BTOG 282 – The Fifth Town

“I feel invigorated.”

<So sudden, what’s up?>

<Oh, I see~>

<Glad to see you’re doing well>

<When you’re sleeping that much, it’s to be expected>

<Sleeping for three days without a peep, isn’t that a bit unfair?>

<Were you okay with bedsores or something?>

<We were staring into the void, weren’t we?>

“My body’s fine, really. A couple of days of continuous sleep doesn’t make a difference. My body isn’t that frail, you know.”

My body is simply strong, so it doesn’t get weak from a bit of friction, nor does the blood flow slow down from maintaining the same position. The reason I don’t turn over in my sleep is just because there’s no need to.

“For now, I guess today’s a sort of ‘recovery day,’ so let’s take it easy. I want to take a look around the Fifth Town (Griffith). I’ve got other things to do too.”


<What was that town again…>

<When was the last time we went on a town exploration?>

<We know nothing about this Griffith.>

<Seriously have no idea where it is.>

“It’s the Fifth Town. Oh, right, there are a lot of viewers who don’t really know this game.”

Although the viewer count isn’t as high as it typically is on Mondays and Tuesdays, we still have quite a number of viewers today. This is probably because it’s the weekend. Even though the broadcast has just begun, we already have around 150,000 people tuned in. Those who couldn’t watch during the weekdays likely join us on weekends, hence there are always newcomers who aren’t familiar with this game.

Having said that, I’ll likely repeat this many times in the future, and that’s alright. When it comes to the town of Griffith, I have as little knowledge about it as both the earliest and the newest viewers do.

“Right now, we’re in the ‘starting town,’ so technically, we’re in the ‘First Town.’ If you go straight down the highway and conquer the dungeons, you connect to the Second Town, the Third Town, and so on. So the Fifth Town is the fifth in that sequence.”

<I see>

<Oh, right, we just took a detour last time>

<Lately, it’s mostly been the Oni-folk’s hidden village>

<So we skipped the subquest to go to the Oni’s village>

“That’s right. A person named Meguru guided us directly to the Oni-folk’s village, so we skipped the quest to acquire the key item, just registered the wing’s warp point, and skipped over it. That’s why this time, I thought I’d like to properly tour the town. Also, I plan to meet two people today.”

<Is it Rinne?>

<↑Rinne has a day off from streaming today. She announced it yesterday.>

<It’s hard to grasp Sukuna’s social relations when they’re so vague>

<Even though she’s part of HEROES, she doesn’t interact much with them>

<What about Suupa or Touka?>

“Su-chan is on a trip and Touka-chan is in her test period, since Touka-chan is a university student… Come to think of it, Su-chan is in middle school but she doesn’t go to school… Doesn’t seem like she studies either…”

<Even in the virtual world, there’s something called compulsory education…>

<She nonchalantly dropped a bombshell and it’s hilarious>

<Don’t trap a middle school girl>

<There are some kids who don’t go to school these days>

<Nana also dropped out of middle school, but Suu is even younger>

<Actually, isn’t HEROES a bit shady?>

“Ah… Hahaha.”

As the thoughts raced through my mind, I contemplated whether to intervene, but instead, I let out a hearty laugh, skillfully avoiding the topic at hand. After all, it was only recently that I became aware of it.

Rin-chan, unlike me, possesses a high school equivalency diploma, while my education ended with middle school. And Su-chan, well, she doesn’t even attend school. Perhaps, on paper, she has completed some elementary and middle school education, but it’s merely a formality.

With Rin-chan by her side, acting as a pillar of support, Su-chan is relieved of the burden of dealing with such bothersome matters. My own fondness for school stemmed from the joy of being with Rin-chan, but Su-chan doesn’t share that sentiment.

Nevertheless, I recognize that this situation isn’t considered “normal,” yet I find no reason to reject what is considered “normal.” Above all, Su-chan’s background, though not her fault, is a tangled web of complexities.

And with that, I start the stream and chat, but if we just keep chatting, we’ll never make any progress, so I decided to take out the “wing” and quickly move to Griffith.

The scenery changes in an instant, and the rust-red cityscape of the town comes into view. Perhaps because it’s Saturday, there are quite a few players, and I could feel quite a few of the other players’ gazes piercing me.

“Here we are. This item really is convenient, huh?”

<It’s a bit pricey>

<It’s out of reach for beginners>

<Ah, that might be true. Was it about 30,000?>

<The price has recently dropped to 20,000 Iris>

<Sukuna is pretty wealthy, after all>

<Nouveau riche Sukuna>

<20,000 Iris is still out of reach for beginners, huh~>

Even with the ease of traveling to different villages, acquiring 20,000 Iris is no small feat,only those players who have reached the middle-tier and explored places like Fias or Griffith can afford to part ways with such a substantial sum of money.

Nevertheless, there are other valuable items available for purchase. For instance, there’s an item that allows you to escape from dungeons, ensuring a safe retreat when needed. Additionally, there’s an item that enables you to return to the last human settlement you visited, although it appears to have limitations within dungeons.

To my surprise, the convenience of movement within the game world has greatly improved. These time-saving tools have become increasingly prevalent, considering that players have limited time to spare. It’s only natural that such efficient methods of travel are becoming more sought after.

So, while it may be possible to travel easily between villages, acquiring 20,000 Iris remains a considerable task, reserved for those players who have achieved a certain level of progress in their adventures.

“Griffith is a mining town. At first glance, there’s no big mine, but there are two huge underground ore deposits inside the two dungeons in town. That’s why there are relatively more craftsmen, including blacksmiths, than in other towns, and they seem to have a large communal workshop.”

In this vast world, there are several notable cities that hold their own unique allure.

