BTOG 258 – The Inheritance of the Twin Wolves


Kohaku came to me, looking a little impatient, while Haruru, who got some free time after the transaction, and the viewers were discussing the strategy in the battle against Melty.

“What’s the hurry?”

“I heard that Melty had arrived. I came to you as soon as I could. Did she do anything to you?”

“I see. But don’t worry, we just talked.”

I already talk about a lot of things with Melty, and I don’t think Melty ever intended to hurt me. At most, she was just playing around.

When I told her this, Kohaku’s expression of relief was blatantly obvious.

“Thank God…. she’s a danger, and I was afraid she would invite you to a fight. I don’t know what to do if she did that….”

“Oh, but I promised to fight her in two hours.”

After I told Kohaku that, she put her hand on her forehead and sighed.

“I was too late then… was Sukuna the one who started it?”





<Manga reaction.>

<Sukuna is attacked with violence for no particular reason!>

<That’s a valid reason.>

<Haruru is already moving away, lol>

<It’s just a chop, but it’s creating a shockwave.>

<Isn’t this NPC really pretty?>

<Kohaku is as tall as ever.>

<I’m laughing here. Sukuna is unharmed even though the attack has buried her in the ground.>

I don’t feel any pain, even though she just smacked me, and why did I fall into the ground…?

I mean, it’s also a mystery why I took this much impact with no damage. Is it some kind of skill? Like a [Tsukkomi] skill that only gives impact without damage?

After I managed to raise my buried body, I found that Kohaku had a dumbfounded expression on her face.

“Her strength is no joke. This is going to be one-sided.”

“I know, I know. I don’t even know when I’ll see her again. So it’s a shame if I don’t try to fight her.”

“I don’t want you to weigh your life so lightly… But I guess my words are not convincing because I, too, used to be so wild when I was younger.”

I’ve heard that on average, the Oni folk are recognized as adults at the age of 100, so at around 50 years old, Kohaku should still be young.

But it was true that Kohaku had once destroyed half of an Oni village in her rage.

In my opinion, the current her is like a gentle big sister, but I’ve heard she used to be very wild, so I guess I can’t speak too strongly about it either.

“There’s also a matter of holy war, so it’s good to know what a strong entity is capable of, she is also stronger than Nocturne, so it will be a good experience.”

“Does Kohaku know how strong Melty is?”

“In the last 100 years, there are only a few records of her fighting on her own. Naturally, I have never witnessed a battle myself. However, she is a hero who has protected this world for more than 1,000 years, from the time of the gods to the present day. There are more legends about her than about Kishin-sama.”

“hee… such as?”

“Her most notable story was when she defeated the seven stars king number four – Heavenly Maou by herself several hundred years ago.”

{note: Maou could be translated as Devil, Satan or Demon King, it COULD mean that, but as usual, considering the love of this author of Kanji play, I will leave it as Maou.}

The King of the Seven Stars. A monster of the same rank as the Wolf King of the Beyond, which is also my goal.

No, The seven-star king is probably the biggest goal for all players at the moment.

So far, there are only three known to exist: Requiem, the Heavenly Wolf King, who protects the seal of the Shuten Douji, and the Dragon King, who slumber in S ≠ Trillia…, and the Sirens, who are hostile to this world itself.

“Doesn’t the Maou have a name….?”

Suddenly, Haruru, who looked a bit bored, asked such a question.

Heavenly Maou. Haruru most likely inquired about this name because it shared a kanji with Requiem. A kanji for [Heaven]. {天}

Anyway, because this Maou has a similarities to Nocturne or Requiem, does that make it a [named]? That should be the core of Haruru’s question.

“You are… ah, a Blacksmith God familia, aren’t you? May I ask your name?”

“Oh, right, I’m sorry, my name is Haruru….”

“Haruru, my name is Kohaku, but it seems that you already know. And to answer your question, the Maou was once named, it was said that he lost his name when he became one of the seven great disasters.”

“I see… I think I saw that name in the library of Fias… I wonder if it means that he is the same person as the Maou of Pride… I’m not sure…”

“Oi, oi, there were a few words that I couldn’t ignore.”

