BTOG 283 – Design for the New Weapon

I decided to discuss the new weapon with Haruru in her workshop.

“I watched your fight with the shadow warriror… and I’m thrilled to see your unnamed kanabou in action… but the shocker was the new art for your Throwing skill…”

“You mean the [Cannon Blast]?”

“Yes… After seeing that, I immediately looked up the arts for the Throwing skill… After all, it’s a skill that only those who have mastered the art of throwing can use… and it’s somewhat rare…”

“Throwing skill doesn’t improve if it doesn’t hit after all.”

Just as mere weapon swings don’t raise skill proficiency, hitting a target that gives experience points is essential for improving skills. Proficiency will increase even when beating low-level enemies, but it’s more effective against stronger opponents. I guess it’s the same principle as getting more experience from high-level enemies in RPGs.

However, hitting high-level enemies is challenging because they’re fast. And if you can’t hit them, you can’t earn skill proficiency. If you can’t get stronger, you won’t use it. It’s a vicious cycle if you look at the Throwing skill alone, but there are many long-distance attack skills with hit correction, including magic, so you just have to accept this skill for what it is.

Still, it’s true that this has led to slow skill development. I believe there are advanced stages like master rank skills for other weapons, but for now, it seems it’s not enough to just master it.

“A passive effect that allows you to equip the arts of the Throwing skill on the main weapon… I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know this…”

“I also only found out about it after the moon wolf battle when it was unlocked without me noticing.”

“I’m not blaming you, that’s for sure… I think you understand, Sukuna… If you can use the main weapon itself for Throwing instead of Throwing items, the story changes significantly…”

At Haruru’s words, I nodded in agreement. There is indeed a substantial difference between throwing items and throwing the main weapon.

“For the sake of our listeners, let me clarify… The Throwing skill relies entirely on player skill with no system assist, resulting in an almost non-existent post-skill delay and free-motion actions. It also boasts an exceptional arts multiplier…”

“The low base attack power of Throwing items is also a contributing factor.”

“Yes… Throwing items offer a variety of shapes and are relatively easy to imbue with status ailments such as poison and paralysis… but there are significant limitations on their attack power and durability…”

As Haruru says, Throwing items are essentially low spec. Their attack power and durability are so weak compared to regular weapons that they’re barely worth comparing.

The attack power of Throwing items, even at this point in Griffith, is at most “30”. Considering that my main weapon, [Ouma], easily exceeds an attack power of 300, the difference with regular weapons is obvious. Hence, the damage of Throwing items is primarily determined by the user’s status, not the item’s performance.

It’s like bullets in a hunting game. The same bullet can deal different damage depending on the weapon that fires it. In the case of the Throwing skill, the player themselves become the launching tools. The more skilled the player, the more power the skill might have, but there isn’t much change in the thing being thrown. Therefore, as Haruru said, it has continued to evolve in a direction that increases the number of available strategies, such as adding status ailments or a minor attribute to items like poison throwing knives.

And therefore, to compensate for the typically low attack power, the multiplier that determines the power of arts is way higher than other arts. The Shoot, the art with the least power, has a basic multiplier of three times, which is the same as the finisher of strike weapon skills. This gives you an idea of how high the multiplier is.

And, yeah.

With the appearance of [Cannon Blast]… Once the skill proficiency of the Throwing skill exceeds 900, the restriction on what can be thrown disappears entirely. With such passive effect, you can throw any item at all times. In other words, the firepower of the Throwing skill increases many times, resulting in a tremendous increase in tactical hand options.

“The fact that Throwing significantly consumes durability is a drawback… To be frank… I was extremely panicked when you threw the [Ouma]… because the gem of [Drain] is so precious that if it’s lost, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get another one…”

“Ah, that reminds me. I only have 2 durability left on Ouma, can you repair it?”

“Sigh… I can’t get mad because the reason it didn’t break despite all that use is because of your high critical skill… But still…”

Even while angrily puffing up her cheeks, Haruru took the [Ouma] from me. Whether it was necessary for the repair or not, she dipped it into some liquid and, after retrieving it, she regained her composure and began to talk.

“Let’s get back to the main topic… Regarding the ‘Soul’ that I kept the other day… I would like to use it to create a new weapon that utilizes the Throwing skill…”

“That sounds good, but is there a reason you’re not using it to enhance [Ouma]?”

“Of course… The first problem is… The enormous exclusivity of the moonlight attribute…”

“Exclusivity… Exclusive Economic Zone… Exclusivity, oh I understand!”

