LDM 541 – VS 10th Core

“…I didn’t expect such a critical flaw.”

I immediately attacked one of the dungeons under the 10th core. There was one problem discovered there.

No, it’s not the dungeon. The dungeon itself was very easy.

It was just a maze with monsters, no notable traps, and only a few arrows flying around. The dungeon was nothing special except that it was an undead-like atmosphere.

I let the rats get ahead of me, and I was through it in no time. The blanket didn’t take any damage, and with [Elemental Burst], the bosses were easy to get through.

I am now attacking in humanized form, so it’s easier to move compared to my living armor form, and it’s not so noisy when I walk around.

So? What is the flaw?

“I didn’t think that destroying the dungeon core in a [possessed] state would raise the level of my heroic skills…”

I’m also a Hero, and destroying a dungeon core grants me a Hero skill or allows me to level up.

However, it appears that if I allow the heroic abilities engraved in my soul to develop too quickly, the instinct to destroy dungeons will be implanted in me, and I will become a [God’s Vanguard]. To avoid this, one could only raise their level by two or three points per year.

This time the enemy seemed to be undead, but it was still a dungeon core, and it seemed to be effective in leveling me up… Well, even dummy cores can level up. What I overlook is that they are not an enemy I could kill without worry.

“I wonder if I destroy all the dummy cores, I’ll be leveled up to 15.”

“If you do that, your soul will be contaminated, and you’ll become a God of Light Vanguard.”

I had a little leeway for something like this to happen, but as expected, 15 is too many.

I’m going to try to release the “possession” before destroying it next time, but if the result is something like [I’m the master, so I’m still going to level up because the underlying from my dungeon destroyed it], then it means I won’t be able to do anything about it anymore.

I was thinking that when I heard a voice from Soto.

“Oh, Papa. I’ll take care of it then.”

“N? Won’t Soto’s [Lesser Duplicate] will go up too?”

“Ah, if it goes up, it might become a decent hero skill… but even if I don’t destroy it, if I put the dungeon core in my [storage] dungeon, you’ll win.”

“Oi oi, that’s like putting the dungeon core away in your [storage] you canno… well, you can do that.”

Indeed, if you think about it, before Soto was born, her core was left in my [storage].

So, in short, the main body of the dungeon core can be put away in the [storage].

“Hee, that’s a good idea, Soto. Then maybe the enemy’s dungeon will be malfunctioning. Then again, you will separate the core from its dungeon. I guess that naturally will happen.”

“The dungeon core itself can move because of the divine attribute, but that’s it. It can’t do much. At the most, you can put out monsters that are stuck inside the core?”

“‘Yes. If they are in my dungeon, you don’t have to worry about their DP being replenished. You can just put them in a jail cell.”

Then, you can destroy them later when you have more time to spare.

…Totally really ‘useful’ [storage] dungeon. {broken asf}

“Ah. What about the gates for dungeon battles? Won’t they be left out?”

“It should count as a normal victory for us. Because if you touch the opponent’s core body, it’s a win in a normal dungeon battle. If you want, we can have Grandpa Dark God clean it up after we’re done with the whole thing, right?’

…Goddamn, my daughter is clever.

“That’s a really good idea, Soto. So Kehma, get on with the dungeon battle!”

“Understood. Niku, which way should I go?”

“Yes, master. Go left at the next intersection – Wait a minute; the enemy, the 10th core, has appeared. It seems to be waiting for you in the boss’s room.”

The 10th core. As expected, he cannot stand still after one of his subordinate dungeons got destroyed, huh? So he has come to stop us.

However, right now, I’m equipped with the strongest equipment, the [God’s Blanket]. There is no need to be timid at all.

“Do you want to finish him…?”

I’m just got one level up by destroying a dungeon core. If I was going to finish him off, this was the only time I could do it.

However, I need to keep in mind that the 10th core is the core of the highest level. He should be ranked about the same as Haku and Demon King. Even excluding the fact that he is in the middle of a dungeon battle and cannot devote his full strength to me, it is doubtful that I will be able to defeat him.

But even if I can’t defeat him, if I can attract the attention of the 10th core, the possibility that Haku can attack the 10th core’s dungeon on the dungeon battle side will increase considerably.

“Okay, if I can finish him off, I’ll finish him off. Rokuko, please inform Haku that we are going to have a battle with the 10th core.”

“Okay! All right, good luck, Kehma! I’ll do something very nice for you as a reward if you come back safely!”

What do you mean by “something very nice”……? No, to begin with, my main body is lying down in the master room, and if anything should happen to me, Narikin can be revived anytime. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get home safely.

Oh well. Let’s see how far I can go against the 10th core.

Then I headed for the boss room of the dungeon, the 10th core, guided by Niku’s rat.


The dungeon is a huge cavern of bare earth.

An old man dressed in a robe adorned with jewels was waiting there, and when he saw me, he smiled ferociously like a predator who had found his prey.

“…Kukuku, I’m glad you’ve come. I will permit you to say your name, so tell me.”

“Okay then, my name is Leona Shishido.”

“Ha! Don’t be silly, you. It is obviously a lie!”

The 10th core, with its eyes glowing red, releases a menacing magic power. But I’m still within the protection of [God’s Blanket], so all I can feel is the air trembling.

“Isn’t it obvious? Who are the fools that would tell you their name honestly? What if I’m cursed?”

“Hmm, are you at least prepared for the bare minimum? Well, kneel down–[GIGAGRAVITY]!”

10th core raised his metal cane and released magic, and a black wave spread out as a horizontal circle. The name of the magic suggests that it is a higher-level version of the gravity attack [Mega Gravity]. But I didn’t feel any effect.

“HUH? What did you do?”

As a counterattack, I fired [Elemental Burst] at him. A torrent of white light rushes toward the 10th core body.

“As expected, that cloak is a defensive item from divine equipment, isn’t it? Kukuku.”

The light split in two just in front of the 10th core and hit the wall behind it, completely avoiding the 10th core.

….it doesn’t work? And yeah, it was my main attack.

And the 10th core, looking at the [God’s Blanket] that I’m equipping as a cloak, smiles wryly at me. ….Maybe there is a way to break through this blanket that has absolute defense other than sleep-inducing ailment? But just in case, I’ll have my [Stun Resistance Lv 9] enabled. It’s okay, I will be fine.

“Hey, you. Do you know how to kill God?”

“How to kill God? …… yeah, I’ve heard of that? I think it could be done by taking away faith to make them lose authority, right?”

“Ha ha ha! Yes, that is true. But that’s not the only way. There’s a way to kill by force. I will show you an example by using your cloak that probably has God’s protection.”

Saying so, the 10th core raises his cane high.

“Activate super magic– [Enchantment Route: D] ….this is the answer, if you are a God, you can kill a God! [F Force Gravity]!”

Immediately after, I feel my body being pressed down hard against the ground. It is heavy, too heavy. Unable to stand, I kneel down. The weight felt as if my arms were going to fall off, so I put my hands on the ground.

“Gah……, n……!”

“Kahahahaha! Yes, that posture is appropriate for being in front of me. But you can still speak. Your cloak seems to be an excellent piece of equipment.”

Said the 10th core to me while I was struggling not to fall down and could not look up without hiding his joy.


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