Does this mean that Haruru is the descendant of Blacksmith God?

Are the seven-star king and the seven great disasters are the same?

The particularity of the seven sins is obvious, but it’s not as if they can be synonymous with the seven-star king.

“If you’re talking about the Blacksmith God familia, it’s not so different from Sukuna. Sukuna is also like a household member of the Kishin, right…?”

“Ugh, well, that’s true, but…”

“There are quite a number of people that could call themselves a Blacksmith God familia, the sign of one is the crest on their hammer. Apparently, the Blacksmith God will make a connection with a skilled smith.”

Haruru nods loosely in agreement with Kohaku, who now laughs out loud.

I see. Just because you have a connection to God, it doesn’t mean that all of them need to be complicated and have limited conditions like with Shuten?

“I know I’m getting a little off track here, but have you prepared a countermeasure to fight Melty?”

“I think I can use the weapon that Haruru prepared for me, and I’m hoping to use [Douji no Mai] to catch her off guard.”

“I see. You want to take your chances with the counter… It would certainly be nice to get a scratch on her. Is the cooldown of your dance already up?”

“Yes, my Closing Ceremony has a pretty light cooldown time, to begin with, and in fact, it’s back on thanks to the use of this hourglass before I left this world.”

I took out a Golden Hourglass as I said this, and as the name of the item is also exactly what it seems like, it was an hourglass made entirely out of pure gold shaped a sand clock.

It is an item dropped by the golden knight Gold that can be used only once a day, and it will reduce the cooldown time of skills by half.

<It’s a beautiful hourglass.>

<a nostalgic item.>

<there was such a thing?>

<I’m jealous.>


<You finally found a use for it.>


I got this item a long time ago. It seemed some of my viewers were familiar with this. They must be people who watched the stream at that time.

By the way, the cooldown time of my closing ceremony is 7 days, and the active time is 15 minutes.

Last Wednesday night, after the Moon Wolf battle, I used the Golden Hourglass, which reduced the cool time of my skill from that point forward. It’s Monday, so it’s already been four days.

As a result, the cool downtime has been completely refreshed, the Closing Ceremony also is already ready for use.

There are roughly two effects of my Closing Ceremony.

One is a status buff that increases the player’s physical status by 5x, reduces SP consumption by 50%, reduces all damage by 50%, nullifies recoil damage up to 10% of the player’s maximum HP, and increases the player’s health by 50%.

And the second is a limited release for a skill exclusive to the Oni tribe.

“Temporarily releases the maximum level of proficiency in the extra rare skill [Kishin-style School of Destruction] and resets the cooldown time of the [Oni no Mai].”

The multiplier is certainly impressive. In essence, the four physical stats (Strength, Sturdiness, Agility, and Dexterity) are multiplied by a whopping 5 times. As for the values of agility and dexterity, the buff value is comparable to that of [Furious Rage], so it is definitely an exceptional skill.

The time of activation is also good. There is enough time to fight through the second half of the boss battle. If anything, I could not use the Closing Ceremony to its last second during my fight against Nocturne.

And without a doubt, the damage cut is also very nice, and the recoil damage reduction is not something you can argue with.

The power that was originally [Absolute Destruction] has been changed to [Thorough Warfare], but it’s still amazing.

I think it’s probably the strongest buff that players can currently use.

It can only be used once a week, but it may be a reasonable light disadvantage considering its effect.

The only time I’ve had the opportunity to use this level of the buff was in Named battles or in serious battles with the same or higher ranks. It’s not something you’ll be fighting that many times, so a trump card that can be used every few days would be more than enough.

“I feel like you need at least one more trump card element… right, you got a rare skill by defeating Nocturne, didn’t you? How did it work?”

“Oh, I haven’t seen it.”

“Because Melty came to her… before she could….”

<And she forgot all about it.>

<What is Rare Skill?>

<I forgot about it because Sukuna doesn’t drop many rare skills on the Named she defeats.>

<A skill dropped by Strong bosses.>

<↑I see.>

I have the rare skill [Ravenous Wolf{Garou}], which was dropped by Red Wolf Aria.