<High five!>

<That’s not how it works.>

<↑ It’s already happened though!>

<I can’t help but laugh at how I remembered it.>

<She only know about ‘Exclusive Economic Zones’.>

<I’m not sure exactly what it means, but it’s a peculiar term that stays with you.>

<↑ At least know that much…>

An exclusive economic zone is, you know, that area. The one that surrounds Japan in a wide arc… It’s the shape you often see in atlases.

“So, what’s next?”

“In essence… The moonlight attribute that the Moon Wolf deals with dismisses and eliminates other ‘attributes’ attached to the same equipment…”

Regrettably sighing, Haruru pulled out various types of metal ingots and unrefined ores from the workbench for her explanation.

“If we use that on Ouma, we’d lose the precious Drain attribute… Even without the Drain attribute, the Ouma is a powerful weapon, but if we’re just preparing the same base, there’s no need to use the Ouma as the base…”

“Well, that makes sense. But an attribute that bounces off other attributes, huh…”

“It was already known that attaching multiple attributes to one weapon weakens it due to conflicts… Like light and dark, they cancel each other out… Even with flame and lightning, the strength of each attribute is bound to decrease… In the first place, materials that can accept multiple attributes are valuable…”

I remembered giving Haruru a metal for fire attribute quite a while ago. It had a name like Crimson Metal. In other words, in addition to materials containing the desired attribute, materials that serve as a base to accept that attribute are also required.

On that point, I can understand why materials that can accept multiple attributes are valuable. Indeed, Red Metal, which is the basis for Crimson Metal, was quite a rare drop.

“But the mainstream idea was that status effect attributes and magic attributes can coexist… Like a flame sword imbued with poison… But Moonlight bounces off and annihilates everything… It wouldn’t be wrong to say it completely dyes it…”

“Either way, we can’t use it to fortify [Ouma]. Now that I consider it, the curse cleansing could just be the moonlight attribute forcibly overriding the curse with its dominant nature.”

“That’s possible… So, I will use the ‘Soul’ for forging new Throwing equipment… Despite its drawbacks, the Moonlight attribute itself is a very powerful attribute… You can expect a lot from the weapon’s performance…”

“Roger that. Besides what I gave you before, how much material do you need?”

“The main forging material is sufficient with the Moonwolf materials you gave me… Thanks to our relatively long stay in the Oni Village, I’ve collected enough of this…”

Haruru casually picked up one of the ores lying around on the workbench. I recognized that ore. Yes, it was a certain ore that I saw here and there in the Oni Village during my stay.

“Is that… by any chance, Moonlight Stone?”

“Yes, it is… It’s the mineral that became the basis for the Moonlight Orb you worked so hard to obtain… However, it seems that to polish a jewel of that size, you need a piece of ore about a meter square…”

To break the curse of the Dead Skill, I completed a quest in the Oni Village over a week. I got the Moonlight Orb and offered it to the Moonwolf Nocturne to lift the curse. The Moonlight Stone is the ore that forms the basis of that Moonlight Orb. I think it’s fair to say it’s like a raw gemstone. Since the Moonlight Stone itself is a specialty of the Oni Village, I saw it everywhere in the village.

“So, that’s why you went all the way to the Oni Village.”

“I knew you were going towards defeating the Moonwolf… Since we need base materials for attribute application, it’s only natural to prepare them in advance…”

When Haruru, who had been based in Dualis, suddenly appeared in the Oni Village, I wondered what was going on, but it turns out it wasn’t just to make a new weapon.

“I’m going to process these materials… In order to make better equipment… I’d like you to go and get some additional materials, Sukuna…”

“Of course. What’s the destination and items?”

“The destination is the underground veins here in Griffith… I’d like you to defeat a dungeon boss in the depths, the ‘Variable Metal Golem’…”

“‘Variable Metal Golem’… alright, did everyone in the chat get that?”



<Weak against foreign words>

<I’ll look it up on the wiki~>

<I see I see>

<Just leave it to me>

“It’s not particularly strong… but you might want to prepare by accepting a quest at the Adventurers’ Guild… You’ll get a reward from the subjugation request…”

“Okay, I’ll do that.”

The Adventurer’s Guild. A place I rarely have the opportunity to visit.

If I want to sell monster materials, I can get a better price there than at any old NPC shop, but lately I haven’t been short on money, so I don’t go there to sell materials. Completing quests raises your rank, but there doesn’t seem to be much benefit to that. I’ve done a few requests before dungeon events, but I haven’t done that recently. The only use I have for it is to stop by occasionally and listen to the NPCs’ stories.

