LDM 551 – [Super Transformation Lv 7]

By the way, my current hero skill [Super Transformation] is at level 7.

It was inadvertently raised during a dungeon battle with the 10th core. I can’t afford to upgrade it for a while longer.

“It’s already been outrageous from the beginning, but at level 7… this is bad.”

I could hear the power rumbling inside me. I know that was only my imagination, but still…

Anyway, the effects of [Super Transformation] LV7 are as follows:

In 24 hours, you can transform yourself into the object of your imagination Lv times (7 times for Lv7).

Lv1 effect: Transform into something that actually exists.

Lv2 effect: Imitates some of the transformed object’s abilities.

Lv3 effect: Once every 72 hours, even if a person dies in the transformed state, the transformation is released, and the person is resurrected.

Lv4 effect: Can transform into something that existed in the past.

Lv5 effect: relaxed restrictions after transformation. Lv5 effect: Lifts restrictions after transformation, allowing the use of some unique abilities.

Lv6 effect: Allows the use of pre-transformation skills during the transformation.

Lv7 effect: Allows the use of all post-transformation skills.

…allows the use of all post-transformation abilities! This is an extraordinary ability.

However, there are two drawbacks.

The first is that it is not applicable to heroic skills such as [super luck].

Well, this is to be expected. The risk of learning a hero skill is that it can contaminate your soul. There is no way that being able to use them comes with no risk, and there is even a possibility that the contamination will increase at once. In fact, I should count it as a good thing that I could not use it.

And one more thing. After the transformation, there is no notification of what skills you have acquired.

In other words, if you don’t know what skills your transformed target can use, you can’t use them. Moreover, just as in the case of level 5, experience is not copied, so even if you transform, you are only an inferior copy.

Unless, of course, the opponent is not very proficient in the skill.

However, even with these two drawbacks, it is still strong. This is Hero skill level 7, indeed.

“But my upper limit… this is bad.”

As previously stated, acquiring the hero skill contaminates the soul towards being dominated by the light God, and the limit for a level 3 increase within a year is mentioned.

Then again, there is no one who is familiar with the skills and souls of the heroes, and there is no way I can get someone to diagnose it.

And I can’t just send an email to the light God and ask him about it. Because being contaminated would be convenient for him, wouldn’t it?

He is unlikely to tell the truth, such as [There’s no problem at all, and what Leona said is bullshit! Why don’t you just get on with it and increase your LV?]. Probably something like that?

And whether this is true or not, I will not know until it is too late.

Well, if I put it that way, there is also no guarantee that Leona was telling the truth either, but I have a mysterious feeling of certainty that this one fact is true.

Maybe it’s because she’s the one who experienced what happened when the hero’s skill level increased.

“Well, whatever it is, I’d better not raise my heroic level for a while… Still, I think I should practice my hero skills.”

So I headed for the arena area. That place is perfect for physical exercise and secrecy.


Right now, only Niku accompanied me for the exercise.

“Master. So, what are you going to [super transform] into?”

“Well, let’s start by transforming into one of our familiar comrades.”

For the sake of clarity, I’ll start with Rei because she is the one with a distinctive ability.

Since I can transform seven times a day, I can be a bit lenient about it. With that in mind, I activated [Super Transformation].

“How is it, Niku? Have you noticed anything strange?”

“Oh, Master. your smell is so nice, too.”

She rubbed her nose against my body and sniffed me.



When I chopped her on the forehead, Niku was slightly hurt. Oh?

“…just now is hurt, master.”

“Strange, right? Rei’s attack power of 0 wasn’t a skill; it was just an ability value.”

“So does that mean that the master’s attack power is added on top of Rei’s?”

If so, does that mean that I could transform a bit stronger than the original?

However, this also meant that I couldn’t use THAT Rei-specific glitch.

“Okay, let’s move on to the next one.”

“Who do you want to be next?”

“How about our next-door neighbor, Redra, the Red Dragon? I want to try to use dragon breath.”

“That sounds fun. I’ll hold on to your clothes, Master. “

Oh, right, clothes don’t transform, do they?

At her suggestion, I took off my clothes (after untransformed) and transformed once again into Redra, the red dragon.

“Ooh, so when one become a giant, I feel like the surrounding become smaller, not myself become bigger.”

“I see. So that’s how it is.”

“Alright then, Niku, take shelter for now. And Here I go… Dragon Breath!”

I tried to exhale my breath as if I wanted to blow out the candles on the birthday cake. But since I was using the lung capacity of a dragon, the cake itself might get destroyed.

“How do you use Dragon Breath?”

“I don’t know, Master. Ask her?”

“Well, I can ask her how she does it next time we meet.”

Instead of chanting, I could release an elemental burst disguised as a breath. Oh? I think I can properly use magic that Redra wouldn’t be able to use.

“I also want to test if I can use skills that I can’t use. That’s right, let’s try [Humanization].”

I transformed into Redra human form using [Humanization]. By the way, I am not naked; I am wearing clothes.

“Mm? The Master is clothed. What does that mean?”

“It means that these clothes are simply a part of Redra’s body. Usually, Redra also wears clothes when he is transformed into a human being, right? I think her scales are transforming into clothes.”

In that sense, you could say she is naked. I know it’s a little late for now, but transforming into the neighbor’s wife and seeing her bare-chested might be a bit of a problem, perhaps.

I’m not going to say anything because I’m afraid I’d get punched if I told Otento.

“Speaking of which, can Soto-sama’s [little duplication] be used?”

“I don’t know. Let’s give it a try.”

I put on my clothes again and transformed into Soto, but nope, I don’t think I can do it. It appears that skill was treated like a hero skill, so it was excluded. Oh, but it might be possible to eat stones and such.

“Would you like some socks?” Niku asked as she began to remove her socks.

“….No, I don’t think I’ll be able to digest it when I untransform, so I won’t do it.”

“I see. I’m sorry.”

I don’t want to ask what she’s sorry about.

“I’m not sure if it’s possible to open Niku’s [storage] using her skill.Can I try?”

“Please do.”

“Ok, let’s see… Oh, it’s open. Does Soto always open other people’s [storage] like this… or can she open a normal [storage] dungeon too?”

She could open other people’s storage the same way she could open the zipper on someone else’s clothes. She was able to open it easily because there isn’t much difference in method compared to opening her own storage.

“Let’s scare Soto a little. Soto is always surprising us with her sudden presence, so we’re going to surprise her once in a while.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun… I’ll go too.”

Niku took a deep breath and then twitched her ears and tail.

Fufu, this will be a good experience for Soto to be surprised by someone suddenly appearing next to her!

“But… even though it’s a storage dungeon, it’s technically my daughter’s room. Niku, you go in first, and if it seems like it’s going to be a problem, stop me.”

“Understood. I will go; please open it.”

“Okay. [Storage] dungeon, open!”

I turn to the side so I don’t look inside it, then I open the [storage] dungeon. And Niku peeks in first and…


“Ah, um, what, sis Niku!?! I thought I locked the door properly!”

“Excuse me, Master; please wait a moment. It seems she was playing in her room.”

“What!?! Papa is here too?! Ah! It must be Papa’s doing, huh? Pervert! Dirty! Don’t wash my underwear together from now on!”

What’s with that cursing? Is she a high schooler? Ugh, the pain? Did her words hurt my fatherly side?

By the way, she seems to have been playing by rolling around on the floor with her socks collection spread out. Dear God, just what is my daughter doing?


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