LDM 547 – Extra: Wataru the Hero

At the dining hall, Wataru handed over 100 gold coins, and we had dinner together while chatting.

Wataru ordered his usual “kid’s lunch” — I mean, the avarice set.

“I’m home! I feel like it’s been a while since I came back to the village of Gollen village.”

“Well, you must be tired then, welcome ho–… Wait, you’re not a villager of this village right.”

Although Wataru had just visited the village a month ago, it felt like we hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

“Well, actually, my house is also built in this village, you know?”

“What? If that’s the case, then we can’t let you stay at the inn. You should spend some money in the village, brave Hero.”

“Hahaha, well, I have to pay off my debt. Anyway, I have a house, but I’m not using it. I let Gozo and his group take care of it.”

“Oh, is it the meeting hall?”

“Yup, that’s my house.”

The house is a bit bigger than others and is a hangout for Gozo and other adventurer villagers.

It is commonly known as the [meeting hall]… but I had no idea it was Wataru’s house.

“I see, so that’s why there’s one room in that house that was forbidden to use.”

“Yes, that room is off-limits to me because it is my private room. I haven’t actually used it, but it’s for the feeling, you know!”

Wataru’s room is mostly used as a storage room, but with the use of an off-desk, he can sleep in it without any problems.

But that means that you have your own house in the village where you can sleep in comfort.

“So Wataru was one of my respectable villager. I didn’t know that.”

“That’s right, chief. Well, in this world, the family register is very loose, you know.”

‘Oh, I also pay a per capita tax as a villager of Gollene village, okay?’ Wataru added as he brought a hamburger steak to his mouth.

“Do Hero also need to pay tax too? is there no exemptions or something?”

“I do have that privilege, but it’s just like a hobby. It’s a small amount of money anyway.”

“Huh? Wataru, making it rain with money is your hobby? … that’s a bad hobby.”

“Only the money related to Gollene Village though. I am very modest in my spending elsewhere.”

[This village is special, but don’t make me say it], what his face wanted to tell me, I could see that Wataru was a little embarrassed.

“If it’s…, does that mean that this monthly debt of 100 gold coins is also a hobby?”

“It’s kinda amazing that I can’t say that your statement is wrong….”

Originally, this debt was the result of Wataru’s strange sense of justice and his own sense of values – in other words, his “hobby” – that led him to challenge me to a game, and the money was taken by me as a result.

“Oh. That reminds me, you are finally getting married, but before that, congratulation on your engagement.”

“N…. ah, yes? Oh, thank you.”

I don’t know why the debt reminds you of that, but thanks anyway.

“…but where did you hear that?”

“Miss Rokuko mentioned it while she was strolling around.”

“I see……”

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I scratched my cheek. So… Rokuko is telling the whole world know about it.

…. I’m a little embarrassed, but it’s fine as long as Haku doesn’t object, and it’s also a fact. That’s why there’s no longer any reason for me to stop her. I’ll let her do what she wants.

“I want to get married too….”

“You should, there’s a lot to choose from if you’re Hero.”

“But the person I love is totally ignoring me…”

“Oh, well, that’s tough.”

Wataru directs his gaze to me as if to say, ‘You know who I’m talking about’. Oh well, I had no choice but to call Nerune, the woman we’ve both been thinking about.

Right at this very moment, she was serving food in the cafeteria (so that she could deal with Wataru anytime she wanted to).

“Hey, Nerune. You can end your shift now. Also, you want to have dinner here with us?”

“Yes. I’d be happy to join you.”

I called out, and Nerune came to sit down with us in her maid’s uniform.

“Now Wataru, which side do you want Nerune to sit next to you or across from you? Do you want Nerune to sit next to Wataru or across from you?”

“eh!? wait…! Let me think about it for a minute!”

Wataru was struggling, wondering if it would be better for Nerune to sit across from him or next to him.

However, while Wataru was worrying about it, Nerune took the liberty of sitting next to him. She was going at her own pace as usual.

“Well, I didn’t order her to listen to Wataru’s wishes.”

“Is Kehma actually a demon or something?”

“The demon joke aside, I think I might become God if this continue.”

“Hee, what a big goal, but then again if it not at least that great, Haku-sama won’t forgive you right….? Oh, Nerune, what would you like to eat? I’ll buy it for you.”

“Then… pancake sandwich.”

Pancake sandwich. It’s a sandwich with pancake buns developed by Kinue. Surprisingly, it’s pretty delicious – it’s like a crepe, so it works well with both sweet and savory fillings.

“I didn’t know they had such a menu.”

“Well, yes. It’s a secret menu that Kinue added mainly for Nerune’s sake.”

“I’m sure you know Wataru? The witch of the sandwich is said to referring to a witch.”

“Oh, there’s a theory like that?”

After learning that the “wich” in “sandwich” can be pronounced as “witch”, it has become a daily routine for Nerune to order menu items with good pronunciation related to sandwiches.

For this reason, she has an extensive repertoire of sandwich-based dishes for nothing, and pancake sandwiches are one of them. Well, it’s basically a secret menu because the inn only officially sells set meals.

“Nerune, you really like magic and witches, don’t you?”

“I will become a witch in the future, just watch!”

“Since Kehma is going to be a God, and I think you can certainly become a witch. “

The fact she dares to tell Wataru that much, I guess, also means she trusts Wataru in her own way.

….n? Oh, I see. Apprentice witches are demons in a manner of speaking.

So, could it be that they can learn ‘humanization’ through reinforcement? She appeared mostly like a human, so I thought she wouldn’t have needed it…

I wonder if there is a possibility that she could develop normal emotions and become lovey-dovey with Wataru after she uses [humanization] someday?

“Oh, that’s right, Wataru. A pancake sandwich with sweetened beans as the filling is quite good, have it for dessert.”

“Oh, sweetened beans in pancakes…. THAT’S DORAYAKI! I’ll eat it! Of course I’m going to eat it!”

Well, maybe it’s not exactly the same thing, but that’s pretty much right.

“And by the way, these sweetened beans go well with whipped cream too, it’s a wonder, isn’t it?”

“It’s an ironclad combination! Let me buy some as souvenirs. I haven’t had dorayaki for an ages.”

While Wataru is excited, Nerune pulls his sleeve, and she looks a little unhappy.

“… Wataru-san? It’s wrong, isn’t it? It’s a pancake sandwich, isn’t it? it’s not that dora-?”

“U-um, right, It’s a sweet bean pancake sandwich! I’m looking forward to it.” {folded like a paper}

“Yes, that’s right.”

Nerune looked a little grumpy, but she soon regained her good mood as Wataru corrected his words.


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  1. bepowo says:

    “After learning that the “wich” in “sandwich” can be pronounced as “witch”, it has become a daily routine for Nerune to order menu items with good pronunciation related to sandwiches.”

    hmm not sure that pun work in japaness with majo ? do they use the english word in the original text ?

    • rune says:

      ……Yes, after I told him that the “itch” in the sandwich was a “witch.”

      That pun actually is in the original text. It looks like the author is leaning on the fact that the language in the other world does not neatly correspond to Japanese. It looks like the pun lines up in English though.

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