BTOG 255 – Power you should not have.

Light and dark, and all color in the world was inverted.

And before I knew it, Melty and I existed in a world of so-called negatives and other shades.

The place itself was still the village of Oni. The place where we had just been conversing remained the same, only the color of the world had changed, and the voices of the NPCs living in the village disappeared.

Only the two of us kept our original color. It was a mysterious phenomenon, like a scene from a movie.

“All the sounds and smells have disappeared… blocked off…… No. Have we moved?”

“That’s correct. You’ve got it right. This is a false world I just created. This is a completely different world than the one that contained Lin.”

I just created it, Melty said.

Does that mean that this is not a prearranged space like the shrine where the Shuten is sealed or the independent dungeon that was prepared for the event?

Frankly, it was so sudden that I had no idea what had happened.

<I was so surprised.>

<Just like a Horror Story!>

<I blinked, and then I saw something amazing.>

<This is amazing.>

<What happened?>



“Oh, the comment is still alive…. they were turned off when I was in Shuten domain in the battle against the moon wolf.”

“The Crystal has authority, doesn’t it? The space that seals off Shuten is a special class off-limits area. As long as Iris hasn’t granted you that authority, it stands to reason that you won’t be able to use the filming function.”

“Is it different here?”

“Yes, it’s not like we’re sealing off anything. It’s just a copy and paste of the world. The only thing that is hidden in the world. The only other use for this space is that it can be used as a battlefield since it doesn’t matter how much you destroy it.”

In a world of black sunlight, Melty was still holding a parasol and smiling elegantly.

The word “battlefield” made me inwardly brace myself. The fact is, if you are going to fight, there’s no way for me to win.

Or rather, just because it’s a safe zone doesn’t mean that I won’t take damage. If not, then Kohaku and I can’t fight in the aftermath of the battle to destroy the apostles.

When violence happens here, is it a crime or not? Will the city guards come or not? The guards are not all-powerful, so they couldn’t get in the way of my and Kohaku’s fight.

As I suspected earlier, if she wanted to kill me, she would kill me in the blink of an eye. And she is literally the most powerful person in the world, so no matter what she does, she can’t be charged with a crime. No matter how hard one tries, there is no way to catch her.

“I’ve told you I have something to do. If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it already, and you know very well that there is no benefit to killing people in this world.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“No, it’s okay. We all have to be vigilant. The amount of information you accumulate is significantly more than what you had before, and it seems to have grown a lot in just a little over a month. Is it too much growth to be called growth, though? I guess I could say that the rust is finally off?”

Melty looks at me happily as she says this.

Her crimson eyes were looking directly at me as if they could see right through me.

“Hey, Sukuna. Have you ever heard of the term [Ability]?” {written using kanji ‘authority’}


If you take it simply as an English word, it means something like skill or talent.

And I have certainly seen that word in this game.

“You mean an [Ability] like [Absolute Destruction]?”

“Yes, and the power I used to create this space is also a type of [Ability]. In this world, the power that goes far beyond mere skills and can even lead to the position of God if you acquire it, often also called the power of authority.”


<Oh no, the streamer looks like an idiot for a second.>

< Ability that gives authority. The subtitle naming is very useful.>

<A perverted video site that allows real-time subtitling with ruby.>

<The name of the Ability that chuunibyou-ish.>

<This is the power beyond skill ……?>

<↑ Don’t force yourself to do some serious impersonation.>

“Did ‘God’ refers to… the Demon God, the Sword God, the Oni God, and so on? So it’s most likely that they are that governing over the profession and the like.”

“The gods are generally like that. The sword god Ri-Ra and the demon god Feegreed. The two of them are the monsters who have reached power by mastering a single path. That said, the True Dragon that once killed you doesn’t have an Authority class {Ability], even though it was debatable who is stronger between Demon God or True Dragon in a real fight.”

“You seem to be sure enough that I was lost to Apocalypse, even though no one saw it….”

“I know what he told me.”

“Don’t tell me that thing is your acquaintance?”

Apocalypse, the true dragon of reason. The name of the mysterious black dragon that interrupted me and Rou’s battle abruptly showed a completely absurd difference in level and defeated us with so much ease.

It was a battle in a swampy area near Dualis. I can hardly remember the name of the place anymore, but I remember how strong the magic that obliterated most of the swampy field was.

I ended up being saved by a Shuten, and apparently, Rou was also saved somehow, so the only person involved was another player who was in the marsh at the time.

But aside from that, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to know other celebrities. Rin-chan’s acquaintances are all celebrities that you see on TV.

However, I was surprised that Apocalypse, who was clearly a named boss monster, and Melty, who was supposed to be an NPC, were such good friends that they exchanged information in real-time.

Nocturne was the same in the sense that it was a named boss with whom I could have a conversation, but as far as I heard from Hakuyo after the boss battle, Nocturne herself could only retain her memory during the night of the full moon.

The memory until the time of the boss and one night of the full moon. And on the next full moon, the memory of that one night will disappear, and new memory will be engraved.

So the next time we meet, Nocturne and I will meet again for the first time. But as for Apocalypse, it seems that such a resetting does not happen.

As I was thinking how strange it was, Melty finally cut to the chase.