I am sure that Rou, Drago, and at least the players who MVP defeat the named bosses can usually get the rare skill.

And this time, Nocturne also dropped such a thing, and as a matter of course, it goes to me, the MVP.

“Let’s see… it said the rare skill [Shadow Wolf]…….”

“Heat Haze…?{Kagerou…?}” {tln: same pronounciation}

“Oh, it’s {Kagerou}[Shadow Wolf], which was written by kanji Wolf and shadow.”

I corrected Kohaku, who clearly seemed to be mistaken in her perception, and confirmed the details of the rare skill.

Skill [Shadow Wolf] {Kagerou}

Classification: Rare

Cool Time: 24 hours

Duration: 20 minutes

While the skill is in effect, there is a 50% chance that the following effects will be activated.

The player’s HP consumption will be nullified. In addition, when the nullification by this skill occurs, the player’s Strength and Agility status will be increased by 2% from the value at the time of the nullification. The maximum number of times agility can be increased by this skill is 20 times.

If the player is killed during the activation, the penalty time is doubled.

Activation keyword: “Moon Shadow, be my Retainer!” {translator was hit by 10000 chuunibyou damage}

There is no proficiency in this skill.


“What’s that reaction? Let me see.”

“Oh, here is it.”

As instructed, I projected the menu to Kohaku, Haruru and the viewers can see it.

Kohaku nodded a little and read the skill effects while Haruru said, “Ohh……”

“If it works on poison and bleeding, the effect itself is pretty versatile, but this one… it’s clearly a skill to enhance [Ravenous Wolf].”

“I agree.”

[Ravenous Wolf] is one of my trump cards, the effect is like this.

Skill [Ravenous Wolf] {Garou}

Classification: Rare

Cool down time: 24 hours

Consumes 1% of HP every 3 seconds while the skill is activated.

Increases Strength and Agility by 50% while activated. Decreases the values of Robustness and Magic Defense by 50%.

Disables any recovery effects while activated and doubles the amount of ongoing damage (poison, bleeding, fire heat, etc.) over time.

If Death occurs during the activation, the death penalty time is doubled.

Trigger Keyword “Fang of the Wolf King, Devour my enemy” {I changed the keyword from the previous one, this sound better right?}

Release Keyword “My hunger is no more.”

Proficiency does not exist for this skill.


The Ravenous Wolf takes 1% in 3 seconds, that is, up to 300 seconds …5 minutes. Instead of losing 100% of all HP, this skill gives a 1.5x strength and agility buff to the final status, taking into account any buff status at the time of activation.

This skill time was limited by HP consumption every 3 seconds. And Shadow Wolf probably could nullify this.

The description of [Ravenous Wolf] says “continuous damage (poison, bleeding, fire heat, etc.)”, but the description of [Shadow Wolf] says “continuous HP consumption effect”.

Conversely, I don’t know if [Shadow Wolf] can nullify so-called damage over time. The description seems to imply that it could, and I think it might be possible, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high.

Anyway, if these two skills are activated at the same time, the expected effect time of [Ravenous Wolf] is doubled.

Of course, it depends on luck, so at worst, it may not trigger even once, and at best, it may trigger a lot more.

So this is the reason why [Ravenous Wolf] did not have a specified effect time, maybe because it has a skill that can be used in combination with other skills like this.

<It’s a blatant synergy.>

<Because “Red Wolf” and “Moon Wolf” are both named under the Wolf King familia.>

<And with the way the buffs are written, it looks like they increase with compound interest.>

<Compound interest… that word also is making my head spin.>

< I’m not sure how to explain it.>

< I’m not sure if Sukuna would understand, either.>

< I’ll tell you since Sukuna probably doesn’t understand, too, a 2% increase over and over again 20 times will give you roughly 1.5 times the original amount.>

“Ughh… Haruru, do you know what compound interest is?”