Firstly, we have the grand city of Beginnings, a sprawling metropolis designed to accommodate countless beginners as they embark on their journeys.

Next, we come across Dualis, a picturesque city surrounded by a diverse range of natural wonders. It serves as a peaceful haven for weary travelers seeking respite from the bustling City of Beginnings.

Trillia, on the other hand, stands as a fortress city gracefully situated upon a tranquil lake. It epitomizes a true city of water, exuding a serene atmosphere.

Moving on, we encounter Fias, the capital of the empire that holds dominion over a significant portion of this continent. Comparable in size to the City of Beginnings, it stands as a capital that represents both the light and darkness that exist within this vast realm.

And at last, we arrive at Griffith, a place distinguished by its massive underground mines. This city takes pride in its role as a prominent mining hub, responsible for producing a staggering half of all minerals that circulate throughout the continent.


<You’ve done quite a bit of research>

<It does give off that kind of vibe>

<It’s scary having dungeons in the middle of the city>

<Feels like a stampede might happen>

“Even so, if you ask if there are many skilled blacksmiths, that’s not necessarily true. There are also many shops selling shoddy goods that are almost fraudulent. Normally, you might need a good eye to find a gem, but in a game, it seems like you could figure it out instantly by looking at the stats.”

“Yet… that’s not exactly the case…”

“Whoa… Good morning, Haruru. You could come from the front for once, you know?”

As I was elucidating on Griffith for the audience and making my way to where I was supposed to go, the person I had promised to meet, Haruru, had unexpectedly snuck up behind me. I was surprised, but her stealthiness was quite impressive, her expertise in this area might even match Miharu’s.

“Good morning… I came to guide you as promised…”

“Appreciate it. Oh, those who were watching on Monday might know this, but this is Haruru, the blacksmith who’s making my weapon.”

“I wish you wouldn’t talk about me like I’m an object… Hello everyone, I’m Haruru, the blacksmith…”

I just met her last Monday, but there are still many people who don’t know her.

Perhaps Haruru understands that, she was waving her hand with a slight smile towards the crystal for the broadcast.

“Shall we go to my workshop first… Konekomaru will also come later…”

“Ah, really? Okay, please guide us.”

The main reason I came to Griffith today was not for exploration, but to meet Haruru and Konekomaru.

I wanted Haruru to repair my weapon and replenish my weapons, and I hadn’t met Konekomaru at all since the Moon Wolf subjugation, so I wanted to discuss various things, like providing materials and discussing armor.

“Speaking of which, about that talk on discerning quality earlier.”

“It’s not a difficult conversation… This game has a skill called ‘Disguise’… If you don’t have the ‘See Through’ skill, your status can be deceived…”

“Huh, sounds like something Rou would have.”

“You’re very observant… She has a lot of skills related to ‘hiding’…”

While following Haruru, who still wandered about in tattered attire, we delved deeper into a conversation about “discernment,” which brought to mind Rou.

As I later learned, Rou had once activated a dormant skill, sacrificing 50 levels in the process. Being a player known for her prowess in eliminating others, Rou’s fate was certain: she would be automatically sent to prison, whether through her own demise, falling victim to another player, or being apprehended by NPCs. In this game, where the consequences of death held little weight, Rou had managed to accumulate a significant amount of animosity.

Currently, there are numerous players who have set their sights on Rou, capitalizing on her vulnerable low-level status. However, there’s no need to fret over Rou’s well-being. She possesses strength and cunning that make her a formidable opponent. Despite her outward appearance, Rou executes her acts of violence with a certain grace and elegance. Engaging in direct confrontations and employing strategies to outsmart her opponents are distinct techniques, and while Rou exhibits proficiency in both, she excels particularly in the latter.

There exist numerous methods for outsmarting one’s adversaries, provided you are aware of them. It’s possible that Rou has dedicated herself to the study of these techniques, akin to Toki’s pursuit of the art of murder as a hobby.

“You don’t need to doubt the disguises of items in regular weapon shops or player-sold items… but you should be careful when looking for a gem… The ‘See Through’ skill is rare, so it’s not easy to get…”

“Well, if a player-made item turns out to be a scam, all trust would be blown away.”

“That’s right… However, ‘Disguise’ can also be used to appear weaker… Some famous blacksmiths playfully distribute disguised items in the black market…”

“So there are genuine gems as well. Otherwise, people wouldn’t take the chance to buy. Maybe later I’ll let the viewers survey and do some quality discernment.”

<Don’t suddenly turn to us.>

<We’re outside the game, aren’t we?>

<Don’t we need the ‘See Through’ skill????>

<Leave it to me, I’ll spot the shoddy goods!>

“You all are as friendly as ever… Here we are…”

And so, we were guided to a stone abode situated slightly off the beaten track from a shared craftsman space of monumental proportions – so grand it could easily be mistaken for a domed coliseum. The workshop here didn’t vary significantly from the one found in Dualis. However, the pervasive, sweltering heat was absolutely overpowering.

This was unlike the prior workshop, which seemed more like a residential structure retrofitted to house blacksmithing tools and equipment. It was evident, this was a workshop designed and built from the ground up with the singular purpose of being a smithy.

“Wow… compared to the one in Dualis, it seems more… professional, right?”

“In blacksmithing, the quality of the flame in the workshop is important…”

Following Haruru, who opened the heavy stone door and went inside, a roaring black flame came into view.

She had mentioned that the quality of the flame is important, but when it comes to that, isn’t it more about the type of flame rather than its quality?

“Let’s put the small talk aside for now… Shall we talk about how to use ‘Soul’?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Noticing that I was curiously staring at the black flame, Haruru clapped her hands lightly and brought the conversation back to the main topic.


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