BTOG 268 – Adult Children

“… it’s getting pretty late.”

Now it’s 1:00 am.

I had a tough time getting from Griffith to Zeronoa, and as a result, I had to stay up this late at WLO.

I sent a message to Nana from the game and told her she could go ahead and go to bed, so she’s probably asleep already.

(I know everything that was happening on Nana’s end because I got a lot of pigeons {slang for news carrier}, but it’s been an intense day for her as a player as a whole.)

As I lightly nourish and prepare myself for bed, I reflect on the day. Not about myself but about what happened on Nana’s side.

Melty’s attack, I was surprised that it turned out that way, but it was not unexpected since I had expected some form of contact from the management as soon as Nana told me about the effects of the closing ceremony.

(But this sure will create another big wave….)

From about 500,000 viewers when it started, the maximum peak was 1.2 million, and the average was about 300,000. The peak was reached when she was fighting Melty.

And that was to be expected because this was the first large-scale battle since the game WLO began.

There was magic that was shown for the first time, Melty manipulated that magic while dancing like a storm, and Nana ran through the shattered earth like a joke.

And that so-called ultimate magic, destroyed by the ultimate physical attack force with ease.

It was not an exaggeration to say that those series of events were more impressive than a bad Hollywood movie.

“I wonder what kind of system they must have used to make the camera work so beautifully. In some cases, it even splits into multiple points of view.”

I had thought of that in my mind, but I couldn’t help but let it slip into words.

Nana would not notice it because she never looked back at her own stream, but as a bystander watching from the side, it was quite something.

While automatically adjusting the zoom in and out depending on the scene, the view would sometimes be almost entirely in Nana’s first-person perspective, while at other times, it would be closer to Melty’s side.

Perhaps the most surprising point of this game is this incomprehensible camera work technique.

(Nana’s evolution never stops. Physically and mentally, and she is definitely in her prime from now on. I already knew it, but her talent has reached a level where she can no longer wield it without virtual space.)

Not only can she see things moving at the speed of sound, but she can also allow herself to fight at that speed. This is more than just a physical ability parameter; it is proof that his reflex speed is far beyond human knowledge.

It takes even top athletes 0.1 seconds from perception to reaction. But in the world of the speed of sound, 0.1 seconds means 34 meters in the distance.

One will need at least ten times faster reaction time, and ideally, you would have to be 100 times faster than that to be able to move your body as you expect when fighting at the speed of sound.

Even if the reflex speed catches up with the speed of sound, every movement, down to the tips of the fingers, must exceed it in order to keep up with the movements after the reaction.

In fact, Nana did not swing her attacks one by one. The posture of the attack was set in advance.

In other words, Nana’s final attack, in which she outwitted Melty, was not a strike with kanabou, but rather she was simply charging forward with the club at the ready.

(Because the parameters of the virtual world are only electronic data, if we raise it, she will reach the speed of sound eventually. I’m afraid she may become like a nimble humanoid combat machine, well… thankfully, that world’s NPCs are incredibly strong, so if she doesn’t focus on PvP, she won’t have any problems with enemies.)

WLO has a PvP feature, but events using it have not been held yet. It’s not impossible that they will be held in the future, but I am certain that it is impossible to allow Nana to participate in any event.

It is already impossible to defeat that child under the same conditions in a 1-on-1 battle. Her strength exceeds the dimensions of technology or talent.

However, there are still NPCs in that world, such as Melty and Kohaku, who can defeat others with pure brute strength. At least for one or two years, there are opponents that cannot be defeated. But should that day come, it would be a good thing for things to change.

If NPCs are opponents that have similar thinking capabilities as players, Nana should not be too focused on battles with players. And even if NPCs were emotionless programs, Nana would still enjoy the battle if it is challenging.

(I don’t have to force myself to talk to her for the time being to keep her motivated. And I believe it’s the most enjoyable when you’re up against a wall.)

I can’t remember the last time I saw Nana so tense, in a good way, of course. Nana, who had always been the strongest, saw training as simply figuring out how to limit herself successfully.

But now, she finally saw the limiting value of her current abilities and still wanted to become stronger and go beyond her limits.

It was definitely a good thing, and it was the wish I had hoped for WLO.

“Okay, time for me to go to bed… oh my.”

I broke off my rambling thoughts and went to the bedroom, where I found Nana sleeping in the middle of the bed, which was unusual for her.

It is unlikely that she is in the middle of the bed because of her sleeping position. Nana basically never moves even slightly when she is sleeping.

If that were the case, well, it would be an easy appeal to understand.


I sat down on the side of the bed and gently reached out my hand to Nana, who was sleeping peacefully.

No luck. Normally, she would have rubbed up against me, but there was no visible reaction, so it seems that she is more tired than I thought.

(What a rare occurrence)

I guess it’s natural after such an intense battle since she had continued streaming for nearly 5 hours afterward. I couldn’t do anything else, so I obediently crawled into the futon and snuggled up next to the sleeping Nana.

(Today is a day for pampering, isn’t it?)

Nana’s sleeping posture can be divided into two patterns: when she sleeps comfortably on her back and when she sleeps curled up like a cat.

Nana herself is not aware of it, but when she sleeps curled up, it’s always when she wants to be spoiled. That is when she is lonely.

Especially this time, she is occupying the middle of the bed and making it obvious that she wants attention.

I am a perch for Nana.

The place where she can rest her wings.

She is a bird that will fly endlessly if I don’t watch her carefully, so I have to be able to read her signs of fatigue.

Sometimes I wonder why she never said anything to me, but perhaps that one is on me because I have been guessing about her every need she was a little girl.

(That part has not changed since I was a child. I have to admit that I don’t often hear her say in words that she wants to be pampered. Well, if she occupies the bed so clearly, I can tell at a glance what she wants me to do. Still, she’s starting to be spoiled towards me just like she used to.)

“Come on, come here.”

“Mmm…… ehehe.”

As I softly stroked her curled-up sleeping back and whispered in her ear, Nana changed her position and snuggled up to me. I was a bit surprised because I thought she would only cuddle, but when I welcomed her by lying on her back, Nana happily wriggled and used my chest as a pillow.

(When I put it like that, it sounds like Nana is a pervert.)

Just as a side note, Nana was not sexually aroused by me. {tl: but… are you?}

She is a child whose emotional development did not begin until she was 15 years old. Although six and a half years have passed since then, realistically speaking, she only understands the three major desires at the level of a nine-year-old.

This imbalance with respect to her age is one of Nana’s charms, but it will be a little while before she reacts to love and sex.

At least for now, I think she just instinctively thinks, [I’m so happy to smell Rin-chan’s scent all over me.]

(I wouldn’t worry about the direction of Nana’s arrow, but in her case, it seems she won’t be interested in such things forever.)

It seemed that her movement earlier was unconscious, and as I stroked her head while she slept with a drowsy face, I couldn’t help but worry if she would drool.


“Well, she’s…… cute, so I guess it’s okay for now.”

It’s been a long time since we’ve had skin-to-skin contact and flirting like this because of BATTLER. I’m going to have to replenish my Nana-ium supply while she’s in full pampering mode.


After that, Rin gave her a lot of attention.

No sleeping face sneak streaming tonight!


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