“Today, I’ve come to collect the power from you. Or should I say, I’m here to retrieve [Absolute Destruction]?” {tln: NERFED!}

“Oh…., well, yes. Well, yeah, I kind of expect that.”

I had a vague idea as soon as she mentioned Ability. Because it is the power that only I have ever been exposed to.

And more than anything, this is not a power that “players” are allowed to use because it was obvious to me after thinking about it for a while.

“[Absolute Destruction] is a power that can destroy everything. Not only in terms of combat, but also in terms of things that should not be destroyed, right?”

“I’m glad you seem to understand. The fact that you can wield a part of it is so unfair and ridiculous  that it cannot be tolerated.”

The Authority of [Absolute Destruction].

When I manifested the final dance of my rare skill [Oni no Mai], the power was obtained as one of its buffs.

Just by hearing this name, you might think that it is a power that can really destroy anything, but it is actually a little different.

This Ability is a power that destroys everything [according to the power of the user’s attack].

The principle is the same as that of Mikagami no Mai {Water Mirror Dance}. If the power of your attack can offset the power of the opponent’s attack or break through the durability of the opponent’s attack, it will forcefully destroy the opponent without any attrition.

In other words, [Absolute Destruction] can only activate its effect on targets that are below the maximum firepower you can produce.

But that also means, as long as the attack is powerful enough, [Absolute Destruction] can literally destroy anything and everything.

“I’ll explain in more detail later, but the power of [Absolute Destruction] can probably destroy places sealed with seals, keys, or other gimmicks with brute force.”

< That’s cheating, isn’t it?>

<Even if it’s legal, it’s still a cheat.>


< That’s a good thing they’re gonna take it back.>

<Kinda unfair.>

<Now I understand what you meant when you said that line in the Nocturne fight.>

When I explained exactly what Melty and I were talking about, the viewers were convinced.

The [Absolute Destruction], by its very nature, can probably destroy everything without regard to any systemic “keys” as long as there is enough firepower.

For example, if there is a quest that says, “In order to enter the ruins of XX, you need an item called XX,” with [Absolute Destruction], you can smash the door without collecting the key item XX.

Of course, if the door has a high durability value, it cannot be destroyed, regardless of whether it is sealed or not. And I think those really important facilities have a high durability value. For example, the seal of Shuten Douji.

Still, the fact that it is possible to create a loophole by one’s skill is a problem with this authority.

If even one of the loopholes is true, it would already be a problem at that point.

And my theory was backed up by Melty, who is no stranger to this kind of thing.

“It makes sense to seal the object by setting a ‘key’. An object with a high durability value just puts a strain on the world’s resources by itself. If you’ve ever used a Kanabou as your main weapon, you’ve seen how the performance of armor with high durability values is extremely low for the required strength value.”

“I see. I see. That was certainly the design behind the Kanabou as a whole.”

The first weapon that I owned was the kanabou, which had extremely high durability but low attack power for its price.

The [Meteor Impact Type Zero], which has already been destroyed, was one of that kind.

“There are many places in this world where you can go to just by wielding that power. So I don’t want you to continue to have it. Of course, the [Closing Ceremony] is not a power that can be used repeatedly, but it is a real problem if it is used at a suitable moment. Is my reason enough for you?”

“I’m sure that’s enough reason to come here to retract it. I’m also fine with it being retracted. But what I want to know is how you are going to retrieve it and how I came to be able to use [Absolute Destruction] in the first place. I hate to be the one who says it, but isn’t this kind of thing supposed to be unavailable to normal people in the first place?”

As for this, it is a question that I have been vaguely thinking about ever since I triggered [Furious Rage].

Things happen that are “not expected” by the management. This in itself is, well… understandable. No matter how big your workforce is, there will always be a flaw or two, and there’s no point in getting upset over a bug or two.

However, skills that can only be used by the player or, conversely, skills that can only be used by NPCs or enemy monsters, aren’t these things already set up from the beginning?

It is true that the skill itself, [Furious Rage], could only be used by me, who probably has the most durable body among the players.

But it’s still a given that you should make sure that player can’t use it even in the unlikely event.

“And one more thing, it’s also convenient that right now you’re using the Crystal. Originally, this story was for all travelers from other lands to know.

Sukuna and all the inhabitants of the other world who look into this world through the Crystal. To clear up any questions you may have, I will first tell you how this world came to be.”


<wktk.> {??}

<ktkkr.> {????}

< something’s started…>

<I love this kind of thing.>

<Oh… the Genesis story.>

< They’re really going for it.>

< I’m a resident of the other world.>

<Excitedly Waiting>

<Is that what we’re like from the NPC point of view?>

<Sukuna, don’t fall asleep.>

< I’m going to sleep.>

< Don’t sleep.>

Apparently, the questions I had were answered.

The comment section was also very excited by the information provided by Melty, which came so suddenly.

And I need you to know that I don’t sleep when I have people talk to me face to face.

“The world was formed by two powers: Creation and Absolute Destruction. Sukuna, the power you wielded twice is so powerful that it can be used to create a world.”

Melty’s narrative began with a rather outrageous revelation.


In short, she came to tell her before applying the patch.

This will not weaken it or anything.


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