BTOG 279 – Endure it!

“[Fang of the Wolf King, Devour my enemy]! [Moon Shadow, be my Retainer]!”

About 20 seconds had passed since Rinne’s lightning spirit struck the two fighters. A swelling light from a buff illuminated the world of the apocalypse in a pale blue glow. In an already weakened state, Sukuna used [Ravenous Wolf], an action made possible only after understanding Rinne’s intentions.

Sukuna sought Rinne’s help, believing that they couldn’t last 15 minutes with evasion alone. Rinne, sensing Sukuna’s feelings, offered support for only six instances. Sukuna quickly realized that this was likely the maximum number of times Rinne could offer assistance without drawing the hate from shadow warrior.

There was no way Rinne could handle the onslaught of attacks that even Sukuna was barely managing. A target transfer would lead to Rinne’s immediate demise. Even with accurate simulation, whether their bodies could keep up was an entirely different matter.

(Thanks to Rin-chan, I understand the trick behind the shadow warriors’ attacks. But I can’t defend against them in energy-saving mode.)

Even if Sukuna understood the reason the shadow warriors’ attacks slipped through her predictions, dealing with them in reality was difficult. Sukuna was currently operating in a state where her thought processes were reduced to a minimum, and most of her actions were controlled by reflexes. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to maintain consciousness for 15 minutes.

However, Sukuna couldn’t defend against the shadow warriors’ attacks in this state. Only by focusing all her concentration in the split second before they hit could she achieve a perfect dodge or guard – that was the level of difficulty. Naturally, if she used her concentration in that way, she wouldn’t be able to stay conscious for even five minutes.

In other words, with or without Rinne’s support, nothing had changed about the fact that Sukuna couldn’t dodge the shadow warriors’ attacks. The biggest problem was that there were already instances where she couldn’t avoid two of the shadow warriors’ attacks in a single minute, and the remaining five instances of support were far from enough.

Hoping for more wasn’t possible due to the target issue, and yet the remaining five chances were insufficient.

(In other words, Rin-chan decided that it was impossible to escape for 15 minutes.)

Both Sukuna and Rinne arrived at the same conclusion: it was impossible to endure for whole 15 minutes. There wasn’t enough flexibility in Rinne’s predictions to turn the impossible into possible. All she could do was raise a 0.1% chance to 100%, not turn a 0 into a 1. So, if Rinne determined that, there was no way they could run away for the entire duration. Still, Sukuna understood Rinne’s true intentions.

(If Rin-chan really wanted to give up on clearing, she would have said it was impossible and that we should leave immediately. The fact that she is offering assistance indicates that there is a possibility to win.)

Shuten Douji said “endure for 15 minutes,” but she did not say they couldn’t defeat the shadow warriors. The trial should be over if they can defeat them.

considering the current state, it may even be more appropriate to take that path right now. They’d already shown that their attacks could harm it; Sukuna’s kicks and Rinne’s magic both dealt around 5% damage; it wasn’t much, but it was possible.

(The real problem is the insanely fast auto-regeneration. 5% every second is brutal. On top of its swift movements and lack of attack openings, it recovers the moment I lose sight of it. Well… I was using it too.)

The weakened version of [Furious Rage] is much less potent than the so-called dead skill, but even without buffs, it provides seemingly endless durability. Therefore, what they needed was maximum firepower in a short amount of time. With the remaining five instances of Rinne’s support, they could expect to shave off 25% of their health, which would offset the regeneration. Sukuna determined that the realistic goal was to finish the battle within those five seconds.

(Using the supersonic maneuver from the battle with Melty won’t work because I don’t have enough buffs. Aerial combat using Air Walk is a waste of time too. If I close in with Meteor Impact at the end, the maximum firepower I can unleash in five seconds… I don’t have many strong Arts that are easy to use, and as for the Ten-fold Cherry Blossom (Jyu-Zakura)… it seems I wouldn’t be able to withstand the recoil damage from it. Well, regardless, for now… let’s just crank up the gear.)

Sukuna had been conserving the last of her concentration to last for 15 minutes. But now, she decided to unleash it all in the next ten seconds. It felt like the world had come to a standstill for a moment as her thoughts accelerated at an incredible speed. While it may have seemed like only ten seconds to an observer, those brief moments stretched to dozens or even hundreds of times longer for Sukuna.

However, only her thinking time was extended. The actual time she had to act remained the same. Within the limits set by the system’s status, she had to assemble the most powerful combo.

The timing for the attack would be the moment Sukuna could no longer dodge. Rinne, visible in the corner of her eye, was giving instructions to her lightning spirit to hit that moment, which was about two seconds away.

In other words, at this point, Sukuna didn’t need to worry about evading. It was likely that, unlike before, Rinne would intervene before the attack reached her.

(Yosh…, let’s go with this.)

Sukuna decided on her strategy: a combination that could, within five seconds, potentially reduce the shadow warrior’s HP to 100%… or at least the most effective combination she could come up with in such a short time. To prepare for the first strike, Sukuna took a big 20-meter backstep just before Rinne’s lightning spirit hit the shadow warrior, causing it to be stunned again.

