LDM 548 – Park Creation.

“–[Create Golem]!!!”

Rokuko scatters magic stones and creates a clay golem. Different from Kehma’s [Create Golem], it is a common, ordinary [Create Golem].

But it is enough to let them clear the ground for the park.

For example, if you make a clay golem right under a tree, it can pull out most of the tree when it forms itself, and if you help them with other golems, you can easily uproot them.

Or if there is a big hole, the Golem can go in and fill it, or you can have the golems carry dirt to fill it up.

This is only possible because Golem is both heavy machinery and material.

They are unmatched when it comes to civil engineering work, especially in pioneering and clearing the land.

“What do you think, Gozo, Roppe? This is the power of me, the owner of the Dancing Doll Pavilion.”

“Amazing, I never knew the golem would come in handy to do the heavy lifting.”

“I see, so that’s what happens if you make a golem under a tree.

Gozo and Roppe, the hired escort and worker, were impressed by the smug look on Rokuko’s face.

The trees that had been uprooted and pulled out were processed into logs by the golems and carried away.

The occasional goblin, gray wolf, big buck, and other forest-dwelling monsters were either left to flee or crushed and felled by the golem hordes.

As a result, the guards, who had nothing to do, were mainly tasked with collecting magic stones from the defeated monsters. The majority of the magic stones are useless, but there are enough to make disposable golems that move for a few dozen seconds to remove tree roots.

“The amount of magic stone required is amazing, but the means to replenish it is even more incredible.”

“I don’t think I could win against this many golems; is Rokuko fine with summoning this many golems? Won’t you run out of magic?”

“Running out of magic? No chance.”

Rokuko said with a wide smile, and Roppe shrugged her shoulders with a wry smile.

“Unn, I can’t tell if she’s joking or serious… What do you think, Gozo?”

“If there’s no problem, I don’t care. Either way, it’s an easy job for us to pick up the magic stone.”

“That’s true. Rokuko, if you get tired, just tell me.”

“Okay dokey, Roppe is a worrier, isn’t she? As side note, compared to Kehma, I’m nothing.”

“True, he won against Wataru by turning him over with a golem. “

[I see] that one of its applications is to uproot a tree. Gozo nodded as if he finally got it.

Rokuko again used [Create Golem] to uproot the tree by turning its soil into a golem, and the Golem, which was about to run out of magic power and stop, entered the hole and filled it.

The repeated processes create an open space in the forest.

The area was already large enough to accommodate two or three more “Dancing Doll Pavilions.”

“Hey, are you still pioneering in the forest?”

“Hmm? According to our plan, we still need more.”

“Wait a minute! This is a park, right? “How big do you want it to be?”

“If we don’t clear a certain amount of land, it will be dangerous to have a forest in the immediate vicinity of the park.”

“That’s true, but if you put it that way, the idea of clearing out the forest to make a park in the first place is a real problem, isn’t it?”

The idea of creating a “park” with no productivity after all the hard work of cultivating the land is an unbelievable waste of time and effort for a pioneer village.

“Why don’t you just develop the functional Gollen Village area?”

“The owner is the one who actually does the pioneering, and we’re just hired guards with money, so we’re in no position to say anything about it. “

“I’ve got permission from Kehma to do whatever I want.”

“Oh well, I guess it’s fine then?” said Gozo as he scratched his head.

“Then… wouldn’t it be better if there was a space around the park where you could set up a shop?”

“Oh, Roppe, that’s a good idea! At first I was planning to build a wall, but if there were shop between the park and the forest, it would make the park a safer place to play!”

“Wait, wait, wait, who’s going to sell what there? Do people really come to the park that much?”

“I’m not sure, but if people don’t come to the park, what’s the point of having stores if there are no people there? If there are stores, people may come for them.”

“In that case, why don’t you just go to the Dyne’s Store? It’s already there.”

“Mmmm ……!”

The store first or the crowd first…?

Rokuko then recalled that the history of Gollen Village was that the inn was the first to be established, and people came to the village.

Although the premise is different, based on that history, it would be better to build the store first, Rokuko thought.

“Then… I’ll build the [Dancing Dolls Pavilion] No. 2!”

“Was there a shortage of lodging?”

“There will be from now on! We’re building a park! So we have to build enough space for people to stay and play. We’ll pioneer more!”

Rokuko changed her plans and decided to further expand the planned park area.

She unfolded a piece of parchment. It was a lightly drawn map of the area. She did not use the dungeon’s map because she couldn’t consult with Gozo and the others if she was using it.

“I’d like to build a small mountain here and a lake here. What do you think?”

“It looks like we’re going to build a pretty big one…”

“If we dig up the dirt to make a small mountain, then the dug place will become a hole, so we can make a lake, right? It’s a double-kill, killing two birds with one stone.”

“It’s going to make the water very muddy… and where will you find that much water to begin with?”

“Don’t worry, we have the same kind of magic tools we rent in Drago village.”

The dungeon gimmick is labeled as a magical tool that can secure water in the mountains. And Rokuko could have prepared that kind of thing in any number of ways.

“I don’t know we have such a valuable magical tool! In some areas, it’s the kind of thing that could cause a war.”

“Ah, yes. The only limitation is that there are too many restrictions on where it can be used. The only place it can be used is near here. So there’s no problem, Gozo.”

“Okay, I understand.”

The statement was slightly slurred and suspicious, but since it was a magical tool that could have been used to start a war otherwise, Gozo decided that [even if it wasn’t, it is what it is]. and stopped pursuing the matter.

“Well, if we’re going to build mountains and lakes, we still need more open area! We’ll have to clear more land, along with clearing the plains! And if there are any areas that are already mountains, we can make use of them.”

With these words, Rokuko resumed her work.

If this were in Japan, this would be a crime of deforestation at an alarming rate, but since the area under human control is still very small in this world, there is no such problem.

Since no one (except Kehma and his friends) knew that the purpose of this park was for Kehma’s wedding, Gozo and his friends were honestly impressed by the enthusiasm of the village chief’s wife for the village’s development.


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