“Sorry, I’m really late!”

“Ah, Konekomaru.”

As our conversation started to solidify, Konekomaru rushed into the workshop. It seems like he made quite an effort to get here. We were planning to meet anyway, but he was late because something urgent came up in his real life.

“It’s been a while~”

“Yeah, it has been. Oh, congratulations on winning the Battle Royale! I’m not very well versed in shooting games, but it was very impressive.”

“Haha, thank you. Everyone on the team was strong, so it was a victory for all of us.”

He praised me, maybe because we hadn’t met since before the Battle Royale. He was originally someone who came to make armor after watching my stream, but it makes me happy to think he watched the Battle Royale even though I wasn’t the one streaming it.

“Oh, that’s right. Haruru has taken all the Moonwolf materials she needs, so I’ll give you the rest.”

“Hm!? I’m pleased, but are you sure?”

“Yes, you can use as much as you like for crafting, and if you have any left over, I’d like you to give a little back at the end. The ‘Soul’ is the second of the three that dropped, and after all, the ‘Soul’ is on loan.”

Just like I did with Haruru, I handed over the remaining Moonwolf materials. I don’t have any use for it, and originally the deal was to supply the Moonwolf materials in lieu of paying for the ‘Red Wolf Attire Alter’. Moreover, this isn’t just about giving something away for free. It’s also about passing on the materials for making new equipment.

“Hmm… Yes, I understand. I know you have that kind of character, and it would be rude to refuse. I gratefully accept.”

After a little hesitation, Konekomaru gave a slightly troubled nod.

“Do you have anything decided about the armor?”

“Yes, it’s your named equipment, but to be precise, only the headgear [Lone Moon Camellia] has the effect of ‘Soul’, right? This time, I’m thinking of attaching the enhancement of ‘Soul’ to the Red Wolf Attire.”

“Oh, I see.”

A characteristic that allows you to get equipment using the ‘Soul’ of a named monster. In my case, this was consolidated into the [Lone Moon Camellia] I wore on my head, resulting in a broken piece of equipment that ‘halves all SP consumption’. On the other hand, the armor is just ‘incredibly excellent cloth equipment for the early game’. It was enhanced once to make it race-specific, but it’s still just strong equipment suitable for my level range.

What Konekomaru is saying is to recreate it as a named equipment. It’s a named boss of the same wolf species, so I think it’s perfect as an enhancement material.

“However, I have yet to see the ‘Soul’ or the Moonwolf materials, so I don’t know what will happen when they are combined with the Red Wolf Attire. I’ve heard from Haruru about the nature of the moonlight attribute, but I wonder if that will work on armor as well. We need to finish such verification, so it won’t be immediate.”

“Hee… So should I leave the Red Wolf Attire with you for now?”

“No, there’s no need for that. The data of the equipment we’ve made once is recorded. We, the production job people, use that to combine the information of the materials we’ve obtained and search for ways to enhance it. Haruru was able to verify it without even having that kanabou, right?”

Come to think of it, Haruru was able to verify the Ouma even without ever touch is again/

“Indeed. So, when should I come to meet you next?”

“It will be over in a few hours. You’re going to gather some materials, aren’t you? You can stop by on your way back. Oh, I’ll let you know the location of the joint workshop ‘Dragon’s Fang’ later.”

“Okay. For now, I’m going to hunt some Golems. Haruru~, is the [Ouma]’s repair finished?”

If all we need to do to verify the performance is to combine the data, I wonder if it will be done relatively quickly. As I thought this, I called out to Haruru, and the Usurper’s Equipment I had asked for repair was thrown back to me.

“I finished it while you were talking… Since you’re going to dive into the underground dungeon… If you mine from the ore deposit, I’ll buy it at a higher price than selling it in a store…”

“I’ll do that if I feel like it. Well, both of you, see you later~!”

With no particular reason to linger, I quickly left Haruru’s workshop to defeat the Golem. By the way, those two have been coming in and out of the workshop as if it’s normal, but I guess they’ve become friends at some point. Konekomaru is married, so it’s not in that sense. And it’s rare for Wanda to get a chance to show up.

Tl note :

I forgot to add tl note for this skill

《轟砲》: it means [Roaring Cannon] if I translate it literally, but I translate it as [Cannon Blast] since it fit the context better


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