“It’s when interest is added to the interest and it snowballs. …… let’s say I lend you 10000 Iris… with 2% interest, it will become 10200 Iris…. …and with compounding interest, the next 2% is not calculated using 10,000 iris, but using 10,200 iris. So the next time it will be 10404 iris… in short, it will be 4 iris cheaper if you didn’t use compound interest.”

“Oh, that’s easy to understand. The next one is 10404 iris with interest, so you save about 8 iris, right?”

“That’s right…. you can do the math better than I thought…..”

“I can do simple mental arithmetic.”

The reason why she changed the word “iris” from “yen” to “iris” is probably to make it easier for Kohaku to understand.

I got the gist of how [Shadow Wolf] works, it will start slow, but in the end, it could buff my strength and agility up to 1.5x times if I use [Ravenous Wolf].

“The expected time for full activation is once every six seconds during [Ravenous Wolf], which is roughly two minutes. It takes time to build it, so it’s a bit hard to call it a trump card, but if the effect at its maximum is multiplied, it could give a tremendous buff.”

“It’s a good bet…. if you know how to use it……”

“But The Death Penalty continues to get heavier and heavier.”

“fufufu… especially if you count that hairpin, should you die, you will receive total 8 times the normal death penalty.”

Haruru is right. If I die while [Ravenous Wolf] and [Shadow Wolf] are in effect, combined with the effect of [Lone Moon Camellia], I will receive a 2 x 2 x 2, a total of eight times the penalty time. Or maybe it adds up to 6 times.

But the death penalty itself is not that big of a deal since it was shortened tremendously in a major update…

“I’m sure you’ll have enough strength for now, so I’ll give you the items you need. I didn’t give it to you in the Nocturne battle because it’s quite valuable and a deleterious drug. …… Well, to put it simply, it’s a secret potion of the Oni that temporarily increases your physical status by 1.5 times.”

Kohaku handed me a bag containing about three candy-ball-sized pills.

I know I said it nonchalantly, but didn’t Kohaku just say something outrageous?

” Is there’s some catch to this medicine?….?”

“Of course, there are side effects. When the effect wears off, your defense and magic defense status will be zero for about 10 days.”

“I’m okay with that level of side effects.”

<What is she talking about?>

<It’s [not] okay.>

<If you don’t get hit, it doesn’t matter.>

<This girl is crazy.>

<The streamer is crazy.>

<Please, Kohaku-sama, don’t hand out doping like candy.>

“We’ll use all the means at our disposal. And as for the battle with Melty, I’m going to take the opportunity to observe. Of course, I have no intention of interfering. I simply want to witness the battle of the world’s greatest hero.”

I nodded to Kohaku’s words.

Melty is indeed the world’s greatest hero. There must be many NPCs who would like to see her fight. In the real world, it would be like having a professional athlete come to coach a school club.

The end of the battle between Melty and I would be a one-sided slaughter, but the process leading up to it would be worth seeing.

“I’m sure it will be worth seeing how it goes down. It’s reassuring to know that Kohaku is here…. Oh, what about Haruru?””

“I’ll pass… Please review how you feel about using the Teardrop Weapon later….”

“Roger that. Thank you for coming, Haruru.”

“I mean… it’s fine…. we are good friends, aren’t we….”

“Yes, of course.”

I wondered if Haruru and I were that close, but, well, she is probably the friend who is most often involved with me, except for Rin-chan, for sure.

After that, I handed over Ouma for maintenance, just in case and the three of us discussed tactics and items for the upcoming battle. Afterwards, Kohaku and I parted ways with Haruru and headed for the training hall.


By the way, if you defeat the Named of the Wolf King familia, you will collect rare skills to make [Ravenous Wolf] stronger.

Tl note:

Just so the reader know the right pronunciation of Sukuna’s skill

Ravenous Wolf = Garou

Shadow Wolf = Kagerou

I want to use Garou for Ravenous Wolf, but I will change too much since it was something I inherited from last translator.

[Thorough Warfare]  I still cannot decide on the proper name. At this rate, I will use its kanji…

What do the original kanji mean? It means a war that you will fight until your last drop of blood, something that says that you won’t stop until you’re dead.


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