LDM 544 – Dismissed!

Starting at the far end of the dungeon of the 10th core, the dungeon began to collapse as soon as the core of the main body was destroyed. Our transforming combined golem, G-Testor, was also buried alive.

Haku was able to compensate for this damage, so there was no problem at all, and we also made a profit because we secretly recovered them with Soto’s help.

“We have confirmed the death of the 10th core.”

Fortunately, confirmation of life and death is a matter of system certainty. Something the system had confirmed wouldn’t go wrong as long as the dungeon battle was going on. This means the 10th core is officially exterminated.

“With this, this operation is now complete. Thank you all for your hard work.”

Haku declared in front of all traitor faction avatars that the raid dungeon to defeat the 10th core was complete.

The tense atmosphere began to loosen as I listened to her statement in my golem avatar, and I felt my subconsciously stiff shoulders begin to relax.

The dungeon cores that were present exchanged a few words with Haku before disconnecting. The rewards, aside from the funds, will be delivered in secret at a later date.

“Now, my junior-golem, it’s time to say goodbye. See you again when the time comes.”

“I doubt we’ll see each other again though, since there won’t be an operation of this magnitude. Oh, and forget what the 10th core said; it’s all bullshit! {referring to their identity} AH! I know! isn’t it fine if I secretly visit you? As for now, take care, okay?”

“Golem’s contribution is huge, and you should look forward to your rewards! See ya!”

The seniors who had conquered the 10th core dungeon together also left.

“Although… you were still so scared when 10th core appeared, right 564?” said Orange to 546th sore.

“I’m not scared! If you can scare me, you’ve done a great job!”

By the way, Orange is using a rabbit as his avatar, but 564th core did not. (And the other seniors seem to think that he is a loan from the Demon King faction.)

By the way, the large number of fake 10th core were shadow warriors created using doppelgangers.

“Don’t lie, I know you were scared when it all crumbled down, right?”

“…..I can’t help myself; after all, the 10th core dungeon is a formidable huge after all.”

The core 564 was going wild in his real body and was about to be caught in the collapse and buried, but Orange was able to “retrieve” him, so he survived. I didn’t know master-slave relationships could do that. That’s quite convenient.

“I’m going home, too! See you soon!”

“Goodbye! I’m looking forward to the reward.”

“Ah, okay, see you later.”

Finally, Orange also left, and only our avatars and Haku remained.

“Rokuko-chan. Kehma. Thank you for your hard work, it was a bigger success than we expected.”

“I thought I was going to die when the undead cores initiated the dungeon battle, but somehow I managed to get it under control.”

“It’s truly an excellent job. Not only did you endure their assault, you even annihilated them one by one. Plus, it was a big deal to attract the 10th core attention to yourself.”

I wonder how much reward I should give him, Haku mutters, while putting her hands to her temples.

I suddenly felt something strange about Haku’s appearance.

“By the way, Haku, did you usually wear an accessory on your thighs?”

“Hm? Accessory?”

From the slit of the ao dai-like dress, which clearly showed her body line, you could see that there was a white jewelry accessory attached to her body.

I don’t remember if she ever wears something like that…

“No? I have no such accessory. Chloe, did you see it?”

“…no I – wait, no way! a perception blocking? Is this some kind of curse? I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned it.”

“Eh? Isn’t this bad, then? If that was something that could get past through my defense, then it must be a strong one.”

If it’s the last struggle of the 10th core, we don’t know what kind of curse it could be. I immediately call out to Haku and Chloe, who look a little flustered.

“If it’s a curse, we can lift it. We have the [God’s Alarm Clock].”

“Then I’ll ask you to do it. Let’s meet at the White Beach. We can also discuss the reward. Bring Rokuko with you.”

“…roger that.”

I thought it would be better to just send Narikin with an alarm toward them, but it seems I cannot run from this one.

* * *

Thus, we came to the [White Beach], and it turned out that Haku and Chloe had already set up a table and a tea set on the parasol. They are ready for a tea party.

“Thank you for your hard work, Haku-nee-sama!”

“Yes, Rokuko-chan too, good work. ….but please wait a bit before I hug you, Rokuko. The first priority now is to break the curse before it takes effect. If it was a contagious curse, then it would be all more dangerous. Though it seems to be weakening a lot now after it breaks through my defenses.”

“Oh, right. Kehma.”


I take out the [God’s Alarm] from the [storage] at Rokuko’s urging.

But then I realized, what if I didn’t break the curse right here? – well, knowing it’s Haku, she probably had other methods to do it, but then, her hug time with Rokuko would need to wait even longer. Still, I wondered if it would be possible to haggle for more rewards.

“…… By the way, can I get a reward for this too?’

“Sure. Do you have any requests?”

….Can you please approve my relationship with Rokuko as the reward for breaking the curse and my contribution to dungeon battles?

That was the dominant thought that had been swirling inside my brain.

I wonder if it’s safe to say that… I don’t think there’s any immediate rejection since Rokuko is here with us… but damn… I’m so nervous…

“Um… that’s.. well… I…–“

“Then, sister. I’d like to ask Kehma to marry me. That’s the reward for breaking the spell.”

“Oi? Rokuko!”

While I was nervous and hesitant to say anything, Rokuko started to say something outrageous from the side, and then she smiled at me.

“Isn’t it okay? It’s not much work to ring the alarm anyway, so I’ll just need that much for the payment.”

“No, that was actually a bit much… right?”

“Yes, and I’ve decided, so please, sister.”

But you skip dating and go straight to marriage!

“My my… Well, I understand. Then Kehma. Rokuko seems to be hellbent on this, so marry her.”


Just like that, the approval comes from Haku

…E? what is this? Did Haku get brainwashed by Rokuko?


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  1. sihel says:

    hmm, possession ? no way haku wouldn’t murder him on the spot for trying to marry rokuko, and a curse that make her nice would be the dumbest curse ever

    • Slaygor says:

      It’s because the request came from Rokuko. When it comes to anything Rokuko wants, Haku just can’t say “no”. If he had asked, then she would have killed him on the spot. But because Rokuko did the asking, it got approved.

  2. bob smith says:

    Hello, my name is Bob smith. I’ve been reading the light novels that you have been translating for a while now and I am a fan of them. i wanted to ask you some questions about them if you don’t mind? do you have an email i can use to contact you?

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