LDM 546 – Returning home

Haku’s raid party disbanded, and the discussion was over, and we returned home to Gollen Village. I pinched my cheek as soon as I arrived. Ouch, it hurts! So… that was not a dream?

“? What are you doing, pinching your cheek as soon as you get back?”

“This? Uh, it’s like a ritual to check if it’s a dream or not.”

Since I’m always praying using Beddhist religious customs, now I have become such a professional sleeper that even in a dream, I could pinch my cheek to check if it hurts. If I doubt whether it’s a dream or not,

“So now are you convinced that was not a dream?”

“Yeah… So Haku has really approved of me and Rokuko’s relationship…”

“Of course; otherwise, my sister won’t say that I could kiss you, although conditionally.”

“I’ve been saying that since earlier,” says Rokuko as she pouts.

I suppose she did… By the way, the condition was that she kissed Haku 100 times before Rokuko could kiss me once.

“So, Kehma, when are we having the engagement ceremony? My sister said it’s fine anytime.”

“If we just suggest a random date and time, it seems like she’ll cancel someone else’s plans to make it happen… We should have someone check for Haku free dates and times.”

“Okay, I’ll have someone check as soon as possible.”

Rokuko seemed determined to have it on the nearest available day.

To be honest, I wasn’t against the idea of getting engaged. There shouldn’t be any reason to be against it, but for some reason, I wasn’t feeling enthusiastic about it.

Perhaps it was because I hadn’t fully accepted Haku’s approval of me.

“At any rate, we need to finish the park above the dungeon for the wedding!”

“Oh, why don’t we just have the wedding at the Beddhist Church?”

“That’s one thing, but this is another! And there’s no God to swear to in Beddhist Chruch.”

She’s right… I don’t know to whom or what I’m supposed to swear in a church with no God.

Especially since I am the founder of the church, should I swear to Rei or…

“Why don’t we just pledge it to Soto? our child.”

“A marriage to a child, huh? I guess that means could have a meaning that children are a blessing….”

Certainly, it’s not a bad idea. Soto is a demi-god; should we make her the official God of Buddhism?


While Rokuko went to make some arrangements, I went back to my room.

I decided to check out the [God’s Underwear] that Haku gave me.

The [God’s Underwear] in the box was a sexy black woman’s underwear, but when I picked it up, it changed to a man’s underwear.

I guess it means that the appearance can be changed according to your preference, just like pajamas, etc.

Wait… does it mean the shape before was Haku or Clowe’s preference underwear? No, let’s not think too deeply.

I mean, it was two parts, upper and lower, but now it’s one part. How does this work? No, let’s not think too much about it.

As for effect, Haku said that it was [a hundred years too early] for me to use it. Does it mean if you don’t use the effect, especially if you don’t think of it, it won’t be triggered? Then would it function just like [God’s Comforter]?

I’ll email [Father] how to use it now so I don’t use it by mistake.

Well, let’s try them on for now. Hmm……

…… Yes, it feels so good, as if I’m wearing new underwear. As expected of God’s underwear, they are very comfortable.

“hee, that [Father] is responding right away… o-oh, okay, I see.”

It seems that the inherent ability of God’s underwear is something of charming effect used for the nightlife. So this is why Haku was hesitant to explain it.

The other thing is that you can take it off while it’s still equipped, or rather, you can make it disappear.

The ability to equip stealth equipment may be really strong, but when I think about the purpose, you need to make it stealthy with that function,… I have a complicated feeling about it.

“And the sanitary effect [purification] is there, but this one also has something like a constant activation?”


Underwear is hygiene-related clothing, so that actually makes sense.

“The default form is underwear for women…”

I was a little bit surprised. Wait, the [God’s Bedding] is equipment made for the Creator God, right?

I wonder if that means that the Creator God is a woman.

Hmmm. The world’s birth mother, huh?

“Master. Excuse me. I’m here to clean.”

“Hmm? Is that Niku? please wait a minute.”

I still was in underwear, so I put on [God’s underwear] it transformed into a jersey. After that, I called Niku in.

For now, I think this is enough study regarding [God’s underwear].


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