LDM 543 – It’s Settled

“Oi, you! Don’t tell me you use curse transfer!?”

“I don’t remember doing anything like that at all.”

“Then why is my dungeon eater dead? You must be the one who did it!”

The 10th core rants and raves while saying things that make no sense.

Wait, I see… I think I get it?

In short, core 10 put a curse on that black undead dungeon core. A curse that would take control of whoever destroyed it.

And it was true that I had already destroyed one, but I guess either the [God’s Alarm] or [God’s Comforter] had nullified the curse because I didn’t feel cursed at all. I guess using the blanket was worth the risk, after all.

The dungeon eater, or whatever it’s called, is the caterpillar Soto was talking about. The name implies it was something that would literally eat a dungeon… which seemed to have the propensity to attack dungeon cores. Just when did he plant such a thing in Soto? That was a close call.

Anyway, that caterpillar called Dungeon Eater attacked the black dungeon core and destroyed it. And it was cursed instead of me. Then, the 10th Core ordered the cursed object to commit suicide, and as a result, the cursed dungeon later committed suicide.

That should sum up this current situation, I guess?

“Soto, you said [caterpillars]… is it not just one, but several? If so, make sure there aren’t any left in you.”

“I understand, papa. I’m not sure if they’re going to eat me, but I’m not going to! Niku sister, please check every inch of my body!”

I whisper to Soto so that the 10th Core can’t hear me.

I’m going to take a walk in the dungeon later with the [God’s Alarm] blaring, just to be sure. I don’t know if it will work tho.

“Now, core 10. You decide here whether you want to run away again or you want to settle the score. It’s too much trouble to anticipate another surprise, and I’m good with either option, you know?”

“Damn it….!”

Neither super magic, the trump card of the 10th Core, nor the curse of domination can get through to me.

Without any other trump card in his hand, my victory is unassailable…

Still… I think it would be safer to have Haku attack the dungeon of the 10th Core by having him run away from me. If he did that, I’d just go back to my simple job of attacking the undead core dungeon one after the other.

“On second thought… please run away. It’s okay. I’ll let you go.”

“yo-you …… bastard!”

10th Core charged at me after swallowing in his rage. Unfortunately, his presence only amounted to an old man brandishing a cane and attacking.

I shoot an [Elemental Burst], and a torrent of light hits core 10.

“Ugh! Kuu-oOOOHH!”

The 10th core barrier is popped. The barrier that was distorting my attack to prevent it from hitting the 10th Core from being hit may have been released by the [God’s Alarm].

“Damn you, damn you, you dare to mock me! This great me!”

“Lance of light, pierce your enemies with your holy power. –Holy Lance.”

I chanted at random, and a white spear with a sacred aura flew to the 10th core direction.

I was expecting some kind of magical spear with a flashy effect, but it turned out to be a long white conical spear. With 20 cm thickness and about 2 meters long, core 10’s eyes widen.

“What the hell is that? AAAAH!”

“….does this thing have pierce effect?”

Because the 10th Core’s belly was pierced, apparently, this thing can breach the 10th Core’s defenses even though [Elemental Burst] cannot.

“[Holy Lance], [Holy Lance], [Holy Lance], [Holy Lance].”

“Gah, GYAA, gafu–.”

The white lances flew in succession and stabbed mercilessly at the limbs of the 10th Core while he desperately protecting his head.

Is this what they called [weakness attribute]? The 10th Core is a dungeon core that uses the undead, after all, so he may be vulnerable to the holy attribute?

“Wha-what is this! It’s not the [Holy Lance] I know!”

“Oh, is that so? [Holy Lance].”

“Aaahhhh! I’m losing my power! …… [Drain]! …… huh? It didn’t work…”

I pulled the spear stuck in his arm and threw it to the ground, where it turned into a particle of light and disappeared.

So my [Holy Lance] is nothing like the original [Holy Lance]… Well, if it works, then that’s fine. I’m not going to stop shooting until you’re dead!

“…. – this is the light god’s… ah, no….”

“You won’t run away? No, you can’t anymore, huh?”

“Damn, I… am…. the true God.”

It seems that he had fallen too far…

Though even if the 10th Core escapes, Haku will just attack the dungeon, and he will get killed anyway. And even if he continues to fight me, he won’t win.

“Well, I didn’t have any other grudge against you, but …… you were out of luck, 10th Core.”

‘……Damn it, damn it….’

His hands dangle down, and he can’t protect my head anymore. I shoot [Holy Lance] at the head.

“…… curse you–“

Was the last word he uttered after the spear pierced through his skull.

Then the body of the 10th Core crumbles and disappears like sand.

…Is it safe to say that we have now defeated the 10th Core? Just in case of the curse, I’ll use [God’s Alarm] to cleanse my body.

Then I call Rokuko.

“Rokuko, retrieve me. And call Haku, tell her we have defeated the 10th Core.”

“Kehma! I heard that a large number of 10th Core has appeared in the dungeons of his!”


Oi, when is this thing over? I mean, was this guy a fake …… or a [possession]?

“Well, it cannot be helped then. Move me to their dungeon….”

“N? Shouldn’t we be giving reinforcements to sister Haku?”

“I’ll help her after taking care of all the undead dungeons.”

In the first place, it’s not like Haku, and my seniors are incompetent enough that they can’t do anything without me.

“I will respond if requested, but I am only one element of this battle. Just attracting the undead dungeon core attention should be enough contribution.”

“That sounds like Kehma indeed… Okay, I’ll send you to the next dungeon.”

“Oh, and just in case, keep Haku informed of everything. Curses, undead cores, dungeon eaters, etc.”

“Roger that. Well then, good luck on the next dungeon.”

I was relocated using Rokuko authority and started to attack the next undead dungeon.

After attacking the 8th undead dungeon, Haku contacted us, [We have destroyed the 10th dungeon core. We have won.]

Still, the undead cores still did not stop attacking, so Haku helped us to deal with the remaining undead cores. And finally, we had a complete victory over the 10th Core!


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