.

I can easily pick up sounds within a radius of a few hundred meters. And in such a state, there will be no surprise and no tension. It would be too boring if everything I encounter from now on would be something I know beforehand.

I enjoy surprises such as the sudden appearance of Haruru, meeting A-chan again, or having Kohaku surprise me behind. Unexpected events are exciting, aren’t they?

“So if you came to see something superhuman, you might be disappointed, that’s why I warned you  in advance. I heard that there will be an official video of the event after the broadcast, so if you are interested in only that part, I suggest you watch that.”

I am sure the main reason most people come to my stream today was to see something superhuman, I am aware of that, and that’s why I dared to say it upfront.

When playing online games, the only time you can display your superhuman abilities is in battle. And since it’s not like I will always fighting, I must not waste the free time of people who come here for that kind of thing.

It has to be a win-win relationship. If one party feels disappointed, both parties will feel betrayed even though there’s nothing wrong with how things go.

<It’s okay.>



<I’ll watch it later. I’ll leave for work now.>

<I want to see a fascinating battle.>

<I’m sorry to interrupt, but if I can’t tell how good your hearing is by looking at you.>

<It’s not going to show on the screen after all.>

<Don’t suddenly kill a rabbit a hundred yards away.>

<If you don’t limit yourself, can you hear the sounds of NPC movement?>

“Oh, I can hear them if I want to. You know, some of you might want this ability, but having too good an ear is not as good as everyone think, you know? Let’s see… shall I tell you a story about how I can hear the whole school gossiping, talking behind my back, and how I can hear excreting sounds when I’m at school? Or how the girls who seem to get along so well with each other have a sloppy, bad-mouthing war behind their backs.”


<Stop it…>

<I guess everything has its merits and downside.>

<Like the old saying, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.>

<I think I’ve lost a lot of my envy.>

<Please limit it.>

< I’m feeling sick just by imagining it.>

<I really don’t want that, lol.>

“Right? Moderation is the best.”

To be honest, I’m not interested in other people, so I’ve never bothered with it, but I’ll give them an example of what I think normal people would not like.

Sure enough, that seemed tough for the viewers to take in, and they quickly understood what I meant.

“Well, I’ve got a longer time slot today, and there’s a lot I want to do, but for now, I think I’ll just talk about my current status and how the rest of my adventures have led me here. It’s been quite a while since I started WLO, but I doubt many of you have gone back to the first stream, and my first appearance was Rin-chan’s stream in the first place. I’ve been absent for the last three days due to the Zero Wars tournament, so let’s all take a look at it together in a review. I haven’t actually organized the boss battle drops, so let’s get to that too.”


<I forgot all about it.>

< I’ve seen the boss fight clip!>

<I didn’t know your first appearance was in Rinne’s stream.>

<I feel like it’s been a long time since the Moon Wolf.>

<Thanks for the recap.>

< You’ve been on a rampage the past few days.>

<I don’t even remember why you got to this village.>

<↑She was here to lift the curse.>


< I’ve been wondering about the boss drop.>

<I can’t wait to see the rare drop.>

“Ahaha, then let’s start by reviewing my status after the boss fight.>

Reassured by the lively commentary, I pulled out my menu and displayed my status board so the viewers could see it.

When was the last time I took a proper look at my status?

 Having reached the first level cap, I decided to once again appreciate my status together with everyone.


Next time, I will go over Sukuna’s status, which I probably hadn’t written about for more than 200 chapters.


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