During her backstep, Sukuna pulled out her most powerful weapon, the [Ouma]. Holding it in a reverse grip, she threw it at the stunned shadow warrior with all her might.

“[Cannon Blast]!!”

It was a powerful throwing technique that targeted anything other than items, boasting the highest power among the unpopular [Throwing] skills due to their high player skill dependency. As the name suggested, a thunderous roar accompanied the single beam of light that soared through the air. Since the opponent was paralyzed and unable to move, there was no way Sukuna would miss. With a sound like a direct hit from a cannon, the oversized golden staff pierced the shadow warrior’s face. This dealt 14% damage; the pinnacle of throwing skills dealt a fitting amount of damage to the shadow warrior.

(Then, close in all at once and slam my elbow…)

Riding the momentum of her throw, Sukuna stepped forward, and as soon as the rigidity of her Arts technique was released, she kicked off the ground. It took her no more than a blink of an eye to cover the 20-meter distance. Closing in quickly, Sukuna drove her right elbow into the solar plexus of the shadow warrior, who seemed about to recover from the paralysis in about two seconds. It was similar to the Chou-chuu (top elbow) in the traditional martial art of Bajiquan, but to Sukuna, it was simply the most effective attack she could think of from her current position. {tl: Kenji reference!?}

The sensation of her elbow sinking into her target with a thud indicated a clean hit. Indeed, nearly 5% of the shadow warrior’s HP was shaved off. Sukuna then spun around, grabbing the floating [Ouma] with her left hand. Activating [Instant Exchange], she switched it for the [Prototype No. 52] weapon that Haruru had given her permission to break, and immediately unleashed a new Arts technique.

“[Finish Crusher]!”

This Arts technique was also known as a simplified Meteor Impact, boasting an attack multiplier of 0.5 times for every 500 durability points of the weapon. When Sukuna used it in a previous battle against the Moon Wolf, she wielded the [Prototype No. 48], a weapon with 5,500 durability points, granting her an extraordinary attack multiplier of 5.5 times. The [Prototype No. 52] was a sibling weapon to the No. 48; both were scrap products made during the same process as [Ouma]. Consequently, the performance of the prototype weapons was quite similar.
The [Finish Crusher] was swung down, but the shadow warrior had already recovered from the paralysis just before Sukuna activated her Arts technique. Naturally, the shadow warrior tried to dodge, but in that instant, Rinne’s lightning spirit attacked once again, causing a brief paralysis. As a result, the [Finish Crusher] struck the shadow warrior’s shoulder, and the sound of shattering red polygons and the weapon breaking echoed.

(That’s 60%, and the remaining half… no! can’t be shaved off by Meteor Impact alone.)

The duration of the paralysis was getting shorter, and taking into account the recovery lag, the remaining lightning spirits would probably cause about two seconds of paralysis. Freed from the rigidity of her technique, Sukuna switched to [Prototype No. 53] and unleashed another [Finish Crusher] in an upward swing. Even though the rigidity after the technique was short, it wasn’t completely gone. Still, this was the only easy maximum firepower Sukuna could unleash in the limited time she had. The weapons breaking one after another were collateral damage.

(And then, when the paralysis wears off…)

Just before the second [Finish Crusher] hit, the shadow warrior was freed from the third paralysis. The low elemental resistance of the Oni tribe allowed for three easy paralyzing attacks, but the repeated status abnormalities increased their resistance, making it impossible for the lightning spirits’ collisions to cause paralysis anymore. However, there was another way to paralyze monsters.

The [Finish Crusher] was swung upwards towards the shadow warrior’s jaw. The concussion caused by the vibration or impact was the same in principle as the status abnormality in this game, even though there was no brain in the head. The shadow warrior, who had already received a strong impact to the head from the throwing Arts [Cannon Blast], fell into another paralysis. Not missing this opportunity, the remaining two lightning spirits charged at the shadow warrior, and Sukuna pulled out [Prototype No. 54] and swung down her maximum firepower Arts.

“[Meteor Impact]!!”

With a crash, the sound of the weapon shattering. In exchange for the weapon’s destruction and 30 seconds of rigidity after the technique, a direct hit of the maximum firepower with a base multiplier of 6 times plus a durability multiplier of 5.5 times, for a total of 11.5 times, struck the shadow warrior. Watching the gradually decreasing HP within her accelerated thoughts, Sukuna saw that even after her all-out attack, it stopped at around 3% remaining.


It was a little over 5 seconds, but it was still an impressive amount of firepower that could be unleashed in a short time. It should have been an almost ideal combo that Sukuna could think of. Yet, she barely couldn’t defeat the shadow warrior. Their endurance narrowly surpassed her attacks.

“[Lightning Ballista/Spirit]” {Translator’s note: That’s literally how the skill was written by the author.}

Just when Sukuna was on the verge of giving up, believing the situation to be hopeless, a purple lightning crossbow bolt she had seen before—though with a distinctly different color—pierced through the shadow warrior’s body, depleting the remaining HP. Rinne intervened at the perfect moment.


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